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zulily/Julep Tuesday #Twitter Party!

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Join @zulily and @JulepMaven for a Twitter Party in celebration of zulily’s Julep event, which will be filled with a rainbow of toxin-free nail colors, plus hand and nail treatments. Today, 10am to 11am pacific, bring your best 140-character questions, comments and insights to our Julep Maven Twitter Party! Whether you’re a seasoned Maven or new to the Julep family, you won’t want to miss your chance to win one of a variety of awesome prizes we’ll be giving away throughout the party!

If you’re new to Twitter or still learning the ropes, we’ve laid out a step-by-step guide to participating in a  Twitter party below.

So, what exactly is a Twitter Party?
A Twitter party is a public discussion—with “tweeters” from all over the world—based on a common topic of interest …with giveaways!

Why a Twitter Party?
Twitter has become the go-to forum for moms worldwide to discuss every topic imaginable. Twitter is a big place, though, and our “Julep Maven” Twitter Party will be a great way to connect on a smaller scale with women who share an interest in beautiful nail polish and accessories.

How can I follow the discussion?
At first glance, Twitter can seem like a chaotic place for a discussion. Fortunately, some simple tools have been created to help organize the many tweets generated every day.

While the zulily Twitter Party promises to be fast paced, the Twitter “#hashtag” feature allows followers to more easily keep up with and participate in the discussion.

Each followers participating in the Party will include a unique hashtag (#) in each tweet. For our party, we will be using #JulepMavenChat. This will help readers following the Twitter Party to separate ours from other discussions taking place on Twitter.

To more easily follow and participate in the discussion, we recommend using a Twitter monitoring app. We’ve added a few of our favorites below. They’re free to use and will allow you to view any tweet that includes the right # (hashtag).

New to Twitter? Follow these simple steps to sign up and join the discussion:

  1. Visit twitter.com to sign up for an account and pick a unique Twitter “handle” (Handle=what comes after the @ symbol)
  2. Follow @zulily and @JulepMaven
  3. Visit one of our recommended Twitter monitoring tools. We’ll use tweetchat.com as an example.
  • Once you’ve arrived at TweetChat click ‘Sign In’ and allow Twitter to authorize the TweetChat app.
  • In the field that reads “Enter hashtag to follow,” input JulepMavenChat
    (all one word)
  • Join the party! Tweet us a question or comment, or simply introduce yourself! We’ll make sure to say hello! Be sure to include the @ symbol to direct your tweet at the right user. Here’s an example:
“@zulily, @JulepMaven, excited to be here! I have a plenty to say on this topic! #JulepMavenChat

A few of our favorite websites for monitoring Twitter:

We’ll be reading and responding to your tweets in real time, so if you have a question, just tweet @zulily!