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Top Five Fall Must-Haves for Girls

Updating your little girl’s wardrobe for the fall can be a bit overwhelming. So much to choose from and she must have it all! But fret no more because we’ve got the scoop on the top five fall must-haves that she’s gotta have. 

1. Infinity Scarves

Mom’s favorite accessory is now miniaturized.


Mint & Gray Ancient Horse Infinity Scarf, $7.99

2. Harem Pants

Everything old is new again.

Royal Blue & Orange Geometric Harem Pants, $9.99

3. Leggings

Find them in bright, geometric and tribal patterns.

Black & White Geometric Legging, $9.99

4. Tops

With heart and skull accents in lace and glitter, of course.

Periwinkle Lace Skull Crewneck Tee, $9.99

5. Jean Vests

Remind you of a time in your life?

Black Acid Wash Denim Vest, $15.99

Design Inspiration: Happy Home

Bright and inspirational pieces set the scene for one of our favorite décor styles, the Happy Home. Color, vintage-inspired design and lots of charm are the signatures of this style. Whether picking up one piece to add to a room or redoing your entire home, we’ve got some tips on how to bring this style to your abode.



Here’s what you need to get the look:

  • Mix and match patterned plates and bowls
  • Glasses in assorted colors
  • Brightly colored napkins and placemats that pop


Family Room


Here’s what you need to get the look:

  • Inspirational canvases
  • Accent pieces and furniture in bright hues
  • Pillows that brighten up a room with fun sayings




Here’s what you need to get the look:

  • Brightly-colored bean bag chairs
  • Have some fun with bright and cheery wall art
  • Function and whimsy with a playful side-lamp
  • Mix and match floral and patterned frames


How To: Frozen Dos

It’s a Frozen world and we’re just living in it. From Halloween to Birthday parties to just everyday living, if you are anything like us, your kids just can’t get enough of Frozen. And now you can be the most impressive parent ever when you whip up these Frozen dos on your little one or even yourself. Our zulily stylists took some inspiration from our  Frozen sale today to create Elsa’s braid and Anna’s bun. 

Elsa’s Braid:

Step 1:Section off and pull back the start of the braid, leaving about a two inch section of hair to frame the face.

Step 2: Tease the area that you’ve just sectioned off.

Step 3: Secure with a clear elastic.

Step 4: Starting at the elastic, being a classic braid, working with small pieces, pulling from the front and adding in to the main braid, rotating left and right.

The bigger the sections you take the better.

Continue the braid to the end of the hair and secure with an elastic.

Step 5: Using caution, cut out the top elastic holding the original braid.

Step 6: Blend the two sections together to connect.

Step 7: Gently pull at the braid to add volume.

And you are done, smiling faces all around.

Anna’s Bun:

Step 1: Section off the front of your hair and clip. This will later make a bang.

Step 2: Pull back the top part of hair into a ponytail and start to twist.

Step 3: Continue twisting in to a bun, keeping a hole in the middle. Pin in place.

Step 4: Take a section of hair under the bun and wrap it around your fingers and place into the hole of the bun. Pin in place.

Step 5: Section off enough hair for a wider braid underneath the bun and start braiding to eventually wrap around the head.

Step 6: Continue the braid, placing a pin in front of bun, halfway between the bang and the bun.

Step 7: Place a pin in the back.

Step 8: Tease bottom section of hair to create volume.

Step 9: Gather hair in a ponytail to where it meets at the bottom of the bun and covers the start of your braid. Secure with a clear elastic. Add a second clear elastic band to gather the loose ends of the ponytail.

Step 10: Roll and stuff the ponytail into teased bottom section of hair and smooth it out.

Step 11: Sweep front section across the forehead and pin in the base of the bun to create false bangs.

Step 12: Place hair decoration in back.

And voila, mommy and daughter Frozen duo.

5 Healthy After School Snack Options

They’re back in school (or about to be)! Time to start thinking about the oh-so-important after-school snack. Here are 5 of our favorite healthy options.

Celery animal snacks from Paging Fun Mums:http://zuli.ly/1t6SqnF

Healthy mini, fruit pizzas from Yummy, Healthy, Easy:http://zuli.ly/1pYAklm

Strawberry-pineapple smoothie from Six Sister’s Stuff:http://zuli.ly/1pYAskQ

No-bake granola bars from It Bakes Me Happy:http://zuli.ly/1vfDfJB

Homemade fruit leather from Weelicious:http://zuli.ly/1p9tj1K

Skinny peaches and cream from Tone and Tighten:http://zuli.ly/1qH2vBy

Saturday Sparkle

Glitter, glitter everywhere! Doesn’t everything look better with a little bit of sparkle? We think so. Pick up some of these shinny objects or make your own to add some sparkle to your Saturday.

