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Our Favorite DIYs of the Week

Need some DIY inspiration for this weekend? Check out some of our favorite DIY projects from Pinterest. 


Easy DIY knot headbands from Girl Inspired:http://zuli.ly/1kbyWLs


Use old leggings to liven up a boring lampshade from Vintage Revivals: http://zuli.ly/1oWL0QY

An easy DIY to update an old pair of sandals from My So Called Crafty Life: http://zuli.ly/1qzw1dN

DIY mason jar sewing kit from Polka Dot Chair:http://zuli.ly/1kbyMUh

What to Wear (And Toss) for Summer Fridays

by Amy E. Goodman, Lifestyle Editor zulily

With summer in full swing—a time when al fresco happy hours and casual Fridays become a weekly highlight—it’s hard to know exactly where the boundaries of work-appropriate attire begins and ends. True, this is the ONE day of the week you get some say regarding what you wear, and understandably you want to flex a little fashion muscle. But the key is to do so without getting overly causal…such that the water cooler conversation is all about your outfit.

Here are my “wears” and “tosses” a.k.a. dos and don’ts to make sure your summer Friday style stays on track:


If you still haven’t gotten on board with this fun, fresh style, colored jeans have gained popularity over the last three years and are now an acceptable wardrobe choice for the creative office place. One way to make sure you keep the look in check is by combining your brightly hued denim with a silk blouse to dial up the dressy factor or top it with a blazer when the office air conditioning gets frosty. I draw the line at ripped or torn denim: save these for after hours.


Cream Catherine Sleeveless Top, Darling: shop here

Papaya Distressed Straight-Leg Jeans, Request Jeans: shop here


I once had an old-school, Hollywood director’s wife, who hailed from the golden age of cinema, tell me to leave my click-clack mules at home: “Any footwear that makes distracting sounds at work is offensive to your co-workers,” she’d say. Imagine how she’d feel about flip flops! That slap-happy sound drives people batty, especially when it comes down a long hallway. Plus, I’m hard pressed to think of a time when your office mates want to stare at your toes. So keep those flops in your beach bag and opt for this season’s embellished flats, strappy sandals and sweet wedges, for numerous work options with panache (a thong sandal is even preferable). 

Black Molly Burnished Leather Sandal, Calvin Klein Jeans: shop here


A sundress can keep within an office dress code as long as it covers enough skin (so no barely-there straps, plunging necklines or sky-high hems) and isn’t see-through. A monochromatic white look is ultra crisp this summer or if a splash of hue is more your take, opt for refreshing citrus tones. Don’t forget the floral prints, which designers adored this season in all size of bloom: from dainty to watercolor to graphic.


Black & White Appliqué Scoop Neck Hi-Low Dress, LARA Fashion: shop here

Lime & Blue Color Block Gracie Sleeveless Dress, Darling: shop here

Pink & Blue Jin Ju Ruffle Cap-Sleeve Dress, Mata Traders: shop here


A general rule: if your knees will be knocking together due to cold air conditioning at work, your hemline is likely too high. Mini skirts are fly when worn at the right time (for example, they’re great with opaque tights in the fall), but for the office place, exposing bare legs is simply too much. As for short shorts (and you know what I’m talking about with an inseam of 3-5 inches) screams “summer picnic” instead of “power lunch.” That said, if you love shorts as much as I do, and your workplace embraces the concept of work suit shorts, opt for a longer style closer to the knee in a polished fabric or try a Capri pant.


Surprised? What we love about the maxi – the breezy flow, the to-the-floor hem, the forgiving style, which means we don’t need to suck in our lunch burrito – is also what makes it great for the office. Inherently the maxi doesn’t over-expose in the skin department and is one of the more covered-up articles of clothing that exists in our wardrobe repertoires. So wear it. Top with a fitted jacket or cardigan to offer more structure on the clock, and consider a statement necklace to complete the look.


Coral & Fuchsia Floral Sullivan Maxi Dress, emploi New York: shop here

Red & Gold Braided Coil Necklace, Mata Traders: shop here

School is Back Q&A Recap

We had a great back-to-school Facebook live chat with zulily Lifestyle Editor Amy E. Goodman yesterday. Thanks for all your questions on back-to-school fashion trends, organization strategies, and tips for getting out the door! 

In case you missed it, we’ve put together a look at some of the top Q&A from the chat.

Q: Amy, what fashion trends are you excited about for this fall? 

