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3 Quick & Easy Birthday Themes (And How To Make Them Happen)


zulily’s fourth birthday is approaching and in honor of the Big Day, we’ve thrown a party on the site and come up with some super fun themed activity ideas to make your little one’s party go down in history as the Best.Birthday.Ever.

It’s a zoo in here.

The concept: Come dressed as your favorite animal!


  • Face painting station for whiskers and whimsy. Make every wee guest feel special with awards for Most fierce, Most cuddly, Most fun and furry…the sky’s the limit!
  • Animal-themed glitter art station.
  • Safari station (more on this below!)
  • Animal-themed food.

What you’ll need

Stocking up on face paint and crafting those awesome awards is just the beginning. Check out these fantastic animal-themed items!

This Glam Art My Sea Friends Set is a great choice for the art station. Kids can apply sparkling sequins and jeweled accents to these sweet sea friends art boards.


Go from fishes and dolphins straight to safari with this amazing wall accessory. Simply hang on the wall and pair with markers for an activity sure to engage.


When it’s time to eat, serve animal-themed treats with this Hungry Animal Nonstick Cake Pan! For yummy mini-cakes that look like this:


The best of friends.

The concept: Come dressed as your favorite character, from Elmo to Belle to the vroom-happy buddies from Cars!


  • Set up a mini race track for little ones with ride-on’s and bouncy hoppers

What you’ll need


Treat mini mouseketeers to this fantastic Minnie Activity Ride-On for zooming across the living room or backyard. Boasting a wide and comfortable seat, steering wheel, lights and sensational sound effects, it gets tiny tykes scootin’ indoors or out in style.

For a more basic option, check out this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hopper:


Bitty bouncers love to bop on the back of this fun and graphic ball featuring their favorite guy. With a durable grip for balance and an easy-to-clean surface, it encourages tiny adventurers to bound and explore indoors and out! We’ve got these terrific items decked out in a wide variety of characters kids love. 

Birthday bake-off.

The concept: A cupcake (and cake pop!) bake-a-thon for treat-loving kiddos.


  • Arrange the guests into teams, and watch ‘em bake and decorate away! Have a cupcake contest, with prizes for Fantastic Frosting, Most Chocolate Chips and Sheer Deliciousness.

What you’ll need 

This must-have book is filled with 175 decadent and delightful recipes for creating irresistibly adorable cake pops that are as fun to make as they are to eat, this cookbook also includes sections on baking doughnut bites, aebleskivers, muffins and savory appetizers too..

And invest in awesome themed cupcake wrappers so kids can take their sensational creations home!

Every single one of the party-makers above are available on zulily starting Friday, January 24th as part of our Happy Birthday bonanza. Be sure to stop by, and make this year one to remember!

the newbie: Baby’s First Birthday

By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

Miss June will be turning a year old at the end of this month. I can hardly believe it! I remember those first few days at home after she was born—how scared and in love and tired and hurt and overwhelmed and overjoyed and on-the-edge I felt.

The daunting task of giving birth is well behind me, but now I have to face… the First Birthday Party. The expectations—from grandma and other mom friends and even co-workers—seem high. Too high, maybe, for a party that the guest of honor won’t remember. I mean, have you ever been to a first birthday party where the celebrated baby didn’t burst into tears at some point? The whole thing is overwhelming. Wrapping paper! Toys! Cake! Flashbulbs! Everyone is looking at you, kid.

We’re planning a backyard gathering, something simple. I’m thinking picnic blankets and cake and bubbles for everyone to play with. But… is that not enough?

I’d love to hear what others did for a first birthday. I want it to be low-key, enjoyable, and not too overwhelming for baby June. Any ideas?