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Q&A with Juice Beauty CEO Karen Behnke


Did you know that skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it? Neither did we! This was a big wake-up call for Juice Beauty founder Karen Behnke too, who was pregnant at the time—and she decided to do something about it. Juice Beauty’s powerful mission is to provide high-quality organic beauty products that actually work. And now Juice Beauty is on zulily!

We couldn’t wait to hear more about Juice Beauty and share it with our zulily moms, so we asked you to submit your questions and now we’ve got some answers. Voted Top EcoLeader by Glamour magazine in 2009 and with many successful wellness-focused companies under her belt, Behnke gave us the lowdown on Juice Beauty and the answers to your most pressing beauty questions.

Q. I’ve never even heard of Juice Beauty, but I love to try new products! Do they smell yummy while being kind to sensitive skin? What are the customer favs?

I am so excited to introduce you to Juice Beauty! We do have amazing scents (without any synthetics) and have great products for sensitive skin! A few products I would recommend to you are the Cleansing Milk, Treatment Oil, Stem Cellular Moisturizer (one of our customer’s favorite scents), Stem Cellular Eye Treatment and Green Apple Peel Sensitive. All of these products are great for sensitive skin!

Q. What are the best products to purchase for someone new to juice beauty?

Well you are in luck! zulily is offering some of the best bundles to introduce you to the brand! Our products are broken down by collection, so it depends on your skin needs/concerns. Below is a quick collection overview!

  • Daily Essentials Collection: For all skin types! Great for sensitive skin with redness.
  • Blemish Clearing Collection: Since our products are chemical free, you will NOT strip your skin but instead hydrate it while clearing.
  • Green Apple Collection: Great for sun/age spots or scars from blemishes. Very active with fruit acids so not recommended for sensitive skin.
  • Stem Cellular Collection: Good for all skin types. This collection will reduce fine lines and wrinkles using fruit stem cells, grapeseed and Vitamin C!


Q: Do you do animal testing?

NO! In fact we were just awarded Courage in Commerce award from PETA which notices Juice Beauty for not testing on animals. We manufacture our products in the USA where we can assure quality!

Q: Are they gluten free?

All of our Makeup products are certified gluten free. Our Skincare products themselves are free of gluten (we do not have a gluten free certification for them).

Q: Are you GMO free?

 We source the vast majority of our ingredients from USDA certified organic farms, and do not use ingredients sourced from GMO seeds. One of our major retailers, Whole Foods, will require all products to be certified GMO free by 2018. We will begin this certification process well in advance to comply with the Whole Foods initiative so we will soon have the GMO Free certification!

Q: How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes and dark marks on my knee caps?

For the dark circles under your eyes, our Stem Cellular Eye Treatment is perfect! Not only will it help with dark circles but it will help with any fine lines and wrinkles. For your knee caps, use the Green Apple Peel! The combination of fruit acids and vitamin rich ingredients will help to even that area. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you! 

Q. What is the percentage of beta hydroxyl acid in the green apple full strength peel?

The Green Apple Peel Full Strength has 13-15% Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acid in it! This is a spa grade peel and will give you amazing results to brighten and lighten your skin!

Q: I’m shopping for my friend who’s preggers. She’s super concerned about what she uses on her skin. Is this good to use while she is pregnant?

What a great friend you are! Yes, your friend can use almost all Juice Beauty products while she is pregnant and nursing. Many of the bundles available this weekend on Zulily are GREAT during pregnancy. The only collections we do not recommend during pregnancy are the Green Apple Collection and certain products in the Blemish Clearing line (she is safe to use the Blemish Clearing Peel and Blemish Clearing Mask!)I would recommend the Organic Facial Wash, Organic Treatment Oil, Cleansing Milk, Hydrating Mist and Blemish Clearing Mask as just a few to get her started!

Q: I’m pregnant and have “mask of pregnancy”. What products can/should I use?

The Green Apple Blemish Clearing Peel will be perfect for you! It is safe to use during pregnancy and will help with any discoloration. It will also brighten your skin so you can maintain that pregnancy glow!

Q: Does it help with adult acne and sensitive skin?  Which products should I try? 

Our Blemish Clearing Collection would be perfect for you! Since we do not have chemicals, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances they should not irritate your skin! However, we always recommend doing a patch test before you start using the products, just to make sure.

Get Juice Beauty now on zulily.

zulily/Julep Tuesday #Twitter Party!

Click to see today’s Julep offering on zulily now!

Join @zulily and @JulepMaven for a Twitter Party in celebration of zulily’s Julep event, which will be filled with a rainbow of toxin-free nail colors, plus hand and nail treatments. Today, 10am to 11am pacific, bring your best 140-character questions, comments and insights to our Julep Maven Twitter Party! Whether you’re a seasoned Maven or new to the Julep family, you won’t want to miss your chance to win one of a variety of awesome prizes we’ll be giving away throughout the party!

If you’re new to Twitter or still learning the ropes, we’ve laid out a step-by-step guide to participating in a  Twitter party below.

So, what exactly is a Twitter Party?
A Twitter party is a public discussion—with “tweeters” from all over the world—based on a common topic of interest …with giveaways!

Why a Twitter Party?
Twitter has become the go-to forum for moms worldwide to discuss every topic imaginable. Twitter is a big place, though, and our “Julep Maven” Twitter Party will be a great way to connect on a smaller scale with women who share an interest in beautiful nail polish and accessories.

How can I follow the discussion?
At first glance, Twitter can seem like a chaotic place for a discussion. Fortunately, some simple tools have been created to help organize the many tweets generated every day.

While the zulily Twitter Party promises to be fast paced, the Twitter “#hashtag” feature allows followers to more easily keep up with and participate in the discussion.

Each followers participating in the Party will include a unique hashtag (#) in each tweet. For our party, we will be using #JulepMavenChat. This will help readers following the Twitter Party to separate ours from other discussions taking place on Twitter.

To more easily follow and participate in the discussion, we recommend using a Twitter monitoring app. We’ve added a few of our favorites below. They’re free to use and will allow you to view any tweet that includes the right # (hashtag).

New to Twitter? Follow these simple steps to sign up and join the discussion:

  1. Visit twitter.com to sign up for an account and pick a unique Twitter “handle” (Handle=what comes after the @ symbol)
  2. Follow @zulily and @JulepMaven
  3. Visit one of our recommended Twitter monitoring tools. We’ll use tweetchat.com as an example.
  • Once you’ve arrived at TweetChat click ‘Sign In’ and allow Twitter to authorize the TweetChat app.
  • In the field that reads “Enter hashtag to follow,” input JulepMavenChat
    (all one word)
  • Join the party! Tweet us a question or comment, or simply introduce yourself! We’ll make sure to say hello! Be sure to include the @ symbol to direct your tweet at the right user. Here’s an example:
“@zulily, @JulepMaven, excited to be here! I have a plenty to say on this topic! #JulepMavenChat

A few of our favorite websites for monitoring Twitter:

We’ll be reading and responding to your tweets in real time, so if you have a question, just tweet @zulily!


Before I had my sons, I would go get a manicure and a pedicure at this cute little place on 57th and 8th Ave in NYC once a week. It was my treat to myself (not to mention, it only cost $18 for both!). I would go and completely zone out for an hour or so as I was primped and got my nails all fancy. :)

Fast forward to present day and 4 sons later…[Read more on the zulily blog]