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20 Traditional Easter Desserts Ideas

20 Traditional Easter Desserts Ideas

 Easter is a holiday we really look forward to in my house. I have the fondest memories of my mom and aunt in the kitchen cooking up a storm and my siblings and cousins playing while eating delicious Easter treats. One of our favorite things about Easter is being able to gather with family and have an amazing Easter dinner while keeping the meaning of the day present in our hearts. This year, the celebration of Easter Sunday may be looking different for many of us due to the pandemic but that will not keep us from celebrating a special day while keeping our traditions and remembering fond childhood memories.  

Gathering around the table with a delicious dinner is always amazing, but it’s not Easter without some delicious Easter desserts. 

As you plan for your family’s Easter Sunday lunch or dinner, consider making some of your favorite Easter desserts for your celebration. These easter dessert ideas hold up well in the time between when you make them (likely the night before) and you eat them.

With cakes, cookies, and pies, the Easter Bunny’s gifts won’t be the only thing everyone looks forward to on this celebratory Sunday. 

From traditional coconut pie, to chocolate treats, to some twists on traditional desserts and treats for the day; here are my favorite 20 traditional Easter dessert ideas. Some of them have a fun twists that I have implemented throughout the years. These tasty treats will be an amazing addition to your Easter dinner this year! I still remember the scent of freshly made popcorn I made year after year on Easter Sunday.

20 Traditional Easter Desserts with a Twist

Put an apron on and break out the mixing bowls. It’s time to be inspired by Easter recipes ideas!   

01. Cookies

Bunny, chick or egg-shaped cookies are perfect shapes to bake and decorate for this holiday.

02. Cake

Try an annual bunny shaped cake decorated with icing, coconut, and candies.


03. Hot Cross Bun

Go traditional and serve hot cross buns on Good Friday; they fill the kitchen with spicy, sweet, and fruity aromas! 


04. Pies

Pies are a very common dessert during special holidays and Easter Sunday is no exception. Try this almost no-bake Coconut Pie.


05. Granola with Pie Flavors

Granolas are so much easier to make than you may think. Try this Pecan Pie Granola mix for the win! 


06. Pies with berries

Pies are a traditonal staple in any table during the holidays. These Berries Vanilla Pies are the best. With the perfect individual size for everyone.  


07. Freshly homemade popcorn

Sweet and Salty Caramel Popcorn is one of the best popcorn recipes anyone can do at home. 


08. Chocolate Treats

Nothing says happy Easter better than chocolate. If you don’t believe me, ask any kid. This Easter chocolate bark recipe is so easy even kids can make them. 


09. Cupcakes

Chick and candy eggs inspired cupcakes. A perfect treat for your kids to help make. 

Colorful cupcakes topped with blue-hued icing, green coconut grass, candied malt balls in egg shapes, yellow chick peeps and white Airhead candy. All the candies that you will usually find inside an Easter basket. 


10. Carrot Cake

This may be the most traditional Easter cake of all times.

Take your carrot cake to the next level with pillowy clouds of tangy, fluffy frosting made with a combo of whipped cream cheese, meringue and sweet marshmallow fluff. I can already hear everyone raving about this cake.


11. Almond Macaroon Nests

Macaroon nests are as darling as they are delicious. These great cookies can be made the day before your Easter lunch. Let them cool completely before storing in a plastic or glass storage container. Place parchment paper between layers to keep candies from sticking to the cookies above. 


12. Sweet and Salty Pretzel Nests

Another great take on a nest inspired dessert. Plus, it’s a no-bake one too. Pretzel egg nests are so cute and delicious. They only require two ingredients – chocolate and pretzels, and you can fill them with chocolate eggs, jellybeans, or any egg-shaped candy you have around.


13. Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are one of those desserts you can easily tweak with any flavors of your choice. Even the color can be tweaked.

Who doesn’t love a slice of a delicious cheesecake? If you are looking for a dairy-free cheesecake recipe we have one for you right here. 


14. Cake Pops

Kids and adults alike love cake pops. Candy melts come in a variety of colors, especially pastel colors which are perfect for Easter.

Bonus: they double as an adorable centerpiece. 


16. Mini Vegan Cheesecake Bites

The only way this dessert can get even better will depend on the toppings you choose. Gluten-free, vegan-free and dairy-free. Plus, delicious. I say these Easter Mini Vegan Cheesecake Bites dessert recipe is a twist to a traditional cheesecake bite recipe and a keeper. 


18. Easter Inspired Brownies

How do you do that? Add mini pastel candy-coated chocolates into your favorite brownie batter (it can be store bought) and transform them into the perfect Easter brownies. 


15. Trifles

You may have enjoyed a good trifle dessert at some point. They are so much fun to make. Consider making one that will bring out the flavors you love most during Easter. Serve them individually in disposable clear cups for easy cleanup. 


17. Chocolate Mousse

When I think about easy desserts no matter the occasion- chocolate mousse comes to mind. They also look great on a dessert table. Top with a dollop of whipped cream, fresh raspberries and a mint leaf for color and you’ll have a winner in your hands. 


19. Mixed Berry Pavlova

Piled high with fresh mixed berries, a cloud-like pavlova dessert is a showstopper. 


20. Meringue Cookies

To keep up with the meringue from the dessert above. If you place smaller amounts of meringue on a parchment paper before baking, you will end up with what is known as meringue cookies.

One of the best things about these cookies is that you can give them some color before baking by using food coloring. Pastel colors look great in meringue cookies. 


Dessert Tips + Suggestions

How many desserts do I need?  

Plan to have at least 2 Easter dessert choices for every 10 guests. Also, there should be enough portions for each guest to have a sample of both desserts.

Once you start adding dessert choices you will only need to make sure there’s enough for people to have two dessert servings. 


The Easter dessert table design should be just as pleasing to look at as the desserts are to eat. 

When it comes to desserts consider

  • Many desserts can be made ahead of time, and leftovers can often be kept in the freezer. 
  • Desserts are a very easy item to delegate when guests ask what they can bring.
  • Consider giving some of your favorite Easter dessert recipes a twist and have some fun along the process.  With these fun Easter dessert ideas, your family will have many meaningful traditions to look forward to each year. Enjoy the season! 

We hope you enjoy yourself today and keep checking back for ongoing tips, guides and great shopping!

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