A: There are so many fall trends that are GREAT for kids this season. The first is a toss back to the 90s! Remember those years?? Think motorcycle jackets and lots of plaid! Check out this great motocycle jacket HERE and this plaid button-up HERE


Blank NYC D’Hope Faux leather Moto Jacket, Blank NYC Cherry Lips Plaid Button Up Top  

Another out-of-this-world trend that kids are loving this coming season is GALAXY. Imagine stars and planets printed on everything you can imagine from T-shirts to dresses and more! If you have an aspiring astronaut…check out these galaxy leggings HERE


S.W.A.K. Orange & Yellow Galaxy Leggings 

And, for all those Anglophiles, it’s time get your London fashion on! Think puffer jackets and pea coats, trenches and hooded jackets. Such a classy and fun trend: adorable. Great for slightly dressier occasions this fall. Check it out this cute London top HERE


Ben Sherman White ‘London England’ Union Jack Tee

Q: What is a ‘normal’ amount of new outfits to start school with? 

A: Depends on your budget. Getting locked in with the staple items and making sure you have those covered, and maybe peppering in a FEW nice trend items to start is great. So maybe one new thing for each day of the week! 

Q: Are there any preschool/kindergarten essentials we should be aware of for this school year? 

A: One of the trends that will have new tots start the school year with a roar is the Northern Exposure trend. It’s wild and fun with animal prints on T-shirts for example. And you could pair this animal shirt with some great cargo pants. Also remember that clothes get worn very well in those early years — lots of fun play on the playground.

In addition, a great hoodie, sturdy cargo pants that can withstand a lot of wear, sweet cardigans to keep them warm during the weather changes, these are all must essentials! And great tights for gals. 


Micros Olive Flash Cargo Jogger Pants, Urban Republic Cobalt Blue Four-Pocket Zip-Up Jacket 

Q: My 8 year old has decided that homework is the worst thing ever and has started refusing to do it. How can we make it more interesting for him?

A: I hear you! I have an 8 year old daughter myself. First I would suggest having a designated homework station. It doesn’t have to be a big space, but outfitted with some fun school supplies like pens for getting the coloring work done and funky pencil cases that excite him/her.

Q: My 5 year old loves to dress herself…and choose her own clothing. How can I organize her clothing so she chooses pieces that go together? I love her punky bruster sense of style though. 

A:  I LOVE to hear of children who have their own sense of style! And sometimes when they are young, it is great to not so much correct them, but let their style evolve. That said, you can pair a few things together on hangers to give her several hanging examples in the closet of what you think goes — and then perhaps just let her have at it!

Q: Any recommendations for footwear for the early elementary school age? 

A: We’ve got a wide selection of kids’s shoes on the site - perfect for any outfit. Check them out HERE


Clockwise from upper left: Franco Vanucci Boys Wheat Chukka Boot, Kenneth Kole Black Get a Slip Suede Sneaker, LILY of New York Blue and Yellow Patent Quilted Hi-Top Sneaker, Anna Shoes Leopard Vera Flat

Q: My son has to wear a uniform. How do I get him excited about wearing the same thing everyday? 

A:  I know that uniforms can be really tough in terms of personal expression. Perhaps this where you can get to get him excited about his after school attire. And being creative in that space. But even if you have to wear the same thing every day, perhaps your school allows you to be creative with your accessories: backpacks, lunch bags, etc! There are lots of cool options! You can find some back to school supplies with a lot of personality in this event HERE


Munchin Mike Sharpener, International Arrivals Pink and Purple Monster Mouth Pouch Set 

Q: What is the best way to make homework fun? 

A: Here are my top tips to make homework fun! For something like reading, you could have a timed exercise for them to finish a page or paragraph (all dependent on skill level and reading ability) and then add a star to a star chart if completed in the allotted time. With so many stars…then a treat (maybe a fun eraser!). Or for several stars, an outing with mom. It can be more immediate too…like more time to play outside.Food-based treats and rewards have to be dependent on the family of course. In our household, we prefer non-food related rewards! When my daughter improved her math homework attention, I got her a book that she really wanted — and I love that it was an educational reinforcement!

Q: Any tips on buying school supplies? My kindergartener has a list that’s at least $50, not including backpack and snacks for class. Shop the door busters all over town, or not worth the time and stress?

A: I’ve done both routes where I purchased a pre-packed supply that was a fundraiser for the school, and then done it myself. zulily has great deals on school supplies. No lines and no running to multiple stores! Check out this zulily event HERE


Sarget Art 50 Piece Classic Tip Marker Set, Roselle Paper Composition Book -Set of 6 

Q: My 7-year-old loves leggings and won’t wear anything with a zipper or button at the waist. Any ideas?