DIY glitter tote from Lauren Conrad:http://zuli.ly/1qyrqap

Glitter phone cases (zulily.com)

DIY glitter globe from Wonderland Weddings:http://zuli.ly/1pRUpd4

Glitter flats (zulily.com)

DIY glitter ring from No. 2 Pencil: http://zuli.ly/1l20za1

And for the kids…

DIY glitter slime from Fun With Kids at Home:http://zuli.ly/1v73jqg

A sparkly headband for your little one (zulily.com)

5 Tooth Fairy Traditions You’ll Love

We all remember the first time we lost a tooth. Such a victory! And then, there’s the sweet anticipation of putting it under your pillow to wake up in the morning to whatever the Tooth Fairy has brought you that night. It’s an exciting time in every child’s life. In celebration of National Tooth Fairy Day, we’ve collected some unique and fun Tooth Fairy traditions that will make that first experience with the Tooth Fairy or tenth extra special.

Make it really official with these Tooth Fairy Invoices.  Have your child fill out and then slip it in the envelope with the missing tooth. Free printable kits can be found on How Does She.

If you’re teaching your little one to save those Tooth Fairy earnings, this Tooth Fairy bank is a must have. It has 20 individual slots for each tooth lost. (zulily.com)

This nifty DIY Tooth Fairy pocket from Craft, Interrupted uses a jean pocket to stash the goodies. How clever!


Is the Tooth Fairy sometimes forgetful? Let your little one rest easy that this time, the Tooth Fairy will not forget to leave money with this Tooth Fairy Spray that signals the Tooth Fairy to come right away. (zulily.com)

“Under the pillow” method getting a little tired? Try the Tooth Fairy Glass from Brought2ubyMom.


It may have been a while since we here at zulily have had the joyful experience of getting on our brand new outfit for the first day back to school, but that doesn’t mean we can’t relish in it just the same. In the spirit of all the kiddos getting ready to go back to school, we’re celebrating #TBT with our own version, #ThrowbackToSchool. Join in by posting your throwback photos from your first day back to school and tag #ThrowbackToSchool and #zulily. We’ll share our favorites!

Back to School Shots #yayfirstday


We all know how important that first day of school is to your kids. They’ve styled their favorite outfit, decorated their binders in preparation, and have probably put in a special request for a first day dessert in their lunch. 

But, before they hop on that school bus, you’ve got to snap the perfect first day picture to add to your collection. Share these fabulous first-day photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #yayfirstday and #zulily. Every few weeks we will select a few of our favorites as “star student of the day” and share these photos on Facebook and Instagram. We will also choose a photo every week to include in our Facebook cover photo!

5 Hacks to Make Travel with Little Ones Easier

Whether you’re traveling across the country or just taking a trip to the park, traveling with your little one is always an adventure. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite hacks, tips, ideas and products to make this adventure just a little easier for you. 

1. DIY Travel Chalk & Magnet Board  

Sunny with A Chance of Sprinkles shows us how you can use a basic cookie sheet, letter magnets and some chalk to create a canvas for your little one’s masterpiece. Added bonus, these magnetic pieces won’t end up on the floor of your car.  


2. Label Outfits in Baggies 

This great idea comes from Just a Girl and Her Blog. It’s an easy way to make getting dressed while traveling easy. You can label each bag with your child’s name and note any special occasions to avoid fashion fiascos while on vacation. 


3. A Stroller Fit for Flying 

We all know how frustrating it can be to have to check your stroller at the gate while flying.  Having a stroller that can fold up to fit in the overhead compartment…well that is just a dream come true. The Nano Protect Travel System from Mountain Buggy offers a lightweight stroller that does just that. Today, zulily will be the first to launch the Protect Infant Car Seat component of the travel system.


4. DIY Portable Lego Kit 

This DIY Lego Kit from Fun at Home With Kids is small enough to fit in your purse, and a great source of entertainment for your toddler while waiting at a restaurant or for a doctor’s appointment. The puzzles are simple and the combinations endless. It comes with 24 Free Printable Activity cards.


5. DIY Snack Containers 

Got extra liquid coffee containers? Stock Piling Moms show us that these are ideal for bringing snacks anywhere on the go. Whether they are keeping them in their backpacks or leaving them in the cup holders in the car, your kids will love pouring their favorite treats from these recycled bottles.