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Brighten Up Your Space with These Lighting Tips

The right lighting can make a world of difference in a room. Just a few updates to your lighting and your space can look like new. Our buyers have put together some tips and a week of lighting events to help you brighten up your place. Check back all week for a new lighting event.

Chandeliers and Pendants


Wrap chandeliers in ivy, silk flowers, raffia or other mixed media for a unique twist on this classic fixture. (zulily.com)

Table Lamps


Use colored light bulbs to instantly accent the mood of your space (zulily.com-starts 9/21)

Kids Lighting


Playful lamps encourage a soothing space for reading and relaxing before bed. Goodnight Moon has never been more fun! (zulily.com-starts 9/17)

Outdoor Lighting


Use string lights and hanging lanterns to create the perfect porch, patio, fire pit or walkway for all your outdoor get-togethers. (zulily.com-starts 9/19)

Lamp Shade


How to measure for a lampshade:

  1. Select a coordinated base and shade that share similar silhouettes (i.e. round bases work best with round shades).
  2. Measure height of the lamp base and diameter of the shade. The shade’s diameter should be less than the height of the base.

For drama, use contrasting silhouettes or an oversized shade. (zulily.com-starts 9/21)