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Fall Coats for All

By: Amy E. Goodman, zulily Lifestyle Editor


Up and down the runways, leather or faux leather was by far the number one coat trend this fall.

Olive Quilted Moto Jacket, Steve Madden, 24.99 (zulily.com)

Charcoal Zip-Up Coat, Harvé Benard, 49.99 (zulily.com)

Moto Jacket

The “moto” or motorcycle jacket is an embodiment of the leather coat trend. In the case of the moto, it appeals to kids and adults who like a more fitted look and don’t worry…this doesn’t have to be all tough stuff either; I love the juxtaposition of a dress layered underneath, making a moto look chic and sweet! Look for asymmetrical zippers and flat front pockets and many come in colors other than black like purple, green and red.

Varsity Jacket

You’ll find varsity jackets everywhere for both adults and kids, because they’re a winning combination for a sporty back-to-school look, even if you don’t have your letter quite yet. Have fun with the color-blocked sleeves: black and white is always a classic choice.


If a full leather jacket isn’t in your fashion repertoire, consider a leather accent on your outwear. You may find this as a pocket trim on a woven coat, as the collar on a trench or as a belt. It’s a perfect way to dip into the trend without overdoing it.


Puffers got loads of playtime with designers this season.. More so than ever, the fun with puffers is the variety and choice: plays on color, quilting techniques and patterns.

Black Ruffle Puffer Coat, YMI Kids, 24.99 (zulily.com)

Loden Belted Down Puffer Coat, Bill Chill, 59.99 (zulily.com)


Little kids are like fall leaves: their jackets are always falling off! In the early autumn as things begin to chill down, consider a light puffer that can be layered with other pieces like cardigans and sweaters—so that if one layer peels off, another remains to keep them warm.


It goes without saying that down is incredibly lightweight and Mother Nature’s most efficient insulator that will keep your kid seriously warm as temperatures plummet. For further protection from the elements, look for water-resistant shells when purchasing a ski coat and interior pockets made for holding hand warmers.


Get ready for a cold breeze with the Arctic trend of faux fur. Designers pretty much went crazy putting fur on everything, and here are some really wearable ways to get in on this trend for the whole family – and to channel a little Northern Exposure.

Gray Faux Fur Collar Puffer Coat, Catherine Malandrino, 36.99 (zulily.com)

Black Faux Fur-Trim, Yoki, 22.99 (zulily.com)

All Out

A total faux fur jacket is just the ticket for keeping your warm as you run around town, and looks equally great with jeans during day time or with a dress for date night.

Just a Touch

A faux-fur trimmed hood is how most people will wear the trend. Other fun hardware details can complete the look of a parka like toggles or shiny buttons, exposed zippers, epaulettes and military pockets.

Mixed Media

Some of my favorite jackets of the season are what’s called “mixed media” or ones that are compilations of different fabrics like part-sweater, part-quilted. Throw in some mid-top sneakers and that’s what I like to call Northern Exposure chic.


Who would’ve ever thought that two of the biggest pattern plays in coats this season could actually work together side by side? So you grab some camo and I’ll grab my plaid and let’s head out to play!

Camo & Black Four-Pocket Snap Button Denim Jacket, Dollhouse, 17.99 (zulily.com)

Rust Plaid Bomber Jacket, CoffeeShop, 49.99 (zulily.com)


This pattern is ubiquitous this season from shirts to sweaters and pants—windbreakers, jackets and more. Look for unexpected color choices when it comes to camo…like orange on white or purple on black.

Rad for Plaid

We never tire of this classic schoolgirl staple, and with crisp updates, why should we? Whether it’s a more traditional white-black-red or a refreshed navy-green-pink, there so many instances where a great plaid coat can serve you well and keep you warm.

See more fall coats with Amy via this TODAY Show video.

7 Ways To Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day

So we have to admit that while researching for this blog post, we got really hungry. We may have even taken a short break to get a big, juicy cheeseburger. I mean really, what’s better than that? Not much. It’s probably why the great people who create holidays decided to treat us all to a day dedicated to celebrating cheeseburgers! Choose from one of these great ideas to honor the day or just salivate like we did.


