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Easter Eggs Worth Searching For

Easter Eggs Worth Searching For

Looking for ideas to decorate Easter eggs in 2021? Check these quick, easy & creative DIY ideas from Zulily to make your Easter Eggs look beautiful and fun. Try them now!

Whether you’re avoiding store-bought Easter egg dye because of the mess, the artificial colors, or you just cant find them in your local shop, there are many other creative ways you can decorate your Easter eggs. Take a look around your kitchen – you likely already have several things on hand you can use to make natural egg dye. Explore your craft kits for other inspiration stashed in your art supplies. Even day-to-day items can be repurposed to decorate Easter eggs with a little bit of thoughtful creativity!  

The tradition of decorating Easter eggs is fun for the whole family, even adults can try their hand at some new designs. This is an excellent activity for a cold or gloomy day, giving your family something creative to do indoors. But, if it is sunny outside, you can decorate eggs in your yard or even the park to mitigate the mess that may ensue. Whether you want to go full-on Fabergé or keep it fun and simple, here are some ideas for decorating Easter eggs without store-bought dye kits, plus a recipe for making natural dyes at home.  


Unicorn Eggs

Turning your Easter eggs into unicorns will get everyone excited! The easiest way to create a unicorn egg is to buy pre-made tiny unicorn horns and flowers, and simply glue them on the eggs. But, you can also make all the elements at home with craft supplies. The horn can be made from clay and painted, or you can just use gold paper, cut into a semi-circle and rolled into a horn. Decorate the top of the egg, with felt flowers or rhinestones, and tuck two pink ears on either side of the horn. Use a thin black marker to draw on eyes, and you’re done! 


Chalkboard Eggs

For kids that get bored easily, paint your Easter eggs with chalkboard paint and keep chalk handy, so you can re-decorate your eggs every day. Use black chalkboard paint for a classic look, or use pastel chalkboard paint for a Spring take on the design.  


Glitter Eggs

If you are thinking about making glitter Easter eggs, you should start with planning your mess-prep so the glitter doesn’t end up conquering your home. You can create fully glittered eggs by painting the top half with a thin glue or decoupage medium, placing the egg in a small, disposable cup with the glue-side up, and pouring glitter over the egg. Once it dries, repeat with the other half of the egg. To create a base layer of color, try adding food coloring to your glue medium instead of painting for a perfectly imperfect look.  


Decoupage Eggs

Use any paper scraps you have on hand to decoupage beautiful and creative Easter eggs. Hunt around for disposable napkins leftover from a birthday party or wrapping paper in pretty colors. Even the comics from the newspaper works! Paint the Easter egg with mod podge and then start applies small pieces of paper to the egg, careful to follow the curves of the egg. My favorite decoupage Easter egg decorating idea is to print out family photos and use those pictures to decoupage onto your eggs for a sentimental design.  


Marker Eggs

Using markers to decorate your Easter eggs is easy, nearly mess-proof, and readily available. Simply use markers to draw on any design you like, with far more accuracy than paint. If you’re looking to get creative, try creating an abstract art-style Easter egg design by using a black marker to trace intersecting, curlicue lines on a white egg, then color in some of the different sections with your markers.  


Backyard Eggs

Use elements from your own yard to create nature-inspired Easter eggs, gluing on leaves, flowers, and grass to make your own natural design. This egg idea is perfect before an Easter egg hunt for older kits, as these backyard eggs will be harder to find outdoors than the bright plastic Easter eggs.  

Create Your Own Natural Egg Dyes

Creating Easter egg dye at home is easier than you think! Whether you are trying to keep artificial dyes out of your home or just want to try DIYing your Easter egg dye, it only takes a few simple steps.  

  1. Boil 1 quart of water and two tablespoons of white vinegar on the stove.  
  2. Add your dye ingredients:
    For pink dye, use chopped beets
    For blue dye, use red cabbage
    For orange dye, use onion skins 
  3. Simmer for about thirty minutes and then let cool. 
  4. Strain out your ingredients and then add eggs to soak in the mixture. The longer you let the eggs soak, the deeper the color will be.  

We hope you enjoy yourself today and keep checking back for ongoing tips, guides and great shopping!

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