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100 Reasons We Love Mrs. Claus

100 Reasons We Love Mrs. Claus
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Zulily wanted to take this holiday moment to thank every Mom for the thousands of things she does to prepare for Santa’s big day every year… and especially this year.

Our story below is just the beginning of the hundreds of ways the Mrs. Clauses in each of our lives make the holidays special. Of course, there are *snow* many more! 

She begins with holiday decorating, 

Indoors and out – and such sweet baking! 

She makes gingerbread houses and cookies galore, 

Then wraps lovely presents to leave at friends’ doors. 

row of snowflakes

She takes our picture in matching pajamas 

And sends holiday cards to our grandpas and nanas. 

From helping kids write to Santa and trimming the tree, 

To playing holiday music, she’s one busy bee.

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She can name every reindeer, her memory’s divine. 

And that Elf on the Shelf? Well, she keeps him in line! 

On Christmas Eve, she hangs our stockings,  

Then reads holiday stories until we start yawning.  

row of snowflakes

Did we forget treats for those busy reindeer? 

Of course, Santa’s great helper has carrots right here. 

Once again, our dear Mrs. Claus saves the day. 

Now everything’s ready for Santa and his sleigh. 

Read our list aloud, to your kids or simply to yourself, because it’s the time of year to count the ways we love our Mrs. Claus. We’ve got fresh ideas for celebrating. And we wish you joy as we head into 2020’s one-of-a-kind holiday season.

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