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10 Best Press On Nails: Trends & Tips For Spring.

10 Best Press On Nails: Trends & Tips For Spring.

The weather has finally warmed up and it’s time to trade in those jackets and boots for sun dresses and sandals! Spring brings a whole new vibe, and that means new styles and new accessories. In addition to fashion changing with the season, so does beauty! So, it’s time to rethink your hair styles, makeup, skincare, and nails.

Press on nails are making a huge splash in the beauty world right now, and for good reason. Most press-on DIY manicure kits come with more than enough sizes to choose from (and lengths, if you want long nails) and a sticky underside that stays put for a lot longer than those old school glue-on ones (we have come a long way from plain-old “fake nails”). Plus, these can be filed down just like regular nails, so you can opt for whichever nail shape and length you prefer. Many drugstores now carry this DIY manicure option, but press-ons can also be found online for a manicure that looks just like gel nails.

Press on nails are SO easy to apply at home, allowing you to skip an expensive trip to the nail salon. This will save you time and money! Not only is application super easy, but it takes barely any time at all. So, even if you only have 10 minutes between Zoom calls or diaper changes, you’ll be able to change up your nails for a whole new, refreshed look!

Here are the 10 best press on nail trends for spring that will hopefully inspire you to embrace this new DIY manicure method! Plus, some tips for at-home application from someone who has done it a million times already!

10 Best Press On Nails For Spring 2021

1. Animal Print

Animal print like leopard print and zebra stripes have been around and trendy for decades, but this spring, think animals prints like cow spots, multicolor giraffe spots, and snakeskin! Whether it’s an accent nail, or all 10 nails, this press on nail trend is here to stay!

2. Alternative French

Say goodbye to a boring French manicure, and hello to a trendy alternative French mani! Try a French manicure with neons rather than white, or floral or gemstone accents.

3. Florals

“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” The Devil Wears Prada quote holds true today, as florals are transforming each season. This spring, try abstract florals on each nail, or floral embellishment with clear negative space for a modern look.

4. Femme Line Drawings

Femme line drawings are making a huge appearance in both the fashion and beauty world. Abstract minimalist lines embracing the feminine face and figure are super popular right now, and can make for a very unique pattern on your press on nails.

5. Marble Pastels

Marbling has been an elegant, classic trend for a few years now, but for this spring, think marble pastels for your press on nails manicure. Pastel pinks, blues, greens, and yellows will spice up a marble manicure in a fresh, girly fashion.

6. Matte Pastels

Like marbling, matte manicures have been around for a while, and are great for a classic, understated look. For spring, embrace matte press on nails in fresh, fun pastels.

7. Nature Inspired

As the cherry blossoms bloom and the trees finally return to lush green, take a look around for inspiration for your spring mani! Florals, clouds, leaves and waves can bring a fun, nature-inspired feel to any press on nails manicure.

8. Negative space

One of the hottest trends in the nail world right now is clear, negative space. While that might not sound too exciting, geometric negative space paired with colors or embellishment is a very trendy way to mix up your basic manicure.

9. neutrals colorway

In the past year, painting each nail a different color to create a colorway has become really popular. For spring, using neutrals to create a simple yet elegant colorway is a gorgeous, classic look.

10. Watercolor Inspired

Similar to marbling on press on nails, watercolor is an increasingly popular trend on the manicure scene. Think spring colors like blues, greens and pinks swirled around to create a watery, serene look on your press on nails!

Tips For DIY Press On Nails Application At Home

  • Clean your nails thoroughly before application to get the best results.
  • Push and trim your cuticles before application for a clean, fresh look. Apply cuticle oil after applying the press on nails for healthy-looking nails.
  • Removal will not damage natural nails, but can be a little painful if they are super sticky. Take your time with removal!
  • Because press on nails will not damage your natural nails, you can change up your look as much as you want!
  • There are so many color and design options out there on the market—don’t be afraid to express yourself!!

Skip the salon, save some money and embrace the at-home DIY press on nails manicure this spring! Check out this post for more DIY manicure ideas and nail care tips.

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