Have a bowl of cheeseburger soup. Get the recipe from Kitchen Meets Girl: http://kitchenmeetsgirl.com/slow-cooker-cheeseburger-soup/


Give yourself a cheeseburger make-over. See the Burger King created eye make-up on Popsugar: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Burger-King-Eye-Makeup-Ad-22453722


Make some tasty 3-cheese sliders via Juggling Act Mama: http://jugglingactmama.com/2014/06/three-cheese-sliders.html


Eat some bacon, cheeseburger dip from Raining Hot Coupons: http://www.raininghotcoupons.com/bacon-cheeseburger-dip-recipe/


Created a cheeseburger cake via According to Nina: http://accordingtonina.com/2012/07/cheeseburger-in-paradise-cake/


Don a cheeseburger head mask via zulily


Try a quesadilla burger from Blog Chef: http://blogchef.net/quesadilla-burger-recipe/

Giveaway: Welcome Baby Bundle (worth $600)

Any mom knows that welcoming a new addition to the family comes with the need for a lot of new stuff, everything from strollers to baby clothes to diapers and toys.

Today is Welcome Baby day at zulily, and to celebrate, we’re giving away a Welcome Baby Bundle worth over $600 to help a new mom out.


The bundle includes a phil&teds Nano stroller, a brag book, keepsake calendar and record book from Pepper Pot, a unisex footie from Zutano, a Vuulli Sophie La Girafe teething toy set, swaddling blanket from Swaddle Design, (2) 28-packs of Bamboo Nature newborn diapers, and a $50 zulily giftcard.

zulily will share a Welcome Baby Giveaway post on the zulily Facebook page around 12:30 p.m. PST on 9/17 with instructions on how to enter the giveaway.  To enter, you’ll visit any of the Welcome Baby events on zulily.com, choose your favorite product from the event, and post a link to the product in a comment on the Welcome Baby Facebook post with the hashtag #giveaway. Post your comment by 11:59 p.m. PST to enter.

We’ll announce the winner in the Facebook post Wednesday 9/18.

Share this with any new moms you know and good luck!

See below for official rules:

The zulily Welcome Baby Giveaway Official Rules


The zulily Welcome Baby Giveaway starts at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time (“PT”) on 9/17/2014 and ends at 11:59 p.m. PT on 9/17/2014.


Read more

Getting to Know Callie’s Coffee: A Q&A with Callie’s Dad

At zulily, the imaginations of kids inspire us every day. So when we heard about Callie, a little girl who at just 7 years old came up with an idea to start a coffee company to benefit childhood cancer research, we just knew we had to share her story and her coffee with our customers. We spoke with Callie’s dad, Ryan Lentz, about Callie’s Coffee, a Seattle-based company which gives 100% of profits to the Ben Towne Foundation, a cause that we support as a company. You can purchase Callie’s Coffee for a limited time on zuilly. For more about making Callie’s Coffee part of your morning routine see http://vimeo.com/106194338


Tell us about inspiration behind Callie’s Coffee?

Callie’s coffee was inspired by my daughter Callie when she was seven years old.  Our very close family friends lost their son Ben to an incurable neuroblastoma.  Our family had been witness to this completely unimaginable suffering and loss. And when something that can’t be happening actually happens, it has tremendous ripple effects.

The effect on Callie was that she needed to do something about it.  Just like a kid, right.  It wasn’t ok to just go forward, she needed to help.  So she came to me one day and told me she had this great idea to start a company.  She had noticed all adults drink coffee so she thought that would be a pretty good thing to sell.  She also said she wasn’t really interested in setting up a stand, like she and her brothers would sometimes do selling lemonade.  This time she wanted to start her business on Facebook.  Finally, she told me she would take all of the money she made and give it to Ben Towne Foundation, the pediatric cancer research foundation Ben’s parents had started in his honor. 

What did you think when Callie first started talking to you about her idea?

