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15 Ways to Update Your Living Room Décor

15 Ways to Update Your Living Room Décor
Living room with throw pillow and vases

There are so many opportunities to show off your style and personality with your living room décor. If you want your living room to look like a designer home, there are a few easy ways to give your living room décor ideas an update. Here’s a shortlist of some living room design ideas.

By Rina Chandarana, Zardozi Magazine

Light it Up

When the sun goes down, keep your living room décor modern and cozy with ambient lighting. Lamps scattered strategically around the room on side tables and even evenly placed on a television console add a soft touch as you wind down your day.

Pillow Talk

Living room décor ideas should always include some pattern power. Accent pillows add color and texture to your sofa. Choose pillows of varying shapes and sizes for extra visual interest and go for hues that complement the color scheme you’ve already got going in your living room décor.

Living room with sitting poofs, coffee table and lamp

Frame it

Framed art and family photographs transform bare walls into personalized museums. To keep a uniform look, go with frames of the same color or style, to let the content inside the frame really be the center of attention. A gallery wall is a simple DIY wall décor for living room that’s easy to do.

Extra Seating

Benches and ottomans not only fill extra space in larger living room, but also serve as additional seating space when you have a lot of guests over. When it comes to ottomans, there are plenty of styles and shapes to choose from, ranging from tufted, octagonal, and nailhead accented. Bonus points in your living room designs ideas if you have an ottoman with hidden storage so you can tuck your kids’ toys, blankets or any other little tidbits away, out of sight.

Basket Case

Speaking of storage, baskets can also be a decorative touch that does double duty as storage space tucked under tables. Designing living room plans should always include storage.

Rug Living Room Décor Idea

Wooden floors look chic, but aren’t soft. Add a patterned or colorful rug under your sofas when you are looking at living room décor ideas. The general rule is to pick a rug that reaches under the legs of each sofa. If it’s too small, it can make living room décor look unkempt.

Coffee Time

A weekend DIY living room décor project involves an old coffee table and some paint. If your current coffee table doesn’t fit into your new living room décor, instead of replacing it with a new one, you could also sand, prime, and paint it to give it a new life that fits into your new-looking living room.

Potted Plants

Potted plants

Bring the outside into your living room décor ideas with plants that do well in pots. If you’ve got an empty space, plants cover a lot of ground in a living room corner decoration.  And the pots add to any modern living room décor with such a fun variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from.

Look Up

Ceilings are so often ignored, but they shouldn’t be. Consider a coat of paint on your ceiling only, giving your living room décor a makeover from top to bottom.

Family Heirlooms

Someone’s trash is another’s treasure. Don’t let grandma get rid of that dusty old dresser. A new coat of paint or just a simple wipe down can give an old piece of furniture new life as a television console in your living room décor.

Drape Update

Are your windows just covered in bland blinds? Put up some curtains to add color, texture, and height to your living room decor. A tip: when hanging curtains, make sure the rod is only about two inches below the ceiling to really add height to your room.

Window Watch

Instead of letting your window frames vanish into the decor, why not give them a makeover by painting them a contrasting color to the rest of your living room or adding a decorative trim.

Switch Up

It may seem confusing, but adding night tables in your living room decor is actually a good idea. Here’s why. They are functional, they look nice, and they aren’t as big as tables, but are the perfect spot to top with accessories, books, and lamps.

Mix and Match

Sofas don’t always have to be the same color and style. Mixing sofa patterns, fabrics, and styles can give your living room an eclectic well lived look.

Side Tables

Besides one central coffee table, consider side tables places next to sofas to give your family extra spots to rest their cups and belongings.

Living room inspirations are plentiful, all it takes is a little creativity and a few handpicked accessories to liven up your living room design ideas.

Side table next to blue velvet seat

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