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Meet the zulily Buyers: Toys, Spring Style, Home Decor Trends and More!

Trying to find that perfect toy that will keep your kids entertained all summer long? At a loss when it comes to keeping your little guy stylish? Our buyers are here with some answers including the must-have item for spring fashion. Meet some of our fabulous zulily buyers: Lindsey Michael (toys), Leah Ochoa (kids’ apparel), Briana Fletcher (women’s apparel) and Amanda Christie (home).


Lindsey Michael, Toy Buyer

What makes a good toy design? 

For me, good design is eye-catching and engaging in a way that allows a person to envision that product in their lives. That combination of quality, functionality and timelessness ensures that the product will last and is worth bringing into your home. For toys specifically, the product must be safe and offer hours of play value.     

What are the top toys this season? 

Right now, it is all about encouraging kids to be active and play outside. Gardening toys like pint-sized wheelbarrows and creature catchers have been popular.  They allows kids to participate and play outside while their parents are gardening next to them. 

What is the new and upcoming product that I should look out for? 

Lottie is an amazing line of 8 ½” dolls that are designed to be anatomically similar to the average nine-year-old girl. Teaching girls to have a healthy body image is front and center on the minds of parents and teachers – now there is finally a doll to model that during playtime.  The dolls are designed in the United Kingdom and just hit the US market this year!


Leah Ochoa, Kids’ Apparel Buyer

Who is your style icon and why? 

I take my inspiration from many different people in my life, my boys being at the top of that list. My 16-year-old came out of his room the other morning with his polo pj bottoms, camo bucket hat and a galaxy-print hoodie and he was ready to go to school. Anyone looking at him would think he just rolled out of bed and threw that together, but he really took the time to put all of these crazy prints together and at the end of the day it worked. He is breaking all the rules and I am loving it. 

How do you buy to please two people: parents and kids?

I am a mother of three unique boys. When I buy for zulily I always think of my boys and ask myself: would my kids wear this? Then I try to offer a happy medium so moms can feel confident buying themand at the same time I try to introduce them to some of the trends that are out there. 

What trends should I look out for?

You will see more and more bright florals and jogger pants for boys. Just like harem pants were hot for girls in spring now it’s come around to boys and it’s a huge trend for the fall season. Bieber watch out! 


Briana Fletcher, Apparel Buyer

What catches your eye when you’re looking for new items or labels? 

When I am looking for new labels, I look for quality combined with originality. That’s something our customers can’t find everywhere else.

What is the new and upcoming trend that I should look out for?  

A trend you can’t miss for spring is a pair of wide-leg trousers/pants. You don’t have to be tall to pull these off, there are so many cute styles out there for all heights. Throw these on with a pair of sandals and  a lightweight sweater or tank and you are all set!


Amanda Christie, Home Buyer

What is the top item for home goods this season?

Box signs with personality and vintage marquee lights continue to be top items in home décor. Small pieces that make a big impact are also a must. For example, a new vase to display your bright, colorful bouquet or a fun throw pillow to add a pop of color to your living room.

What is the new and upcoming trend that I should look out for?

The biggest trends to look out for in home décor are vintage chic, geometrics and bright patterns and mixing and matching material & textures.

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