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"First Time Mom:" What Rules Flew Out the Window With #2?

I was in the market last night waiting in line to check out. There were 2 women in front of me at the same cart, and a woman in front of them with her cart, sleeping newborn along for the ride.

[caption id=”attachment_3600” align=”alignright” width=”350” caption=”William and Me - January 2005”][/caption] As the woman with the infant was checking out, she dropped her pocketbook on the ground and everything fell out… everything! I felt so bad for her - she looked frazzled as it was, trying to get in and out of the market without waking her sleeping baby, and just wanted to be done with the whole checkout “thing.” I remember those days all too well. As she went to pick up a toy and a binkie that feel out of her pocketbook, she opened her diaper bag and took out a Ziploc bag to put the toy and binkie in… that was when I heard the 2 ladies in front of me laugh and one leaned in to say to the other, “First time mom.”

This was said with a smile of endearment… and I smiled thinking back to the days of being a first time mom. Oh, man… was I different!

As I was driving home, I started thinking about all the things I used to do differently when I was just a “First Time Mom.” It made me smile to talk them through with my husband…

1. I used to boil William’s bottles after I put them through the dishwasher because I was so worried about germs!

2. I never, ever, ever went inside one of those “indoor playspaces” because I was so scared of William getting germs from the other kids. (Now we’re regulars!)

3. I actually bought clothes per his exact size. I’m not kidding Henry (my 4th) is walking around with a 4T shirt on, 3T pants and Ben’s undies.

4. I signed William up for every mom and me class under the sun. I wish I had the time to do that now, but with 4 kids… we do united things.

5. I was afraid to start him on baby food. I think I held off till he was 9 months!

6. I was afraid to have him sleep without a night light, just in case he woke up… I didn’t want him to be scared.

7. We had something called a routine. LOL… !

And the list goes on and on…

Tell me, what was something you did the First Time Around that you haven’t been able to do again?