A: That’s a tricky one! Keep her comfy in what she loves, and think about clothing that has this new trend of decorative hardware sewn onto the clothes — so that’s a way to “get” the look of hardware if YOU want it! i.e. a zipper that’s just for show on the panel of a jacket. Or zippered pockets on boys’ pants.

Q: I am a mother of just one, and she’s leaving me to go to Kindergarten! I am soooo sad.  This is new for both us, and for me being a bit unorganized, what are some tips to make the morning routine everyday easy? I would love to not rush, and to have some time with her before she heads off…

A: So the key for having extra time in the morning, is waking up 15 minutes earlier than you really need to, having some breakfast pre-laid out or cooked (I love slow cooker oatmeal that’s ready in the morning); putting out her outfit the night before so there are no surprises. In addition, contact her teacher before the first day and ask about that first drop off. You’d be so surprised how much great info teachers have that may be insightful about those first moments!

Q: My daughter is long and skinny. What are the best short options that are not TOO short. That seems to be all that’s out there right now!

A: A long legged girl, what a blessing! Look for Bermuda shorts options — they are longer and usually end like above the knee of so, and that is the perfect solution for her! Check out these adorable Bermuda shorts (not too short, not too long) HERE


Crystal Vogue Turquoise Dip Dye Star Shorts, Crystal Vogue Fuchsia Dip Dye Star Shorts  

Q: What about short shorts to wear under school uniform skirts?

A:  With a young girl who adores and basically lives in skirts and dresses all year long, I have to say I take advantage of end-of-summer sales and stock up on shorts for this VERY reason. My daughter knows she cannot hit the jungle gym without her “kick pants.”

Q: What is the best hair accessory to hold hair in a pony-tail?? I put my daughter’s hair up, looks perfect…she comes home from school and its all fallen out!

A: These hair ties have a special knot that helps reinforce the sturdiness of the pony. Ponytails in all varieties — low, high, etc. — are very popular right now! Check out these hair ties HERE


Sweet Ties Hair Ties and Headbands Purple and Blue Summer Tie Dye hair Tie Set, Queen Bee Barrette Orange ‘Be Different’ Hair Tie Set 

Q: With preteen boys, what is the trend for school this season?

A: Look out for some great color-blocking, especially in black against white and also within colors: blue to blue. It’s not too loud and just the right statement for these stylish young men! You can find some great color-blocking for your pre-teen HERE


Red & Grey Asymmetrical Hoodie, dark Blue Stripe Hoodie

Q: We have a tough time getting folders/notebooks to last the year with a rough little boy. Any suggestions?

A: We have this really cute camo personalized folder that might fit the bill!  If you want to reinforce something you already have, I feel you, and consider duct tape bandaging — which is a very popular thing right now. And the duct tapes — you wouldn’t believe all of the fun patterns. With any new folder you can of course reinforce corners and edges of folders and this will definitely help them last longer. I also get folders in sturdy plastic for my daughter. They’ve lasted two years, and a delicate dame she is not!

Q: What is the favorite cartoon character theme this year?

A: Frozen is obviously still white hot right now, but don’t forget about retro throw backs. Personally my son rocks out in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-wear, and he’s 4. You can find all the character favorites for back to school on zulily. Check out the event HERE


Green TMNT Zip Up Hoodie, Brown ‘Curious George’ Zip Up Hoodie, Classic Red Just Minnie Zip Up Hoodie, Pink My Little Pony ‘Lets Have a Party’ Zip Up Hoodie 

Q: Any trends in jackets or raincoats? I always have trouble in those seasonal changes with a coat that can go from hot to chilly.

A: Light puffer jackets! They are great from early fall chillies to colder winter days and they can be layered with a sweater before you start hauling out the major winter coats. Also puffers and quilted jackets this season for sure! Check out this Steve Madden coat event HERE


Steve Madden Olive Quilted Moto Jacket, Steve Madden Black Faux Fur-Trim Parka

9 Ideas to Spice up the Lunchbox

Hungry for ways to spice up the back to school lunch routine? Look no further. We’ve got some fun tips from across the web plus products that will make you hero of the lunch room.

