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UPDATE (8/6/2012): Congrats to @tabbymichelle! We put all the tweets into a list and randomly chose Tabitha as the winner of The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Keep an eye on zulily’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr pages for fun giveaways and more in the near future!

ORIGINAL POST (8/3/2012):

zulily Giveaway! Ree Drummond, better known as The Pioneer Woman in her books and Food Network series, is a magician in the kitchen, whipping up mouth-watering, country meals. With a new season of her hit show premiering Saturday, August 4th on Food Network, we’re thrilled to be featuring Ree’s bestselling cookbook, “The Pioneer Woman Cooks,” tomorrow on zulily! 

Even better, The Pioneer Woman herself has provided zulily with a signed copy to give away to a fan! Just follow these simple steps to be the lucky winner:
  1. Follow @zulily and @thepioneerwoman on Twitter
  2. Click “Share This” below this post
  3. Replace the tweetable text with “Can’t wait to #cook with @thepioneerwoman on @zulily tomorrow” and keep the link in place.
We’ll pick a tweeter at random and reach out with the details to claim your prize. Make sure to check in tomorrow on zulily.com for more from The Pioneer Woman!

the newbie: First Foods

By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

I’ll be honest: I had visions of feeding June the most natural, organic, good-for-you foods on the planet. I’d set myself up with tiny glass jars and blend healthy and delicious meals for her every craving. She would laugh and coo as she tried in-season fruits, brightly colored veggies and perfectly seasoned protein dishes!

The reality is that blending is boring, June doesn’t seem to like the foods I make very much, and those little packs of pureed organic foods? They’re incredibly convenient. June can feed herself with those! She’ll sit for an hour in a restaurant high chair as long as she has a packet to happily guzzle. It’s very freeing.

But… I feel bad. Shouldn’t I be making her food? Giving her a taste of what Mom and Dad are eating for dinner? Introducing something besides the puree texture, now that she’s 8 months old?

I’m not sure exactly what to give her, and she’s so happy with these packets. I’ll admit to being lazy: If it ain’t broke…

Still, I’m ready to move forward. Any suggestions for first non-pureed foods?