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10 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids Under 10

10 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids Under 10

There’s a special kind of fun that comes with helping little kids choose a Halloween costume each year. After all, for kids under 10, Halloween is particularly magical. Halloween costumes are a way to showcase their creativity and interests front and center. 

To help with some inspiration for this year’s costume at your house, I’ve rounded up 10 Halloween costume ideas for kids under 10. No matter what route you take costume-wise, I hope this Halloween is full of wonder, imagination, and – of course – lots of delicious candy.

Happy Halloween! Children in carnival costumes on multicolor background.

1. Pencil

For this easy, DIY costume, start with an all yellow base (pants and a top, or a dress for a little girl), and then grab some a large party hat, construction paper, double stick tape, and scissors to make the hat (a.k.a. the point of the pencil). You’ll need yellow, cream, and black paper, and cut one edge of the black paper in a zig-zag shape. Then tape the three pieces of paper around the hat to form a pencil’s point, and your little one will have a Halloween costume that’s too CUTE for school!


If your child wants to be a superhero for Halloween, you can suggest they be their OWN superhero instead of one that already exists. After all, there will already be lots of little Batmans and Supermans out trick-or-treating this year. But your kiddo can use their imagination to create their OWN superhero. What powers will their superhero have? What will their costume look like? You can help them decorate a cape to represent their unique superhero, and pair it with some super fun shoes or boots and maybe a mask for their eyes as well. It’s bound to be a Halloween costume that will get tons of attention!


This is an especially great Halloween costume if your child has a pair of beloved rain boots (like my 4-year-old daughter does). Pair those rain boots with black pants or leggings and a black shirt, then use a party store hat with a wide brim (something like a sombrero or cowboy hat) as the base of your cloud. Cover the hat in polyester batting (using spray glue to adhere it) and then attach felt “rain drops” to the hat using pieces of string in varying lengths. It’s SUCH an adorable Halloween costume idea for a child under 10!

4. ALFALFA FROM little rascals

Your little boy will look adorable in this easily recognizable look that comes together so easily. Dress him in dress pants, a white button-up, a bow tie, and suspenders, then use hair gel to create that quintessential Alfalfa hair style. (This is a fun costume, too, because if your child hasn’t seen Little Rascals you can watch the movie together beforehand!)

5. sports player

What’s your child’s favorite sport, either to play themselves or to watch? You can suggest they dress up as a player of that sport! If they already play, you likely have lots of the accessories on hand. If not, it’s nothing a thrift store run can’t fix, or you can also consider borrowing a few items from a friend or neighbor whose child does play that sport.

Happy Halloween! Children in carnival costumes on multicolor background.


This no-sew Halloween costume comes together easily! Dress your child in brown pants and an orange, yellow, or red shirt, then make some felt logs flames and attach them to your kiddo’s waist. Top off the look with a stick with a marshmallow on the end, and your outdoor-loving child is all set for trick-or-treating!


A white, gray, or silver outfit (pants/leggings and a shirt) are the perfect base for this Halloween costume. You’ll also need a clear umbrella and white streamers or ribbon to staple to the umbrella to create the tentacles for the jellyfish. You can level it up with some battery-powered lights you can weave in underneath the umbrella as well to create even more whimsy with this fun Halloween costume for kids under 10!

8. flamingo

Do you have a pink-loving child at your house? This flamingo Halloween costume might be right up their alley! Dress them in all pink, add a feather boa for feathers and flair, and create a flamingo head using a pink hat and some black and white felt (for the eyes and beak).

9. farmer

You can’t ever go wrong with classic Halloween costume like this one, and a kiddo in overalls and a flannel is so easy to pull together! Add a hat and a bandana around their neck for bonus points, and you can give them something like a piece of corn to carry around as an adorable prop, too.

10. pineapple

This one is similar to the pencil Halloween costume at the top of this list in that you also start with an all-yellow base. The hat is different, though, obviously. This one needs to be a green pineapple top! You can use felt or construction paper to create the look, making it into a crown-like band that can be worn around your child’s head.

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