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18 Best Christmas Gifts for a Teenage Girl for Her Car

18 Best Christmas Gifts for a Teenage Girl for Her Car

By Janine Clements, 21st Century Mama  

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Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for a teenage girl who is still learning to drive, has just got her license, is going to receive or already has a new (or “pre-owned, new-to-her) car, there are endless possibilities for what you can gift.  

Just like their bedrooms, teens love personalizing their car and see it as an extension of themselves and their personalities, which means they’ll appreciate fun accessories such as a steering wheel cover or an LED light cup holder. But practical items, such as an emergency roadside kit or a handheld vacuum also make excellent gifts. 

We’ve compiled a hand-picked list of unique, fun and practical Christmas gifts for teens for their car.  

1. Steering Wheel Covers

Make driving more fun by getting a fun steering wheel cover as a Christmas gift for a teenage girl. They come in all sorts of cool and unique designs from boho to glam. Our favorites include furry covers that are super soft and come in an array of colors with rainbow, strawberry and rhinestone designs. You can even get handbrake and gear shift covers to match. 

2. LED Light Cup Holders

Color-changing LED light cup holders are the hottest Christmas gifts you can get for teenage girls in 2020. They’ll love adding some ambiance to their cars and there’s no doubt that these will be a hit. 

3. Rearview Mirror Charms

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for a teenage girl, then get a rearview mirror charm for their car. Teen-approved styles include mini macrame succulent plants, dream catchers, and crystal balls. 

5. Key Chains

keychain for her car keys is a fun Christmas gift for any teenage girl. In-demand designs include pompoms, tassels, initial letters and cartoon characters.  

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser for the car is a must-have Christmas gift for a teenage girl in 2020. Not only will a diffuser keep a teen’s car from smelling stinky, but it can also boost their mood. Add an essential oil such as bergamot or tangerine, which keeps one alert and focused, or ylang-ylang or sandalwood, which keeps one calm.  

7. Handheld Vacuum 

A handheld vacuum is the ideal practical Christmas gifts for teenage girls. While they might not use it too often, they can keep it in the trunk and use it on crumbs and spills. We recommend investing in a high-powered car vacuum for the best results.  

8. Rhinestone License Plate Frames 

If you need some ideas for Christmas gifts for a teenage girl who loves to look glam, go for a rhinestone license plate frame. This way, they can add some bling to the outside of the car and dazzle their friends. 

9. Car Headlight Eyelashes

Headlight eyelashes are a unique Christmas gift for a teenage girl. They’ll love being able to add some personality to the outside of the car, not just the inside. There are a variety of different colors and styles available. 

10. Insulated Mugs 

If you’re trying to come up with useful Christmas gift list ideas for a teenage girl, you won’t go wrong with an insulated mug for her car, especially if she loves coffee or other hot drinks.  

8. Purse Hooks

A purse hook is a handy Christmas gift for a teenage girl as it means she won’t have to leave her bag or purse on the seat, only for it to tip over when going around a sharp corner — spilling makeup, loose coins, chewing gum wrappers and any other clutter. 

9. Trash Containers

For another practical Christmas gift for a teenage girl’s car, a small trash can is an essential item as it should hopefully keep the car mess-free (although we know what teens can be like). The best designs are the type you can hang on the back of the seat or place in the footwell.  

10. Seat Covers 

Seat covers are a great way to dress up the inside of a car while also keeping the seats clean. They come in an array of bold colors and cool designs including zebra stripes, cartoon characters and polka dots. 

11. Snow Brushes 

A snow brush is a much more practical solution to removing snow on a car than using a credit card (or hands!) If you get one as a Christmas gift for a teenage girl, they’ll be thankful when they’re late for school and the car is covered in a blanket of snow. 

12. Floor Mats

Floor mats are a cool Christmas gift list idea since they can jazz up the inside of the car yet are very practical, too. They’re available in many different colors and patterns — and can even be monogrammed. 

13. Dashboard Figures

Dashboard figures are fun Christmas gifts for teenage girls. There are so many cute designs to choose from, including: rubber ducks, solar-powered dancing plants, Hawaiian hula girls and Christmas-themed figures like Rudolf. 

14. LED Strip Lights

These are at the top of the list for Christmas gifts for teenage girls for their room in 2020, and now you can get these for cars, too. LED strip lights fit in the footwell and add atmosphere to the interior. Some even work with an app that can be voice-controlled. 

15. Roadside Emergency Assistance Kits 

While a roadside emergency assistance kit might not be as exciting, it’s a useful Christmas gift for teenage girls and essential for them to keep in their car. Kits come with jumper cables, flashlights, first aid supplies, emergency blankets and more. Teaching any teen how to manage a potential emergency is a priceless gift as well. 

16. Drinks Coasters

These useful but also fun car accessories make excellent Christmas gifts for teenage girls. They fit in cup holders and are available in many different styles including glitter, macrame or animal prints.  

17. Key Finders 

If you’re looking for a brilliant Christmas gift for a teenage girl, then a key finder is a great option. There will be no more panicking when they can’t find their car keys and need to get to school. Some may need apps or batteries. 

18. Air Vent Decorations

For a cute Christmas gift for a teenage girl’s car, air vent decorations are the latest thing. In-demand designs include flowers, Christmas-themed decorations, French bulldogs, llamas and hearts. These fun accessories often double as air fresheners. 

No matter which auto accessory gifts you decide to get your teenager, be sure they are placed and maintained correctly so they don’t get underfoot, block visibility or cause distraction. Safety first… and then have fun! 

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