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16 Best Gifts for Moms Anytime of the Year

16 Best Gifts for Moms Anytime of the Year

Moms do a lot, so having just one day a year that we celebrate all that she does year-round just doesn’t seem fair. While we often think of gifts for moms, let’s not forget the grandmothers, stepmothers and those ever-important mom friends that bring us wine and lend a shoulder when we need it the most. For those new moms out there, we wish you a warm welcome to the club!  

We’ve got some awesome gift ideas for mom that can be given any time of the year. Whether it’s her birthday, a new job endeavor or just a normal day at home, we’ve got the goods.  

1. A Simple Card 

This is by far my favorite anytime gift because it’s so thoughtful and totally affordable. A nice, handwritten note to tell a mom she’s appreciated and doing a great job is something we all need to hear. It goes so much further than you can imagine.  

It’s also a gift that you can include some baked treats or a gift card to a place she loves. Perfect for new moms adjusting to newborn life.  

2. Candles

Scents are powerful and are scientifically linked to emotions. They have an amazing way of invoking a feeling of calmness, energy or focus. If you don’t know her favorite smell, pick a neutral favorite like lavender, bergamot or lemon.  

3. Cookbook

Know a mom who developed a baking hobby or has taken up cooking more this past year? A cookbook to celebrate that would be a great gift. Whether it’s family-focused to get the kids involved or learning how to bake sourdough bread, there is a book that any mom would appreciate.  

4. Outdoor Gear 

Encouraging time outdoors is something we could all use. For moms that like to take family hikes or those that need that alone time, outdoor gear is a practical and much-needed gift. Some ideas are a solid backpack, lightweight water bottle, earbuds or windbreaker jacket.  


5. Cozy Slippers 

For moms everywhere this past year, slippers became the new everyday shoe while we were all stuck in quarantine. Gift mom a new pair that can replace her old ones. Pick ones that can be indoor/outdoor with solid arch support. This is a great gift for all moms needing a little extra comfort navigating Zoom class or feeding a baby.  

6. Coffee

That morning cup of joe is an essential order of business as that caffeine is needed to get us through the day. With options like ground or whole bean, flavored or unflavored, light or dark roast, you can’t go wrong. Gift a subscription or find a local roaster and support a small business! 

7. Neck Massager 

Whether it’s looking down at the computer for work or at the little ones running around, your neck is working overtime. I love these neck massagers because most come with heat, can be plugged in anywhere and give that much-needed neck and back massage when a spa appointment can’t happen.  

8. Hand Soap/Lotion

A luxurious hand soap and lotion duo to put in the bathroom would be such a nice, unique gift for moms. It brings a sense of upscale, spa-like feel to a bathroom with baby shampoo and bath toys. Pick ones in pretty glass bottles that smell amazing. Makes a great housewarming gift for moms too!  

9. Sound Machine

This mom gift is usually found on baby registries but let’s not forget the calming effect that white noise has on sleep. We loved the ones we bought for our kid’s room that we went ahead and bought one for ourselves. Sleep has improved and it’s a good way to drown out some of that internal noise that we moms can get at the end of the day.  

10. Houseplant 

A low-maintenance houseplant that is also beautiful to look at and doesn’t take up a lot of space can be a great gift for a mom friend that has a green thumb. Not only does it bring nature in, but some can even purify the air- so it’s kind of a cleaning gift too! 

11. Google Mini/Amazon Echo

These mini gadgets don’t take up a lot of space but can be super helpful, making them great gifts for moms. They can answer questions, set a timer (for when the kids need to get in bed), and even turn on the house lights. It’s a pretty good little assistant to have around when things can get a little crazy.  

12. Pajama Set

After a long day of shuffling kids to school and activities as well as work meetings and errands, the end of the day is much needed and long-awaited. Make that time even more satisfying by gifting a soft and cozy pajama set that moms can’t wait to get into. They deserve the best sleep ever so they can do it all over again tomorrow. 

13. FitBit 

For moms who want to track steps, heart rate and everything else, a wearable tech device might be a fun and unique gift for moms. There are also so many bands that can be fully customizable to her personal style.  


14. Baby Carrier 

Another great gift for moms that are probably already in the registry queue, a baby carrier for new moms would be so appreciated. There are a ton of them out there, and the only way to really see which one works is to try them. I was gifted a wrap carrier and it became my favorite one to hold my baby in. 

15. Cozy Wrap 

A cozy wrap that can put on over leggings and a t-shirt or out to a casual dinner is a wonderful gift that will be so appreciated. Something soft that feels like a warm blanket can be so comforting for a new mom or grandmother. Pick a neutral color that will go with everything.  


16. Fresh Flowers 

Finally, gifting fresh flowers in bright colors can instantly lift a mood, making it the perfect anytime gift for mom. Those mom friends that have been with you since the beginning? A random delivery of beautiful flowers would be so thoughtful.  They require some nurturing, so not the best gift for new moms. 

So the next time you’re out and about and thinking about all the moms in your life (and that includes you!), why not gift them an anytime gift? Whether it’s something for their relaxation, something practical or a gadget that might inspire someone else to make dinner or do the dishes, check out our helpful list. You’ll be sure to make that mom feel appreciated, loved and supported. That’s what moms do, anyways. 

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