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Style Alert: The “It” Summer Sandals for Girls

Being a mom of boys, one would think I may not be up on the fashion sense of girls. Well, I’m happy to report that being an auntie of 2 girls has its perks - and those definitely come in the opportunity to go shopping with my nieces, Taylor and Madison. Being the fashion mom blogger that I am, it always fascinates me to see what kinds of things are trending each season, some fade with the season and then there are trends that just take off and rocket sky high!

So let’s talk some shoes! Every girl loves shoes (and that love doesn’t go away either!). There are so many different options out there right now for girls, but there are some that have totally clinched their role as one of the “it” summer sandals for girls.

Here’s 5 of them…

1) Jeweled Sandals

Both of my nieces just got a pair of sandals like these! If you remember, these were VERY haute last summer for women. Well, they’ve made their way back this summer but for the little ladies in our lives! I personally love the chicness and style to them, they’re very trendy and can easily be worn with shorts, skirts, dresses and capris! If you have a fashionista in your life, grab these!

2) Bow it UP!

Bows! They are absolutely a perfect addition and feature to any summer sandal right now. I love the sweetness factor it adds to the sandal, it’s cute and classic. Bow sandals may be better for the younger ladies, but still… it’s such a trendy look and a fun way to dress up a pair of summer sandals.

3) Floral Touch

I have been talking about flowers and how trendy they are this summer season, well… the girls have them, too! Just as the bow is a simple touch to fashionize up a pair of summer sandals, so is a flower! I just love the look and it works so well for a young girl. I love to tell moms to wear their floral sandals everywhere! Have some fun showing them off! And girls… go for it, too!


Jelly sandals are one of my most favorite styles for girls. I love them because they’re super FUN and (honestly) remind me of when I was a little girl. I used to LOVE my Jelly shoes! They were perfect for the summer because they were lightweight and waterproof - just the exact kind of sandal you want to be sporting!

5) Peace Signs

Last summer it was hearts, this summer it’s peace signs! There’s something very cool and boho about sporting the peace sign on your shoes! I’ve been seeing SO MANY of these sandals and I just love the look. It’s laid back and super cute and very cool. Look for a pair of these and wear them proud!

So enjoy some summer sandals that give some trendiness and chicness to your little girl’s wardrobe! Most important… keep her feet nice and cool and comfy!

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