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Brand Spotlight: Q&A with Bambino Land Designer and Founder

Designed by Minnesota mom Jessica Burros, Bambino Land kids’ eco-friendly and organic apparel and linens are some of the coziest on zulily. We got to have an exclusive Q&A session with Jessica to talk about her inspiration for Bambino Land, her use of organic and muslin and what makes Bambino Land so unique. Check out Bambino Land on sale now through 12/21 at zulily.com.

What is the inspiration behind Bambino Land?

My kids. As babies, I called both of my boys “my little bambino.” I came up with the brand name after realizing when you have children they sort of take over your world — your house becomes “bambino land.” I wanted to create a work-at-home business so I could spend more time with my children, and I started the business when my second son was only three months old. Sometimes my boys suggest ideas and help me design them. When my oldest son was five, he helped me create the Peace & Love Owls Blanket. He loved the peace signs and sat with me as I illustrated the graphics with his input—it was a true collaboration. That pattern is dear to my heart and customers still love it four years later.

Why organic and muslin?

Organic cotton is not only better for the environment, it’s softer and washes nicer than non-organic cotton. We use cotton that is grown organically without pesticides and low-impact dyes. Our customers love the unbleached, natural color of our fabrics.

Muslin is soft and warm to the touch while allowing air flow, making it an ideal fabric for babies. It helps regulate temperature, and is the best material for swaddling little ones. I love the cozy feeling of our muslin pillow cases and I can see why babies love our blankets so much!

What makes Bambino Land unique as a brand and company?

I personally create all the patterns on our blankets, and we pride ourselves on having unique, one-of-a-kind designs. A good portion of our customers are repeats and word-of-mouth recommendations. Even though we’re a small company, we love giving customers a variety of choices. Right now we’re currently offering a muslin blanket in over 75 different colors and patterns! Also, we often take customer suggestions—once I had a customer request that I offer white leg warmers so she could tie-dye them. I emailed her back letting her know that white leg warmers would be available within a few months.

Bambino Land helps support a charity in Nepal called Ghar Sita Mutu. The organization is a home for abandoned children and was started by a family friend of mine. Upon hearing the horrific stories about babies rescued from heaps of trash, we wanted to support them as much as we could. So we match donations from customers and donate monetarily on our own twice a year. More info about Ghar Sita Mutu can be found on our website here: http://www.bambinoland.com/charity/

What made you choose zulily to sell your products?

We love working with zulily to showcase our product, reach customers all over the country, and make our products affordable to everyone. We are still a very small company — I used to do all the shipping myself until recently! I really appreciate the partnership we have with zulily.