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5 Hacks to Make Travel with Little Ones Easier

Whether you’re traveling across the country or just taking a trip to the park, traveling with your little one is always an adventure. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite hacks, tips, ideas and products to make this adventure just a little easier for you. 

1. DIY Travel Chalk & Magnet Board  

Sunny with A Chance of Sprinkles shows us how you can use a basic cookie sheet, letter magnets and some chalk to create a canvas for your little one’s masterpiece. Added bonus, these magnetic pieces won’t end up on the floor of your car.  


2. Label Outfits in Baggies 

This great idea comes from Just a Girl and Her Blog. It’s an easy way to make getting dressed while traveling easy. You can label each bag with your child’s name and note any special occasions to avoid fashion fiascos while on vacation. 


3. A Stroller Fit for Flying 

We all know how frustrating it can be to have to check your stroller at the gate while flying.  Having a stroller that can fold up to fit in the overhead compartment…well that is just a dream come true. The Nano Protect Travel System from Mountain Buggy offers a lightweight stroller that does just that. Today, zulily will be the first to launch the Protect Infant Car Seat component of the travel system.


4. DIY Portable Lego Kit 

This DIY Lego Kit from Fun at Home With Kids is small enough to fit in your purse, and a great source of entertainment for your toddler while waiting at a restaurant or for a doctor’s appointment. The puzzles are simple and the combinations endless. It comes with 24 Free Printable Activity cards.


5. DIY Snack Containers 

Got extra liquid coffee containers? Stock Piling Moms show us that these are ideal for bringing snacks anywhere on the go. Whether they are keeping them in their backpacks or leaving them in the cup holders in the car, your kids will love pouring their favorite treats from these recycled bottles. 


Top 5 Year-Round Vacation Destinations

Summer is finally here! The kids are out of school, the pool is calling your name, and a much deserved vacation is in sight. But when work, weather, and the kids are unpredictable, it can be hard to decide on the best time and place to travel in the summer.

So, to make life a little easier, we have compiled a list of our 5 favorite family getaways perfect for any time of year. No matter the season, these trips are perfect for any family!

And to get everything you need to make travel with the family fun and easy, head over to zulily.

Relax on a beach in the Hawaiian Islands

Why we love it?

No matter the time of year, everyone loves a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. You and your family can sunbathe and build sandcastles on the beach, snorkel through the crystal clear waters, or go for a breath-taking bike ride around any of the islands. The world-famous Hawaiian surf season takes place in the winter, so from November through March you and your family can check out the professionals catching waves nearly 30ft high!


Soak up the sun in San Diego, CA

Why we love it?

With temperatures resting between the high 60s and low 70s all year round, San Diego offers you and your family the perfect escape from the humid summers or the frigid winters. No matter what time of year, you’ll never be bored. You can learn to ride the waves in family surf sessions, swing by the world famous San Diego Zoo to see over 4,000 animals, or make a trip to Lego Land to check out a 34 foot long dinosaur made entirely of Lego bricks. To top it all off, you can end the day relaxing and watching the sun go down at one of the many beach-side restaurants!


Explore the mountains in Park City, UT

Why we love it?

Park City is nestled between three ski and snowboard resorts, making it the perfect setting for both winter and summer fun. During the holiday season, families can hit the slopes 7 days a week. But don’t worry, if you are new to the mountain, all the resorts offer lessons for kids and adults! Once the snow melts in the summer months, families can slide down the Alpine Slide, zip line across the mountains, hike on the countless trails, or horseback ride through the hills.


Rent a cabin in Lake Tahoe

Why we love it?

Lake Tahoe is one of the world’s greatest vacation destinations. Whether it’s skiing at Heavenly or Squaw Valley Resorts, kayaking in the shimmering waters of Emerald Bay, or hiking the trails of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tahoe will keep you and your family entertained. So, no matter the season, treat your family to a special vacation in the mountains this year, we promise you’ll fall in love with it!


Take a Cruise…Anywhere!

Why we love it?

What makes a cruise vacation so much fun is that you can take your family anywhere you want any time of year; it is the perfect customized vacation! In the summer months, you and your family can sail off to Alaska to explore the stunning glaciers and even learn to dog sled.  During the cold season, you can hop on board a cruise to the Caribbean or take a trip to the Galapagos.  Cruises offer countless onboard and shore activities, so that you and your family can create the vacation of your dreams. 


the newbie: Tips for Traveling Overseas with a Baby

By Melissa Walker, who can also be found blogging at melissacwalker.com

We’re back from a 10-day trip overseas with June! It was intense, but awesome. Here are a few tricks I tested (I’ll leave out the ones that didn’t quite work!):

  1. Flight attendants are your friends. Find the nicest one and share a “What can you do?” smile when the baby cries, because she will! Our lovely attendant (the same one on both flights!) brought us airline-themed toys and games to distract June, and they worked, for at least half an hour.

  2. Let go of the first day. When you change time zones, babies get all kinds of kooky. We let June sleep at will on that first day, then got her back on wake-up and nap schedules on day two. By day three, we were all set!

  3. Be sensitive to her perceptions of this “new place.” We noticed that June was having fun, but there were times when she looked a little freaked out or worried while meeting someone new—she met LOTS of new people on this trip. Her dad and I made a point to spend at least half an hour each day where it was just the three of us hanging out as a family, to help her feel more secure.

  4. Bring familiar items. We brought her pacifier, sheets from her pack-n-play (they smell like her detergent), her white noise machine and her favorite sleep sack. Bedtime felt like home, and that made everyone happy!

We had a really fun trip, and hope for more (though I may go for a shorter flight next time).

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