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Brand Spotlight: Rising International

Here’s a Q&A with Rishi P. Dhakal, founder and owner of Rising International. We’ve featured their unique products countless times, showcasing their bright and handcrafted apparel and accessories made by local artisans in Nepal. Today, we’re featuring them on our site and you can view their event here.


1. What’s the big idea behind Rising international?

Rising International Inc. is a US-based company trying its best to create a brand name for Nepalese handmade clothing. This company has flourished, using traditional arts and creativity on clothing, focusing on a new era of fashion. Rising International also promotes job opportunities for local Nepalese women, providing work at home while supporting the local community’s financial growth.

2. What makes your apparel unique?

Our apparel is handcrafted and based on the ethnic and cultural values of Nepal. We study the market and create new designs on regular basis. Our products are made by people in the community using local resources. Moreover, we naturalize the color of our fabric with stone washing and add artistic symbols that reflect local values.


3. What was the inspiration behind the brand and the clothing design?

The main concept was to reflect the diversity of fashion and creativity in Nepal. We wanted to showcase the local arts and support the economic growth of Nepal with Rising International’s business plan. The source of inspiration for our clothing design and brand continues to be Nepal’s artistic community.

4. Can you tell us the best Rising International success story so far?

Our products are unique—as they are handcrafted—and vibrant.  We have continuously focused on market research and the demand for new fashion. Based on the need and demand of people, we are continually striving to create new and unique designs. We focus on high quality products with perfect sizing in a variety of colors. Moreover, we’ve established a good marketing network and are committed to having the best customer service. Recently, we were awarded Commercially Important Person from the government of Nepal for our contribution to the fashion market. I personally attended that ceremony.

5. Why sell your products on zulily?

We connected with zulily in a trade show. We approached them to sell our products. As our products reflect unique fashion, zulily wanted to tryout our product once. We followed zulily’s business terms and conditions and offered quality products. They were impressed with the positive responses from their customers and gradually started selling varieties of Rising’s products. Now Zulily has been selling huge quantity of our products as zulily is a well-recognized company with good customer relations and professional ideas of selling.


Devon’s Discoveries: “Big Ticket” Baby Gear

As we prepare for Baby #2’s arrival at the end of March, my nesting mode has definitely kicked in.  I’ve been organizing and rearranging like you wouldn’t believe and my project has been to go through all of the bins of “stuff Bean grew out of.”  This is the second of many blog posts where I’ll talk about those gems that got us through Bean’s first year successfully, alongside the staples we’re still using. 

This week, I have been unpacking and cleaning the “big-ticket” items and moving them upstairs to baby’s room.  Ah, the fond memories of the things that got us through those first six months…

I know there are mixed reviews on baby swings, but I have to say that although we only used our baby swing for about 2 months, it was worth every penny.  There was a period of time when Bean would only nap in the swing and, let me tell you, I was willing to pay top dollar for just one of those naps.  And then there were the times where I needed to have two hands for just a second, or needed to rest my back for a spell—the swing was there for me in my time of need. 


The vibrating seat was another product that we loved.  Bean was a colicky baby, so anything that could soothe her for a period of time was a welcome addition to our home!  We used this Patchberry Park Cradling Bouncer constantly.


Finally, the the Infantino Twist & Fold Baby Gym was Bean’s favorite toy from birth until about ten months old.  She loved laying on the mat and looking at the dangling toys; and when she was old enough to start really moving those legs, she would spend hours (okay, minutes—but it’s baby time!) kicking at the bendy arms of the baby gym.  She strengthened her core and leg muscles so much that she was walking by ten months!  We can’t wait to introduce Baby #2 to the Gym.


It’s hard to believe that Baby #2 will be here so soon, and while we are so excited to meet her and introduce her to Bean, I’ll admit to being a little nervous too.  But I’m so glad to have all of these tried and true products under my belt to help make her entrance into this world a little easier!  


Devon is a wife (of “DA”), mother of a one-year old (“Bean”), former History professor, and lifelong shopper.  She grew up with a self-proclaimed shop-aholic and sale-aholic mom, so she’s been in training for discovering cool stuff and great deals since she can remember.  Devon lives in Seattle, Washington, where she is mostly okay with the rain but sometimes pines for her hometown in Southern California.  With a little one at home and a crazy life, Devon is all about doing her shopping on the internet and zulily has been a dream come true for her with its variety, value, and quality.

Brand Spotlight: Q&A with founder and designer of 6 Shore Road

6 Shore Road was inspired by the lifestyle of the Hamptons, NY and launched in 2010 by designer Pooja Kharbanda. The line is meant to be worn while enjoying life and captures the spirit of carefree days and dancing with friends as the sun goes down. We had the opportunity to chat with designer and founder Pooja about her inspirations and passion for fighting cancer through fashion.

Be sure to check out all the great 6 Shore Road looks at today’s event running through Feb. 10.

Why did you start 6 Shore Road ?

I wanted fashion forward and comfortable looks that I could wear from the beach to bar or day to night.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs? 

The carefree ethos of the brand comes from the Hamptons. I was born in India and grew up in Hong Kong & Panama, where I take a lot of design details from, whether it be the color palettes and/or embroideries.  I love to travel and choose a specific place that represents the collection for the season.

What makes 6 Shore Road unique?

It’s transitional lifestyle. Many of the individual pieces can be worn to the beach or at the pool bar with just a swap of shoes!  Or you can take them from day to night from a casual lunch to an evening out.

Tell us about Fashion Fights Cancer and why you are involved.  

My mom was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth in 2011. It was a life-changing event and as part of the fashion industry, it’s important for me and my brand to support this cause. I’m on the board of the Fashion Fights Cancer organization, which conducts fashion classes for children affected by cancer. We help them get their mind off the illness and focus on something positive.  

Why feature your products on zulily?

zulily’s customer base sets itself apart from many of our current retailers.  6 Shore Road is such a versatile brand and can really be transformed to any style.

What’s your number one piece of style advice for women?

Wear color! It’s flattering to your skin color and attracts positivity.

Need to Know Before You Go: Tips for Traveling with Kids

Are you one of the lucky ones with a mid-Winter break? Or perhaps you are just fantasizing about Spring Break already and heading to some place a bit warmer? Before you head off for your big adventure with kids in tow, check out these handy tips to get you there smoothly! Also, be sure to check out our three day event starting today with everything you’ll need for the trip.

  • Arrive early to board first. Many airlines allow people traveling with strollers or small children to board first. For example, JetBlue Airways lets travelers with children under age 2 on board first,  while Virgin America, Delta Air Lines and US Airways allow anyone with small children have first place. Check your airline’s website ahead of time to see what their practices are.
  • Research the airline you are flying beforehand to see if your stroller will count as an additional bag. Many of them have you check it at the gate right as you board.
  • Check car seats at the gate rather than with luggage to ensure it arrives in still-working.
  • Put essentials in a small enough carry-on that it won’t ever need to be checked at a gate. We’ve heard horror tales of parents who stashed all their essentials in a carry-on bag only to have it checked to the final destination upon boarding. The same trip found them stranded overnight at a mid-stop airport without even a diaper bag! Be prepared, stay prepared.
  • Pack all liquids and gels, like formula and diaper cream, in a clear, zippered bag. Tuck it into an outside pouch of your carry-on bag so you can plop it easily in the bin next to your purse and shoes when going through security.
  • Pack yummy snacks in compressible containers so you can flatten them neatly once your hungry vacationer has gobbled her way through all three bowls of cereal. 
  • Pack a few new books or toys and pace introducing them to keep your tot engaged.
  • Take along a few $5 gift cards for a coffee shop to hand out to nearby passengers if fussing.

What are some of your best-kept travel tips for flying with little ones?

Brand Spotlight: Q&A with Little Giraffe CEO and Creative Director

Led by working mom Trish Moreno, Little Giraffe is known for their luxurious and practical blankets and accessories for baby and mom. Parents everywhere—including many of Hollywood’s well-known—have fallen in love with this brand, welcoming home their newborns with Little Giraffe’s incredibly soft, ultra-plush and machine washable designs.  Starting February 4, for a limited time, LOVE by Little Giraffe, a quality line of blankets and plush toys for baby at a lower price point, will premiere exclusively on zulily. The it-shower gift is now at a price that’s easy on the wallet!


We spoke with Trish, giving us an inside look at the brand and what makes them special.

What’s the vision behind Little Giraffe?

To provide the softest, most luxurious blankets and related nursery products for baby.

As a mom, how have your experiences influenced the way you’ve shaped Little Giraffe as a brand and company?

Parents across all demographics want what is best for their babies. As a mom, I want my child to have the best of everything! We always keep that in mind when we’re creating our products. We make babies happy! They bond with our products and are soothed by them. They sleep better, are more easily calmed, and feel secure with their blankies. By making babies happy, we make parents happy, and there is nothing better than a happy family.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your new collection LOVE by Little Giraffe.

Our objective is to make the softness, luxury, and soothing, baby-calming properties of Little Giraffe accessible to more families around the world. We set a goal to make the softest products you can find at this price point, and the team really nailed it on sourcing great fabrics and creating beautiful products that have been warmly received. We are known for being the “shower wower” and the LOVE by Little Giraffe products get this reaction too!

What is your favorite LOVE by Little Giraffe product and why?

The Cherish Blanket for its cuddly softness, the Cloud Blanket for its cozy knit, and the Giraffe Toy because it’s so cute and modern, and super-easy for baby to cuddle with and carry. I can’t pick just one!

Why feature your products on zulily?

We want to reach as many people as possible with this new brand, and zulily is a powerful engine with a big following of customers that love Little Giraffe. It seemed like the perfect place to feature our new brand!

Get Ready for the 100th Day of School

The 100th Day of School is approaching and it’s the perfect time of year to celebrate and recognize your child’s achievements. At zulily, we’re celebrating with a three day event of all the things you need for school. Restock on the coolest lunch essentials from lunch bags to water bottles and pick up some educational games and toys that will keep your student ahead of the class. How will you celebrate?