At the very beginning I was kind of humoring Callie.  We take walks together and Callie likes to talk to me about what’s on her mind.  So this time,  I thought she was dreaming up some scheme to make money so she could buy a roomful of American Girl dolls.  So I asked her what she was going to do with all the money she was going to make.  When she told me her plan to give everything to Ben Towne Foundation, it really stopped me in my tracks.  Right away, I knew this was something I would help her do.  It was the right thing to do. 

What has been the most rewarding part of starting Callie’s Coffee?

There have been multiple rewards.  We started Callie’s coffee as a family project and Mollie and I have had a lot of fun, and made some great memories with our three kids throughout this whole thing.  Then people began to respond to what we were doing, and that includes people we had never met before, living in far away places!  It was rewarding to think we might be able to make a real impact with Callie’s idea.  If we got enough people to join us, and just change the kind of coffee they drink, together we might be able to create an ongoing, sustainable source of funding for research.  Ben Towne Foundation is responsible for bringing some leading doctors to Seattle, and they truly are changing the way pediatric cancers are treated and cured.  It is incredibly rewarding to be a small part of their work.


Perhaps most surprising is how personally rewarding this experience has been.  I set out to do something with my daughter, hoping we might do some good and teach her a few things at the same time.  But working to start Callie’s coffee has ended up changing me.  It is the first time I have truly been working for something that matters.  That aspect took me completely by surprise. 

What makes Callie’s Coffee so unique?

At Callie’s Coffee we work really hard to make sure we deliver a great product that gives to critical research being done right here in our own city (Seattle), and for the benefit of kids everywhere.  We know how seriously people take their coffee.  It’s a requirement that ours be best in class.  At the same time, Callie’s coffee gives people an accessible, everyday way to make an important impact for a cause that truly matters. 

Less than 5% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget goes to childhood cancer research.  That means funding to change the way pediatric cancers are treated and cured will not happen unless private philanthropy steps in.  Callie’s wraps giving into something many people do every day – drink great coffee.  By making it a part of that small daily ritual, we hope to invite many, many people in.  Together we can impact many lives.     

What’s in the future for Callie’s Coffee?

Our primary focus will always be to attract more and more people to Callie’s Circle – the group of people who have chosen to get their coffee delivered to their doorstep every month, so that their daily cup gives.  We have also found many businesses interested in switching to Callie’s.  It’s a pretty great way to bring giving to the front lines of a company’s culture – where it isn’t about writing a check once a year, or about a decision made behind closed doors.  This kind of corporate giving invites all employees, clients and stakeholders in because they literally participate in it.

One of the things we are most excited about this coming year is launching our kids 4 kids program.  Callie’s was started by a seven year old to help children with cancer.  So it seems natural to open things up so that other kids and their families can get involved.  We have started piloting this program and the kids have been amazing.  It is very moving to watch a young person take action and then realize that it really is possible for them to make an impact, even as a kid. 

Why did you decide to work with zulily?

zulily is a phenomenal company that has obviously been highly successful, broadly disrupting the category.  So I admire them as a business.  I also believe our brands speak to the same customer.  But the primary reason we are so thrilled to work with zulily is their dedication to giving, and in particular, their support of Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research.  Like us, zulily has recognized the critical work being pioneered in kids’ cancer research here in Seattle and the imperative to fund this work, so that we might progress toward a world without childhood cancer.

In Callie’s own words, what is your favorite part about Callie’s Coffee?

“My favorite part about doing Callie’s Coffee has been being able to give lots of checks to Mr & Mrs. Towne for the foundation.  I also have really liked to do really fun things with my dad and meeting really really nice people”.  I really love to get the nice notes and emails from people all over the place who say that they love our coffee and tell their friends about Callie’s.  People have been so nice and I think my favorite part about doing Callie’s Coffee is being able to give money to help other kids and the people.  Those are my favorite things about Callie’s Coffee”.  – Callie 

Brighten Up Your Space with These Lighting Tips

The right lighting can make a world of difference in a room. Just a few updates to your lighting and your space can look like new. Our buyers have put together some tips and a week of lighting events to help you brighten up your place. Check back all week for a new lighting event.

