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Our favorite trend of them all and perhaps the most popular trend of the season in kids wear right now is being called "Urban Jungle." Your wild one is sure to stand out with this fierce style. Check out some items and brands on zulily today that aren’t afraid of a little street jungle:

  • Adventurous styles
  • Vibrant colors 
  • Exotic patterns
  • Street wear and urban silhouettes
  • Rich wildlife graphics

Let your little one travel the world through their clothes!

Nostalgia at it’s best.  This spring, kids wear takes a turn to the past.  The patterns, the games, the books, the lifestyle.  Think back to when you were a kid.  Or, even better, when your parents were.  Once you’re there, explore what life was like as a youngster, immerse yourself in it, and then bring that home for your little one. 

Check out some items and brands on zulily today that remind us of Retro Play:
  • Nostalgic patterns
  • Vintage colors 
  • Mathematical and scientific inspiration
  • Constructional imagination
  • Simple shapes and clean lines

What item do you miss most from your childhood?