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the newbie: Sick!

By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

I don’t know how many times I’ve knocked on wood when I’ve said, “June has never gotten sick!” but I must have missed one, because she’s congested and snotty and coughing up a storm of phlegm this week.

I know it’s normal, but it’s also heartbreaking to hear your little baby cough, right? Maybe I’m a wimp. In any case, the worst part is that, at 14 months, she doesn’t understand that she’s sick, so she’s trying to play and bounce and babble just like any other day. What she really needs is rest, rest, rest, but tell that to a baby who’s on the cusp of walking and can’t hear a beat without clapping and dancing.

We’ve been playing in the bathroom with the hot shower running to help clear up her congestion, we’ve tried a little baby vapo-rub and I’ve even used the snot sucker (June screams and I feel like a medieval torturer). She’s waking up at night, cranky in the day and just generally, well… sick.

I’d love to hear what other moms have done on sick days to encourage rest and recovery. (After June does that, I’ll need a day for R&R of my own!) Thanks, Mamas!