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the newbie: Riding in Cars With Babies

By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

We just graduated to a new car seat, mainly because June was getting pretty fussy in the original one, and I thought that was because it was too small. Turns out, the kicking and screaming is just a part of life in the car these days, and the new seat—which is bigger and has less of a view for her because of high sidelines—has made it even worse.

We don’t drive very often because we live in a walkable city, but when we do, June is livid. She flails and cries like we’ve strapped her into a torture device. It’s heartbreaking to hear from the front seat! Plus, I feel so helpless in the car since I can’t stop to ease her angst.

We have a little mirror for her (well, so we can see her from up front, really) and that used to keep her entertained. We also give her a soft toy. But nothing is working lately.

Any advice on how to get a one-year-old to enjoy the car a little more?