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the newbie: What to Wear

By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

Now that June is 10 months old and the weather is getting warm, I am inordinately excited to put her in cute little rompers and dresses and lay her down on a blanket in the park! I have the urge to make her picture-perfect each day.

And then: She crawls in the dirt, rolls in the grass and generally acts like a happy, silly baby. I love it. BUT, the Stella McCartney romper that Grandma bought is ruined. (Yes, I do realize that a Stella M. item is kind of silly for a 10-month-old, but it’s adorable, and it was on sale, and Grandmas can’t resist these things.)

The truth is, most days I put June in some cotton pants over a onesie or a t-shirt with some sort of watermelon/dinosaur/baby bird situation on the front. She can play and get dirty and move freely! And honestly, we have a few little onesies that may or may not be pajamas. Who can tell? But I love a ready-made outfit and June seems to be comfy.

My quest now is to find cute, comfortable and washable outfits that can work for both play days and visits with family, when everyone sort of expects the baby to be slightly “dressed.” Any suggestions?