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the newbie: Winter-Wear (or Not to Wear!)


By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

I have a very serious question: How the heck do you get winter gear to stay on a 16-month-old?

Maintaining possession of June’s mittens and hat when we go for a stroll is tougher than keeping track of Barbie’s tiny shoe sets. She flings them off, dropping them on the sidewalk while gleefully shouting “All done!” when clearly we are still walking and it is (very cold outside.

So far I have managed not to lose any pieces, but she’s often without hat or gloves outside, and she definitely gets cold. Even the snap-on hats don’t work. They make her crazy and she eventually gets them off after some tugging.

I’ve thought about disciplining her and forcing her to wear gloves and hat, though that involves near constant attention and struggling from me as we walk. Should just let her be cold and figure out that these items are there to keep her comfortable?

Any advice or magic solutions?


Shopping for My Girl

By Allison Slater Tate, who can also be found blogging at allisonslatertate.com/

When my first baby was a boy, my husband breathed a sigh of relief – not because he didn’t want a girl, but because he was under the (somewhat mistaken) assumption that I would spend less money buying clothes for a baby boy than I would for a baby girl.

I swear I’m not a completely shallow person, but I love me some shopping. I can’t help it. I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I don’t drink… much. But shopping is cathartic for me. I try to window shop, or the Internet equivalent, most of the time. I try to be practical. But I admit it: I do love shopping. Since having kids, I love shopping for my kids. My poor, frugal husband has had to accept this fact.

As we proceeded to have baby boy number two and then baby boy number three, he believed he was largely in the clear. As much as I did and still do enjoy shopping for my boys, I was forced to pare down my shopping habit and embrace the concept of hand-me- downs. I mean, I’m not completely ridiculous. Ahem.

Tracy Hougham PhotographyBut then it happened: our last baby, born in April 2012, was a girl. Lucy.

Game on.

My husband’s saving grace is that this baby is my fourth and not my first. I am now at a point in my life when I appreciate less STUFF – less laundry, less clothing, fewer toys. I have six mouths to feed now. We are staring down four college tuitions. I’m ready to be pickier about my shopping habit. I still enjoy shopping just as much, but now I am ready to find things I love and can afford.

[My girl Lucy photographed here by Tracy Hougham Photography. Find more here: tracyhougham.com]

I was familiar with zulily before I had Lucy. I bought a few gifts – I love the personalized plates, for instance – and I had bought the boys several super cute T shirts that stood out from the pack of usual boy clothes fare (stripes, stripes, and a side of stripes). But after Lucy was born, zulily became my playground.

For years, I had pressed my nose against the store windows, both virtual and real, staring longingly at the dresses, the tights, the bows, the little ruffled bottoms and the bloomers and the tulle skirts that only belonged to the girl side of the aisle. I dreamed about tiny ballerinas, fairy gardens, and mary janes. I memorized the names of the girl brands I loved – Baby Nay, Baby Lulu, Jelly the Pug, Trumpette, Mud Pie, Kissy Kissy.

The past six months, I have been a kid in a candy store. I have the sweetest baby girl, and I have had so much fun snuggling her and learning who she is. But I cannot deny that I have also had a ball dressing her. Thanks to zulily, I can afford to buy her some of the special things I used to covet: Hair bows. Smocked bishop dresses. Ruffled floral rompers. Lucy now has quite an impressive closet, stocked in a variety of sizes and colors and styles. I adore every single piece.

I still love baby boy clothes, and I find dressing my boys both a challenge and an adventure. I still hunt for the perfect witty T shirt, sweet corduroys, and fun hoodies for them. But now I have the baby girl I had started to believe I would never have… and the tiny hair bows and the ruffled bloomers never get boring. Neither does the precious baby they adorn.

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Global Mamas on zulily today

zulily is excited to have Global Mamas on the site today, both for the beautiful products they bring, and for the talented women who produce them.

Global Mamas’ non-profit network of artisans includes over 600 women accross Africa. These “mamas” create beautiful and unique handmade jewelry, accessories, and apparel while growing their own businesses and benefiting their communities at home.

Each item available in today’s event includes the signature of the woman who produced it on the tag!

Read more about the organization and it’s mission here and shop today’s event on zulily

(From Left to right: Charity Okine, Gladys Adjimer and Aggie Cole Arthur)

Little Mass | Silhouettes Without Boundaries

The designer of Little Mass, Tina Chang, has a rule: no boundaries. Imagine the kind of creativity using that as your compass.  With an eye for frills, ruffles, and layer upon layer of girly fashion, this line was inspired by fine art, Hollywood glamour, and Japanese comic books. The result? Fashionable and contemporary styles for your little darling. Oh, and a fun photo shoot at the zulily studios!

Take a peek into the wonderful world of Little Mass and a behind the scenes look at one of our favorite editorials of the season.  

Ava Loves Olli | Nothing Short of Sweet

We adore Ava Loves Olli, a newer brand packed with cottony bursts of vibrant hues and easy to wear styles!  From girly girls to adventurous darlings, your little girl will adore these comfy dresses as much as we love to photograph them! 

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the finds from Monday’s Ava Loves Olli event.  Be sure to head over to the Ava Loves Olli page to set your reminder and learn more about one of our personal favorite brands!