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the newbie: Got Games?

By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

It’s been raining a lot this fall, and now that June is 14 months old, I’m having to get more sophisticated in my entertainment efforts. She enjoys setting Pandora to “Call Me Maybe” radio and having dance parties in front of the mirror. She also loves tearing up a roll of toilet paper, piece by piece. I know I probably should take it away from her but it seems a small price to pay for half an hour of peace on an afternoon when we can’t get out to the park.

We also have a floor full of toys, animal flash cards and a music table, naturally. Usually a giant cardboard box is more appealing than any of that. The day when the diaper shipment comes is like a trip to Disney World—that box is huge!

But sometimes I feel like the court jester—trying everything to make the Queen laugh and laugh, and fearing her inevitable turn to the Cranky Dark Side.

I’d love to hear what other moms do to make their little ones happy on an indoor day.