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BLANQI | ExpectingMama - Fashion and Function

You’re pregnant. It’s glorious and exciting, but somewhere during your belly’s growth you went from being overjoyed to uncomfortable.  The inevitable happens; clothes don’t fit as flattering as you need them to, not to mention your back and abdomen are fighting serious pressure and pain. There’s got to be a way ease this stress, right?!

Well mama, we’re pleased to introduce to you the ultimate solution:  The Body Styler from BLANQI! Tomorrow on zulily, check out the pregnant woman’s style saver.  Not only does this comfortable piece help lift and provide support, it’s breathable, flexible, and smooths all the shapes and sizes of your pregnancy.  

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough, so in the meantime, scroll through and learn more about BLANQI’s Body Stylers! Plus, head over to zulily’s Upcoming Events and add BLANQI to your calendar to be reminded of tomorrow’s deal.