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Mom Celeb Style (Get the Look): Tori Spelling

I’ve been a fan of Tori Spelling for years - actually, a little over 20 years to be more precise! I was absolutely one of those “Donna Martin” fans from 90210. I’m not sure it would be a good thing or a bad thing, but Tori Spelling has spent her life in the public eye… first with the fame of her father, then with her own fame. I actually never really paid attention to Tori’s style until I became a mother of my own. We both started to have kids right around the same time, and it was sort of one of those times where I looked at her and thought, “Wow… she’s got it down!” And then I started to watch her reality show with her super cute husband and kids, and I have to admit, I fell in love with the family! As much as I often think think that celebrity moms must be out of touch with their children, it’s so wonderfully refreshing to see celebrity moms that aren’t - and Tori Spelling is one of those. She constantly wants to be with her family, and I love how she’s open and honest about the struggles that come along with being a working mom (and now a pregnant working mom for her!).

Tori is currently pregnant with her 3rd baby! She’s already the mom to Liam, 4 and Stella, 3… and is expecting her new little one this fall. I have loved watching her maternity style over the last couple of months because she just absolutely knows how to dress her fuller figure in such a classic, appropriate and beautiful way.

See how you can snag Tori’s maternity look, too! I pulled some photos of Tori that I felt were outfits that could easily be pulled together from your maternity wardrobe, or just by adding a few key pieces in.

I love the easiness of this outfit. You don’t need to have a maternity bikini top, it can be one of your non-maternity ones and any sarong will do!

Love the comfort and ease of this look. Grab a fabulous silk dress and just add a belt!

Grab a basic maternity tank and pair with a gorgeous flowing skirt and a beaded necklace. Very classic and a fantastic look for the summer!

Yellow is the HAUTE color of the season! Grab a fabulous yellow dress, sleeveless, long-sleeved, mini, maxi… whatever you want to work with!