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Get Ready for Summer: Top 5 Essentials

Between a bump in the barometer and days of endless sun, there’s nothing that puts a pep in your step like the anticipation of Summer fun. While Summer might not be here just yet, it’s never too early to prep for warm-weather festivities. From backyard barbecues to soaking up sun by the surf, we’ve gathered together five of our favorite Summer essentials to get you out the door and enjoying the sun in style.

1. Tote


From the beach to the farmers market and everything in between, you need a great tote to carry all your goodies to and fro.

2. Swimwear


Whether is a swim diaper for baby or your favorite polka dot bikini, Summer by the sea is always better with a vibrant swim wardrobe for beachside retreats.

3. Barbecue Accessories

Tis the season for baseball tailgates and backyard cookouts. From heat resistant mitts to tongs and kid proof plates, having an arsenal of barbecue accessories is sure to garner any cook a few smooches.

4. Pool Toys


From lounging poolside under the umbrella or doing cannonballs into the deep end, pool toys just make Summer more fun.

5. Get Fit Gear


With warm weather comes a plethora of outdoor activities to get the whole family up and moving. From state of the art rapid-ready gear to totally zen yoga apparel, summer isn’t complete without a wardrobe that’s ready to get fit.

the newbie: Swimming!

By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

June’s first summer means something very fun: Her first pool days! She’s got a cute little bathing suit, complete with daisies and ruffle, and she enjoys the bath now, so we didn’t think she’d fear the water much.

But… she does. Maybe she senses the danger that a pool can pose, maybe she doesn’t like the water temperature, or maybe she just needs to get used to it, but she cries quite a bit when we put her in (holding her, of course). She’s only 11 months old, so the floatie arm things won’t work yet, but we’re thinking of trying to find some sort of floating bathing suit.

Of course, one day soon we’ll want to sign her up for some swim lessons, but maybe that’s next summer, when she’s two? I have no idea what age is right for this!

I would love to hear from any parents who have a great way to introduce a baby to swimming. It will be fun to see her turn into a little fish with no fear.

Our favorite trend of them all and perhaps the most popular trend of the season in kids wear right now is being called "Urban Jungle." Your wild one is sure to stand out with this fierce style. Check out some items and brands on zulily today that aren’t afraid of a little street jungle:

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