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the newbie: the best advice


By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

When I was about to become a new parent, the advice flew at me from all sides: Sleep when the baby sleeps, say yes when people offer to bring you dinner, get blackout blinds! All solid tips, by the way.

And, now that June is 18 months old, I realize that one piece of advice, given by a long-time friend, stands above the rest:

“In the middle of the chaos, sit still.”

What she meant was: Take this in. The days may feel insanely long, but the months go quickly and the years even more so. She’ll be sitting/standing/walking/talking before you know it.

And she is. I can’t believe the 18-month clothes, which looked so gigantic when she was a newborn, are actually getting too small for my baby. My toddler. My little girl.

Thanks to that friend’s advice, I’ve paused to take in and remember certain moments that I otherwise might have rushed through in frantic motion and forgotten. I see that as a real gift.

So I wonder: What piece of advice was a gem for you in the early years?