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Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and there’s no time to buy something on zulily, so we asked around the office to get some creative ideas of what you could do for your Mom this Mother’s Day. 

Frame your "My Mom Is…" photo. It’s the best way to your mother’s heart (and to one-up your siblings, if you have any.)

Bake her a cake. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love cake? It’s a thoughtful gift for her and a treat that you and everyone else can also enjoy… talk about a win/win.

Huge balloons. I’m talking HUGE, like borderline ridiculous. These will last weeks, if not months, so it will be a constant reminder of how big your love is for her.

A puppy or kitten. Because… why not? “You’re welcome/sorry, Mom!”

A coupon book. She loves spending time with you, right? Make a book with coupons for free breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, movie night, a foot rub or maybe do her laundry for a change.

A portrait. She loved your artwork when you were younger… channel your inner Picasso and draw or paint something, anything! Maybe she will even hang it on the fridge.

Do an activity together. Paint pottery, go kayaking, check out the Tulip Fields, get manicures and pedicures, have a picnic, get ice cream or froyo, get professional photos on the beach in matching outfits, rent a tandem bike, go rock climbing or check out a spa. So many options out there…

Put your phone down. Just… put it away while you are spending time with her. Give her the gift of time. Unless you’re taking a photo with or of her and uploading it to our “My Mom Is…” page. Then, that’s okay.

Flowers and a card. Obviously. Don’t forget about those “Bacon Bouquets…”

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mother’s out there and thanks for all that you do.

the newbie: I Love 9 Months!

By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

Usually I ask questions or fish for advice, and I’m so appreciate every bit of Mom wisdom that comes my way! It definitely takes a village. But this week, I thought I’d share a few things about Miss June at 9 1/2 months, because it is the most FUN time ever!

♥ This girl has charm in spades. She smiles at friends and bats her eyes, basically turning anyone she sees into a pile of lovey mush.

♥ She’ll eat ANYTHING. June has a huge appetite and she is up for trying all kinds of foods, from sweet potatoes to sardines (seriously!). Her one objection so far: spicy mustard.

♥ She adores her dad. Watching her eyes follow my husband around the room is so sweet—she squeals with delight when he picks her up and tickles her.

♥ The swings! Watching her little legs jerk back and forth in utter glee as we swing her on the playground is one of my new favorite activities.

♥ She makes herself laugh all the time. With a sound, a movement, a silly face in the mirror—this girl is SO INTO herself, and I love it. I hope it never stops.

So what is it about your little one that makes your heart go pitter-pat? Share the love!