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'Talk Breastfeeding' Twitter Party!

Join @zulily and Jessica from @TheLeakyBoob for a Twitter Party in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week. Next Monday, August 6th, from 11am to Noon pacific, bring your best 140-character questions, comments and insights to out ‘Talk Breastfeeding: Fashion and Function' Twitter Party! A few of zulily’s favorite nursing and maternity brands will be joining the discussion as well and have offered up a variety of prizes to give out throughout the party!

If you’re new to Twitter or still learning the ropes, we’ve laid out the a step-by-step guide below to participating in a Twitter party.

What is a Twitter Party?
A Twitter party is a public discussion—with “tweeters” from all over the world—based on a common topic of interest …with giveaways!

Why a Twitter Party
Twitter has become the go-to forum for moms worldwide to discuss every topic imaginable. Twitter is a big place, though, and our “Talk Breastfeeding” Twitter Party will be a great way to connect on a smaller scale with women who share an interest in topics related to breastfeeding and early motherhood. Also, giveaways!

How can I follow the discussion?
At first glance, Twitter can seem a chaotic place for a discussion. Fortunately, effort has been put into providing easy ways to organize the many tweets generated by users.

While the zulily Twitter Party promises to be fast paced, the Twitter “#hashtag” feature allows followers to more easily keep up with and participate in the discussion.

Each tweeter participating in the Party will include a unique hashtag in each tweet. For our party, we will be using both #WBW (for World Breastfeeding Week) and #momtalk. The latter, #momtalk, will help to differentiate tweets related to our Party from the larger WBW discussions taking place on Twitter this week.

To more easily follow and participate in the discussion, we recommend using a Twitter monitoring website. We’ve added a few of our favorites below. They’re free to use and will allow you to view any tweet that includes the right #hashtag.

New to Twitter? Follow these simple steps to sign up and join the discussion:

  1. Visit twitter.com to sign up for an account and pick a unique Twitter “handle” (Handle=what comes after the @ symbol)
  2. Follow @zulily and @TheLeakyBoob
  3. Visit one of our recommended Twitter monitoring tools. We’ll use tweetchat.com as an example.
  • Once you’ve arrived at click ‘Sign In’ and allow Twitter to authorize the Tweetchat app.
  • In the field that reads “Enter hashtag to follow”, enter momtalk
  • Join the party! Tweet us a question or comment, or simply introduce yourself! We’ll make sure to say hello! Be sure to include #momtalk in your tweet and the @ symbol to direct your comment at the right user. Here’s an example:
“@zulily, @TheLeakyBoob, excited to be here! I have a plenty to say on this topic! #WBW #momtalk”

A few of our favorite websites for monitoring Twitter: