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The search for ideal children’s products started when I was pregnant with my first daughter. During that pregnancy, I read the book Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home by my co-founder Christopher Gavigan and learned about toxic chemicals in everyday products like baby shampoo, diapers, home furnishings and household cleaners. Of course, I was shocked and upset.  So, I spent hours researching products and trying to shop around the problem—even shopping in Europe, Canada, and Australia. I’d pay more money for the products in beige packaging only to get home and find out the natural diapers I just bought still had ingredients in them I was trying to avoid.  And the few products that were safer never seemed to work as well as I needed. It was beyond frustrating.

As a mom, I knew I had the responsibility to give the best to my daughters. I also knew I wasn’t the only mom that felt this way. Busy parents have enough to worry about; they don’t need to be consumed with the thought of toxins in everyday basics, and they don’t have the time (or a chemistry degree!) to research every single ingredient.  Modern moms want and need products that can tackle the dirty jobs, while still looking beautiful when displayed on the counter—all from one trusted source.

imageThat’s why I put my head together with Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee, and Sean Kane.  We all shared the same concerns about creating safe and healthy homes for our children and knew there needed to be a brand that actually cared about people and the planet above profits. So, we created The Honest Company to redefine the family brand. All of our products from diapers to shampoo to laundry detergent are unquestionably safe, natural, and non-toxic so you can put your mind at ease when you use an Honest product at home.

The Honest Company and I are excited to partner with zulily and give children a better, safer start by delivering the best family essentials to your doorstep.

Have fun shopping!

Jessica Alba

Celeb Bump Style (Get the Look): January Jones

January Jones is one of those stars popping up more and more in the media, and she’s FABULOUS! It’s funny, when I recently went to get my hair done, my stylist told me that more people are asking for her hair color than any other celebrity! I’m telling you, there’s not any other way to describe her, I just adore her and her style.

Recently, January has announced her pregnancy. There’s been a lot of media attention around her pregnancy because she hasn’t publicly named the father, so everyone seems to be on pins and needles to find out his identity. As a fellow mom, all I have thought about her pregnancy is how amazing she looks! She exudes beauty and that pregnancy glow that not many people are blessed enough to get! She just looks beautiful. Not to mention, she rocks the maternity fashion to perfection.

So how can one get January Jones’ style?

Here are a few different looks and the pieces you need to pull it off. I wanted to find pieces that wouldn’t be too difficult to get… and I also wanted to find pieces that you may already have! Have some fun with January’s looks!

Grab January’s relaxed week look…

Airy and breezy look…

Easy on-the-go look…

Denim look…

Stunning beach look (my fave!)…

Which look is your favorite?

the newbie: Do I Want a Doula?

I’m grateful to you guys for the words of belly love on my last post, “Does this pregnancy make me look fat?” Your comments definitely made me feel less alone, and they also helped me focus on the two “H” words that kept coming up “happy and healthy”—thanks for the perspective.

This week, I’m attending the final class in the six-week birth class I’m taking, and I have something to admit: I’m terrified of giving birth. I guess that’s a normal feeling, but after hearing from my midwife this week (week 35!) that “the baby’s head has dropped,” I’ve started thinking about my uterus being “locked and loaded” for delivery. Ack!

I’m delivering in a hospital, but I’m considering having a doula by my side, because I’m the type of person who’ll want to know what’s going on minute-to-minute, and because I want someone who’s seen the birth process a LOT to reassure me that what I’m going through is normal. But I worry about stepping on the nurses’ toes, or feeling like I just want it to be me and my husband in the delivery room because, you know, having a baby is kind of a private thing.

I’m also not going by a strict “birth plan” or anything especially specific, and I’m definitely planning on going with the flow in terms of an epidural (my guess is that I’ll want one). So I don’t need the doula as a natural childbirth coach, necessarily, but I just think I might feel more comfortable with an expert by my side (in addition to my husband, whom I’m sure will be super supportive and who has promised not to bring his iPad).

But on the issue of “needing” a doula, I’m torn. So I wonder:

Does anyone have an experience—positive or negative—with a doula or birth coach that they’d like to share? Is it an unnecessary expense, or a helpful and reassuring part of the first-baby process?

My zulily LOVE today: Simply Been

When I first had my son William, I searched high and low for beautiful, tasteful and elegant personalized jewelry that I could wear in honor of my son. Fashionable, personalized jewelry… that was my wish. I couldn’t find anything that suited my fashion sense and my budget!

Now with 4 sons, I desire even MORE to wear jewelry that celebrates my sons and motherhood. My sons are my life, so I love any way that I can always have them with me… even if it’s wearing their names on a necklace or a bracelet. When you become a mom… enjoying and celebrating motherhood is a beautiful thing!

So… you can IMAGINE my delight when I saw the Simply Been sale going on today on zulily.

