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the newbie: Meals for Tots


By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

I always wondered why parents seem to carry around Goldfish and string cheese for snacking. I thought I’d be the one with healthy carrot sticks and avocados, which do make it into my bag sometimes but are usually eschewed for the above-mentioned crackers and cheese.

Snacking issues aside, at 18 months, I can’t complain too much about June’s eating habits. She generally will at least taste what we put in front of her, and she even likes things like whitefish and Indian food.

But truly, on most days it’s a struggle to get a vegetable onto her plate (they usually end up on the floor after a bit of head shaking and a dramatic hand thrust of “No!”). I’ve been trying the puree route and sneaking, for example, pureed cauliflower into her pasta sauce—she loves tomato sauce. And I’ve also had some luck with broccoli in her mac and cheese.

But then I’ll see an instagram photo of a friend’s baby chewing on a whole beet, and I’m like, “How does that happen?”

I’d love to hear about any favorite recipes—with puree tricks or without—that other parents use to get that balance of veggies into the day.

Anybody willing to share?