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Devon’s Discoveries: Rockabye

Right now, I’ve got these catchy little tunes about ABCs, 123s, and the colors of the rainbow stuck in my head (“the colors of the rainbow, are very good to know.  You see them everywhere you go!”).  Luckily, the songs are sweet because they’ve been playing on repeat in Bean’s room for the last few weeks.

Apparently Bean has reached another developmental milestone.  She’s started climbing on everything—the couch, the dining room chairs, the giant stuffed dog we have, the crib rails, and the adorable stuffed rocker she received as a gift when she was first born.  The rocker is made by a company called Rockabye

The Rockabye is the same concept as a rocking horse, but instead of a miniature wooden horse, it’s a giant stuffed animal.  Bean’s Rockabye is a ladybug named Lu-Lu.  Since Bean has mastered this climbing thing, she’s been giddy-upping on Lu-Lu several times a day.  Once she makes it on board, she usually claps for herself and then pushes one of the four music buttons on Lu-Lu’s cute little stuffed ladybug head.  She tends to hit the first button, a blue circle, the most, so the Rainbow song is played a little more often than the others. Personally, I’m finding I’m partial to the yellow star button, which sings, “I keep rockin’ to this song…” and gets stuck in my head constantly.

The sturdy, cushy Rockabye comes in almost every animal shape imaginable (as well as some non-animal shapes).  If a ladybug is not your little darlin’s cup of tea, there’s a frog, a pirate bug, a dolphin, a monkey, a dog, a baseball and mitt (which I am envisioning looking so cute in a sports-themed nursery), a bumble bee, and many others.  I love fun toys with a great look….especially when they play great tunes!


Devon is a wife (of “DA”), mother of a one-year old (“Bean”), former History professor, and lifelong shopper.  She grew up with a self-proclaimed shop-aholic and sale-aholic mom, so she’s been in training for discovering cool stuff and great deals since she can remember.  Devon lives in Seattle, Washington, where she is mostly okay with the rain but sometimes pines for her hometown in Southern California.  With a little one at home and a crazy life, Devon is all about doing her shopping on the internet and zulily has been a dream come true for her with its variety, value, and quality.