Chandeliers and Pendants


Wrap chandeliers in ivy, silk flowers, raffia or other mixed media for a unique twist on this classic fixture. (zulily.com)

Table Lamps


Use colored light bulbs to instantly accent the mood of your space (zulily.com-starts 9/21)

Kids Lighting


Playful lamps encourage a soothing space for reading and relaxing before bed. Goodnight Moon has never been more fun! (zulily.com-starts 9/17)

Outdoor Lighting


Use string lights and hanging lanterns to create the perfect porch, patio, fire pit or walkway for all your outdoor get-togethers. (zulily.com-starts 9/19)

Lamp Shade


How to measure for a lampshade:

  1. Select a coordinated base and shade that share similar silhouettes (i.e. round bases work best with round shades).
  2. Measure height of the lamp base and diameter of the shade. The shade’s diameter should be less than the height of the base.

For drama, use contrasting silhouettes or an oversized shade. (zulily.com-starts 9/21)

Ideas for Happy Hour Hosting

Just in time to factor in to your Friday night plans, we have some tips, tricks and products to help you host the perfect happy hour. Can you say, wine and cheese please?

Put together an incredible cheese plate. Nuts and Bolts provides some great tips: http://zuli.ly/YBjZsX

Use a slate serving board so you can label your appetizers (zulily.com)

Try serving a beer flight to accommodate a variety of tastes (zulily.com)

Pour a signature cocktail like this Pear and Thyme Fizz from Camille Styles: http://zuli.ly/1uy719V

Try stemless wine glasses instead of traditional stemware (zulily.com)

Leftover wine post-happy hour? Pour it into ice cube trays to save for cooking or just to keep your sangria cold. See more tips from Wine Ponder:http://zuli.ly/1qKZswu

Funny Video Wednesday: Dad and Daughter Dance!


Need a little boost to get you over the hump this Wednesday? Lucky for you, we’re starting Funny Video Wednesday. Check back every Wednesday to see what we’ve found on the web that week. This week, we’ve got what must be the best dad ever, dancing with his daughter to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. Now doesn’t that just make you smile?

5 Ways to Make Bedtime Easier

We’ve all played the bedtime dance with our kids. Put them in bed, they come out, put them in bed, they come out again, repeat. To help ease those bedtime frustrations and ensure everyone, even you, gets to sleep, try out one of these five ways to make bedtime easier. 

Keep monster spray handy in case of middle-of-the-night scares. Free printable from PINTRIEDIT:http://zuli.ly/Zg02I1

Get your little one a stuffed animal they can keep with them every night for comfort (zulily.com)

Calm down before bed with quiet time activities. 13 awesome ideas from Kids Activities Blog: http://zuli.ly/1tIgj5e

Put a spin on the bedtime reading with personalized stories (zulily.com)

Create a nighttime ritual and stick to it! You may even want to create a checklist. Or get a free checklist like this one from Get Snazzy: http://zuli.ly/1lTXk5x

Our Favorite Vitamix Recipes

We all love freshly-made home cooked meals, but who really has the time? We’ll let you in on our little secret, mom’s helper in the kitchen, the Vitamix. Say bye to chopping, dicing and blending and hello to healthy meals in a breeze. We’ve got them for a limited time only for only $299 plus free shipping. To get you inspired to use your new Vitamix, we’ve got our favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and anything in between.


Vitamix granola bars (a great work snack): http://zuli.ly/1ok0iLG


Glowing green smoothie (get your veggies!): http://zuli.ly/1Ar8dwx


Corn chowder: http://zuli.ly/1tF5d0Y


Crab cakes: http://zuli.ly/1lNFcK4


Jalapeno corn bread (spicy!): http://zuli.ly/1s3R8YK


Chocolate ice cream (yes, really, ice cream): http://zuli.ly/1lNFel7


Whole fruit margarita: http://zuli.ly/1s3RjU3