Tell them how smart they are. (via FlipChick Designs:http://zuli.ly/1kjkAcd)

Give them a fun plate to eat from (zulily.com)

O-FISH-ally in 2nd grade! (via There’s a First for Everything: http://zuli.ly/1nzExel)

Pack their lunch in a bag with their favorite character (zulily.com)

Send lunchbox love - a set of notes from humor to trivia to sentimental (zulily.com)

Turn the inside of their lunchbox into a chalk board to make it easy to leave them notes (via Scissors & Spatulas: http://zuli.ly/1qGQMsC)

Give them a lunchbox fit for a prince (zulily.com)

Leave them lunchtime games like the a hidden picture challenge (via Teach Mama: http://zuli.ly/1AoKobv)

Give them a lunchbox that smiles (zulily.com)

Step by Step DIY Sleepover Monster Masks

DIY Monster Masks are the perfect craft for your next big sleepover. They are easy to make, easy to clean up, and they’ll keep your kids entertained for hours. Here are some simple step by step instructions from our very own zulily stylist, Brenda B., on how to make these one-of-a-kind masks.

What you’ll need: Scissors, 2 Feet of Ribbon, Pins, Glue Gun (Elmer’s glue is fine too!), Green/Red/White/Black Felt 

Step 1: Get all your supplies ready and print our monster mask stencil kit from below. (Bonus! You can use these same shapes to make an adorable kitty mask too.) 



Step 2: Cut out the stencils and pin to the felt for easy cutting. 


Step 3: Cut out your patterns on the felt. You’ll need 1 mask, 1 horn, 3 teeth, 1 eyeball, 2 nostrils, and 2 eyelids (eyes) from the stencil. Feel free to mix and match your felt colors to make your monster mask one of a kind. 


Step 4: Glue the teeth and nose to the bottom of your mask and the horn to the top. Your mask should look something like this. 


Step 5: Glue on your monster’s eyes and nostrils. Your monster mask is almost complete! 


Step 6: Cut two 1ft pieces of ribbon. Glue each piece to the back of each side of your mask. Let the glue dry for a minute or two. (Wait for at least an hour if using Elmer’s glue.)


Step 7: Put on your mask and get ready for some sleepover fun! 


Creative Ideas to Celebrate Christmas in July

At zulily, we’re big advocates of planning ahead, so we’re celebrating Christmas in July! Time to start to stock up for that merry time of year. And whether you are truly celebrating Christmas in July or need some inspiration for the holiday season, check out some of these clever ideas.

Build a sand snowman! (via My Kailua:http://zuli.ly/1jZy24C)

Let’s be honest, peppermint chocolate s’mores are good any time of year (via Sweet Simple Stuff:http://zuli.ly/1lE4Vig)

The littlest (and cutest) Santa ever on zulily.com

Make candy cane pool noodles! (via Pool Gear:http://zuli.ly/WQQKRC)

SANTA’S COMING!  (zulily.com)

Build a watermelon snowman (via What About Watermelon: http://zuli.ly/1Agz9Sk)

#yum! Melting snowman s’mores (via Relatively Reagan: http://zuli.ly/1rEjZlY)

The Elf on the Shelf knows when you’ve been naughty or nice (zulily.com)

Throw a water balloon snowball! (via Hostess with the Mostess: http://zuli.ly/1t4JZcg)

Tiny Mrs. Claus! (zulily.com)

zulily’s First Day Q&A and Giveaway - Monday July 28


Back to school is just around the corner, and we know that everyone’s got questions about getting ready for the school year. zulily will be hosting an hour long live chat with our lifestyle editor Amy E. Goodman to help you get all your first day of school questions answered.

  • How can we make the ‘homework routine’ fun and interesting?
  • Any tips on getting out of the door on time in the mornings?
  • Any advice on navigating between what your kids want to wear and what you want them to wear?

When: Monday July 28th at 3-4pm PST/6-7pm EST 

Where: zulily Facebook page fb.com/zulily 

Who: You, zulily, and our Lifestyle Expert Amy E. Goodman. 

Amy’s experience as an editor, author, host and lifestyle expert spans magazines, news programs, and online media outlets makes her the perfect resource for all of your back to school conundrums.  

At the end of the event we will be randomly selecting two participants to win a $25 zulily gift card (official rules below).

Bring your questions and we’ll see you there! 

The zulily Back to School Live Chat Official Rules


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SPONSOR: zulily, inc., 2601 Elliott Avenue, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98121.


Super-Easy Berry Fro-Yo

We got a yummy tip from zulily’s own stylist extraordinaire Adrian Perry, and we just have to share.


Super-Easy Berry Fro-Yo

You need:
  • Food processor (Perhaps one from today’s Cuisinart & Waring event? They’re going fast, so you should probably love the brand.)
  • 1 cup frozen berries
  • 2 cups Greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp room temp honey
  • Fresh mint leaves

Combine berries, yogurt and honey in food processor.  Blend until smooth. Top with fresh mint.  Say yum!

Adrian assures us that kids love this “ice cream” … and we think it sounds awesome for grown-ups too.