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20 Decorative Flower Vase Ideas

20 Decorative Flower Vase Ideas

Beautiful Affordable Vases for Any Design Style

Looking for an easy piece of decor to add to your space to spruce things up? Try a couple of vases! Flower vases are easy and effortless decor items to add to your home to change the look or to add some color and texture.  

They are fun to decorate with and fun to imagine where in your home you like them best: on a table, countertop, mantle, floor, you name it! 

From seasonal changes to special events, great vase decoration ideas start with the right vase filler. Whether they’re holding a single stem or a full bouquet, vases are always a quick and easy decor idea.  

They are not just a functional piece; they are perfect for accessorizing your home. And with these easy ways to decorate plain vases, you’ll have an extra special accessory for your house in no time.  If you’re looking for a new flower vase idea, you are bound to find one or two that you love here! These are perfect to add to your collection and go with just about every design, style, and budget. Vases also make great housewarming gifts too. 

Ideas for decorating with vases

01. Flowers in a vase

With fresh flowers from the grocery store or your yard. Also consider using faux flowers, twigs or foliage. 

Instead of a full arrangement of cut flowers, do the opposite of what’s expected. Try using just twigs or branches.  

After you have selected the right flowers and fillers then it is time to pick the perfect vase.  

Flowering branches work just as well as bare ones, depending on the vase you have and the kind of look you’re going for.  

02. Stacked on Books on your Coffee Table

One of my favorite ways to display a flower vase is by using a decorative tray, a stack of books and other small elements to decorate the coffee table. 

03. Tucked into a corner on a countertop

I have a set of three glass flower vases. During each season of the year, I change the flowers. From tulips during Springtime, sunflowers during the Fall season, and foliage to spruce things up in between the seasons and holidays. 

04. Clustered together on your mantle or entryway table

Entry ways are one of my favorite places to place a decorative flower vase. It welcomes our guests and brightens up the space. 

Same goes for the mantle. A well decorated mantle showcases those family pictures you display on it.  

05. Filled with season fillers

This is the perfect way to add some decor to your favorite seasons. Like ornaments for Christmas, Easter eggs during Spring, or seashells to remind you about a special trip to the beach with the family. These are just a few ideas for filling your flower vases with things other than flowers. 

06. Decorate with fun colored and patterned masking tape

Grab a few different types of masking tape. Create a fun design or something simple. You don’t have to have any artistic talent to make this look great. Just have fun with it!

07. Wrap it in yarn

For some reason, if you’re a craft-lover, you always have unused yarn lying around or hidden in a drawer. 

And if you don’t, it’s easy to find some great colors on sale at a craft store. All you need to do is choose the color you like with a great shaped vase and wrap it up! 

08. Use some pretty ribbons

Another super easy project to take on; using ribbon to create a design. You may want to overlap different colors or place them strategically in a very specific way. 

Ribbons are great for decorating a vase in a craft room, home office or even the kitchen. It’s playful and fun. And there are so many different ribbon options to choose from. 

09. Store items

Whether you fill them with lemons, seashells or kitchen utensils, you can create beautiful and functional storage pieces using a glass vase for your bathroom, bedroom or living room. They make perfect side table arrangements or centerpieces for special occasions.

10. Glass vase dome

You can create a glass vase dome to cover precious items using a plate underneath as the base. Maybe it’s that pretty succulent you got at a farmer’s market or someone special gifted you. This idea also makes a great item to decorate your table setting like we share here.

11. Bookends

Glass vases work well as bookends. You can fill them or leave them empty; they work well and look great. You can easily update them with different seasonal themes.

12. Wine Corks

You’ve probably collected a bunch of these from dinner parties and date nights or even girl’s nights, so make good use of them! Corks are fun to display in vases and can be quite the conversation piece.

13. Balls of Yarn

Balls of yarn or twine make for a very charmingly rustic display. You can display them as they are or use them to hold plants up. You can also create your own yarn or twine balls very easily, so you can have different sizes depending on your vase. 

14. Coffee Beans

Who knew the humble bean could be so fancy? You can actually go with your regular coffee beans as they are, place a candle on top of it for that true coffee shop vibe. 

15. Flower Vase Filled with Candies and Confections

Here’s a vase filler idea for the next baby shower, engagement party or tea soiree that’s extra sweet. Place decorative bottles and jars filled with colorful candies around the room. Use them as party favors at the end of the event.

16. Fruit Slices

Looking for a great idea for an outdoor event? Cut lemon slices. Start with a wide-mouth glass flower vase. Arrange the lemon slices around the inside of the vase and fill with water. Wildflowers and a burlap ribbon make this vase idea ready for any shindig.

17. Sand Sculptures

Succulents and southwestern looks go hand and hand. Give plants a touch of desert-inspired flair by alternating layers of tiny gray pebbles with layers of turquoise-colored rocks and sand.

18. River Rocks

For a vase filler that brings the feel of a walk by a forest stream indoors, think river rocks. Fill a clear round vase from the bottom to about halfway up, starting with large rocks and ending with smaller ones. Add water and top with a short cluster of colorful woodsy blooms such as camillas or rhododendrons. 

19. Candle holder

Making DIY candle holders out of your flower vases is not only simple but can work for virtually any vase regardless of shape or size. 

Choose your candles based on the shape and size of your vase. If your vase is a larger size fill the base with sand or mini stones to hold the candle in place!  

You can fill the base with any sort of decorative filler you’d like, be it stones, colored glass fragments, or shells!  

Remember, you can also decorate the vase itself with paint or ribbons! 

20. Just Your Vase

Yep, you read that right! If your vase is eye-catching enough, you don’t even need fillers! You can definitely get away with displaying just that.

For this look to work, find a vase with an interesting color or finish. Try using multiple smaller vases as opposed to one big vase for this, it makes for a more striking look as a group. 

This also works with whatever bean you have on hand, but we find the shape and texture of coffee beans to be the most charming. 

We hope you enjoy yourself today and keep checking back for ongoing tips, guides and great shopping!

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