I have a piece of their jewelry already and I absolutely ADORE them! They offer the most special items that are high quality and keepsakes for ever and ever and ever. I especially love knowing that Simply Been was created by two moms, Kacie Marsh and Kristin Fey! Their unique personalized jewelry is just fabulous. But the most meaningful of all is how the named Simply Been came to be… the brand is named after Kacie Marsh’s son, Benjamin, who only lived for seven and a half hours. Kacie is thankful for those precious hours. She and Kristin started the company to honor him. They say, “His life was … simply beautiful. Simply perfect. He is … Simply Been.”

I wanted to share this sale with you all today because these types of sales embody motherhood… in many ways.

Today there’s an incredible offer, so go check it out!


So enjoy some Simply Been… !

Style Alert: The “It” Summer Sandals for Girls

Being a mom of boys, one would think I may not be up on the fashion sense of girls. Well, I’m happy to report that being an auntie of 2 girls has its perks - and those definitely come in the opportunity to go shopping with my nieces, Taylor and Madison. Being the fashion mom blogger that I am, it always fascinates me to see what kinds of things are trending each season, some fade with the season and then there are trends that just take off and rocket sky high!

So let’s talk some shoes! Every girl loves shoes (and that love doesn’t go away either!). There are so many different options out there right now for girls, but there are some that have totally clinched their role as one of the “it” summer sandals for girls.

Here’s 5 of them…

1) Jeweled Sandals

Both of my nieces just got a pair of sandals like these! If you remember, these were VERY haute last summer for women. Well, they’ve made their way back this summer but for the little ladies in our lives! I personally love the chicness and style to them, they’re very trendy and can easily be worn with shorts, skirts, dresses and capris! If you have a fashionista in your life, grab these!

2) Bow it UP!

Bows! They are absolutely a perfect addition and feature to any summer sandal right now. I love the sweetness factor it adds to the sandal, it’s cute and classic. Bow sandals may be better for the younger ladies, but still… it’s such a trendy look and a fun way to dress up a pair of summer sandals.

3) Floral Touch

I have been talking about flowers and how trendy they are this summer season, well… the girls have them, too! Just as the bow is a simple touch to fashionize up a pair of summer sandals, so is a flower! I just love the look and it works so well for a young girl. I love to tell moms to wear their floral sandals everywhere! Have some fun showing them off! And girls… go for it, too!


Jelly sandals are one of my most favorite styles for girls. I love them because they’re super FUN and (honestly) remind me of when I was a little girl. I used to LOVE my Jelly shoes! They were perfect for the summer because they were lightweight and waterproof - just the exact kind of sandal you want to be sporting!

5) Peace Signs

Last summer it was hearts, this summer it’s peace signs! There’s something very cool and boho about sporting the peace sign on your shoes! I’ve been seeing SO MANY of these sandals and I just love the look. It’s laid back and super cute and very cool. Look for a pair of these and wear them proud!

So enjoy some summer sandals that give some trendiness and chicness to your little girl’s wardrobe! Most important… keep her feet nice and cool and comfy!

BONUS!: Check the Me Too Shoes sale on zulily today. Adorable girls’ shoes featuring the trends above!

Mom Celeb Style (Get the Look): Tori Spelling

I’ve been a fan of Tori Spelling for years - actually, a little over 20 years to be more precise! I was absolutely one of those “Donna Martin” fans from 90210. I’m not sure it would be a good thing or a bad thing, but Tori Spelling has spent her life in the public eye… first with the fame of her father, then with her own fame. I actually never really paid attention to Tori’s style until I became a mother of my own. We both started to have kids right around the same time, and it was sort of one of those times where I looked at her and thought, “Wow… she’s got it down!” And then I started to watch her reality show with her super cute husband and kids, and I have to admit, I fell in love with the family! As much as I often think think that celebrity moms must be out of touch with their children, it’s so wonderfully refreshing to see celebrity moms that aren’t - and Tori Spelling is one of those. She constantly wants to be with her family, and I love how she’s open and honest about the struggles that come along with being a working mom (and now a pregnant working mom for her!).

Tori is currently pregnant with her 3rd baby! She’s already the mom to Liam, 4 and Stella, 3… and is expecting her new little one this fall. I have loved watching her maternity style over the last couple of months because she just absolutely knows how to dress her fuller figure in such a classic, appropriate and beautiful way.

See how you can snag Tori’s maternity look, too! I pulled some photos of Tori that I felt were outfits that could easily be pulled together from your maternity wardrobe, or just by adding a few key pieces in.

I love the easiness of this outfit. You don’t need to have a maternity bikini top, it can be one of your non-maternity ones and any sarong will do!

Love the comfort and ease of this look. Grab a fabulous silk dress and just add a belt!

Grab a basic maternity tank and pair with a gorgeous flowing skirt and a beaded necklace. Very classic and a fantastic look for the summer!

Yellow is the HAUTE color of the season! Grab a fabulous yellow dress, sleeveless, long-sleeved, mini, maxi… whatever you want to work with!