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19 Ideas for Decorating Your Dining Room

19 Ideas for Decorating Your Dining Room

Dining room ideas don’t need to be stuffy and staid. And dining rooms certainly don’t need to be one of those rooms that are tucked away without even being used. These dining room decor and inspiration ideas will make this a room you’ll want to eat in often.

By Rina Chandarana, Zardozi Magazine

Mix it Up

Give old chairs the toss and replace your living room décor with new chairs. But they don’t all have to be matching. The two chairs at the ends of the table can be the same and the remaining can be something different. Just keep the pattern or color scheme similar.


Chandelier Dining Décor

Create a soft ambiance in your dining room design with a pretty chandelier.

 Delicate crystal chandeliers are traditional and classic, while there are others with interesting shapes or shades that add a modern touch.

Themed Table

Depending on the time of year, your ideas for dining room décor can change. In the summer, bring the outside in with pretty flower arrangements and in the winter, look for DIY décor ideas to bring in a festive feeling.

Storage Space

A buffet table can be used to store your finest china and when guests are over, they give extra space to lay out all of the delicious dishes you’ve prepared.

Mixed chairs around a dining table

Half and Half

Instead of wallpaper all over your entire dining room design, try covering the bottom half with wainscotting and the upper half with wallpaper.

Color Code

Choose accessories, paint, and even furniture of different shades of the same color to create a truly unique dining room décor idea. Although the colors will all match, mixing up different textures like fabrics, wood, and other accessories, will keep the dining room décor looking fresh.


Your old chairs may have good bones, but the fabric may have aged. Look for someone locally who can change out the upholstery or do a little research and try this easy DIY for yourself.

Around We Go

Circular dining tables are a modern take on tradition. Plus going round gives you more space to scoot around the table when you need to get another serving.

Table Setting

Look for placemats with unique shapes and colors, leaving your dining decor always ready for its next meal.

Bench It

Place a bench on one side of the dining table, making it easier for little ones to join you for a family meal. Dining rooms shouldn’t be for the big kids.

Mirrored Walls

It sounds like it’s only for the restroom, but wall-to-wall mirrors are a stylish addition to your dining room design ideas too. The large mirrored walls scatter light about during the day and leave an additional twinkle when candles are lit during cozy evening meals.

Old and New

There are no rules when it comes to ideas for dining room decor, so don’t be afraid to keep heirloom pieces mingling among more modern accents.

Extra Extra

When the family gathers around the table, you want to have as much seating as possible, even for some last minute guest. Tuck an extra chair into the corner just in case.

Large Artwork

Choose a big piece of art to hang on the prominent wall of your dining room to go along with your decor theme. Art can speak to your interests or choose a photograph you’ve taken, enlarging and framing it, giving you wonderful memories of a special moment in time.

Under the Rug

A rug, especially under a round dining table is yet another accessory that layers color, pattern, and texture into your dining room design. Plus if you’ve got a wood floor, a rug can keep your feet feeling warm on a chilly night.

Center of Attention

One large centerpiece or two or three smaller ones spread evenly along the middle of the table add visual appeal to your dining room table and also showcase your style.

Choose an Era

Is there a time period you feel more drawn to? Maybe it’s Renaissance, 1960s mod, Art Deco-inspired or even shabby chic. Think about the type of clothes, art, and furniture you tend to gravitate towards and design a dining room around that theme.

Green Thumb

Adding some greenery to your dining room design is one way to freshen the air and bright the outside in. Plants also help us get through the dull winter months, especially when they are in pretty pots that compliment your dining room decor.

Look Up

Ceilings are sometimes ignored, but if yours is a tray ceiling, consider painting that section to add a feeling of being cocooned when you are having a cozy family meal together.

Dining room ideas are plenty. It’s a room where you can easily experiment with different styles, changing them up over time to keep your decor up-to-date.

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