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Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen

Best Christmas Gifts for the Kitchen
Christmas themed kitchen

By Sharon MacGregor, Fed Well  

Time for holiday shopping! Most people spent more time in the kitchen this year than ever before. Kitchen-themed gifts may be just the ticket. Make holiday gift-giving even easier by taking the time to think about what is important to the recipient. You can find all kinds of Christmas gifts for the kitchen to match people’s passions, such as those that feature saving the environment, focus on the arts or include quirky collectibles. You can also custom curate meal kits or baking mixes as wonderful, personalized gifts. Or, consider combining many kitchen or bar item suggestions into one giant Christmas gift basket.  

Whether you’re shopping for someone you love, a teacher, or putting together stocking stuffers – you‘ll find kitchen gift-giving inspiration here.  

Fun and Whimsical Kitchen Gifts:

Think of items that elevate the simple things in life and add some levity, such as: 

Everything Near the Kitchen Sink:

The idea of giving a Christmas kitchen gift that has anything to do with cleaning may feel a bit too weird or impersonal, but after this year, everyone has been washing their hands more than ever – why not add a touch of whimsy to the tasks at hand? Consider: 

  • Soap dispensers in styles ranging from sleek and modern to farmhouse fresh or even faux designer  
  • Pair dispensers with hand soaps and lotions to create a beautiful and thoughtful present  
  • All the little extras in and around the sink, like drying racks, jewelry holders, eyeglass protectors and organizers , sponges, scrubbers, and dish soap 
  • Kitchen towels can be witty, artsy, inspirational or color-coordinated to the décor of the kitchen 
    Kitchen towels can be continuously swapped out, adding personality, punches of color, and a bit of light-hearted entertainment to any kitchen 

Environmentally Friendly:

Whatever we can do to reduce waste and save our environment is a win for all of us. Consider shopping for Christmas gift items made of sustainable materials like bamboo or enduring materials like stone. Choose thoughtfully designed environmentally friendly Christmas gifts for the kitchen such as: 

  • Reusable food storage bags that can be used to pack up lunches, leftovers, or for organizing small items in the kitchen. Maybe fill some with home-baked cookies or treats 
  • Water bottles made of aluminum or other sustainable materials are another environmentally friendly holiday gift that keeps the plastic out of our landfills and oceans 
  • Sustainable bamboo kitchen gifts for Christmas include personalized cutting boards and serving trays, as well as utensils, skewers and organizers 
  • Reusable decorative bags can be a great idea for bundling your environmentally friendly gifts together for a meta presentation (and reduces the waste that traditional wrapping paper creates) 

Make Your Own Kits:

Get creative and group themed kitchen items together to make memorable Christmas gifts. 


If you know someone who loves to cook outside, look for grill accessories including: 

Pizza Kit:

Yes, you read that right – pizza, as a gift! With more folks cooking at home, ‘pizza night’ can have a whole new meaning. Put together a “make your own pizza” kit with pizza sauce, cheese, toppings, store-bought dough (or buy prepared dough from your local pizza joint), and add the following items: 

What a festive and family-friendly Christmas gift for someone’s kitchen (or outdoor grill)!  

For a cookie kit, you may want to include: 

Sweet treats are especially appreciated as kitchen gifts during the Christmas season. 

Picnic Panache:

Our current need for open-air dining has given the picnic a celebrated revival. Many Christmas gifts for the kitchen are perfect for outdoor meals, including: 

The key to finding the best Christmas gifts for those who cook, bake or just really love their kitchen, is thinking of a way to tie their individual style and personality to a fun and functional item or two.

The greatest gifts you give will help them enhance meal preparation time to make their gatherings something special. Give gifts to encourage others to celebrate their relationships rather than just giving items that may alleviate household tasks or chores. Hopefully, this list has provided some inspiration for finding just the right thing(s) for some of the folks on your holiday shopping list.   

Sharon MacGregor

Writing from her desk in New York, Sharon MacGregor is a contributing reporter, freelance writer, and blogger with a passion for human interest stories as well as meals shared with friends and family. Her blog, Fed Well includes recipes with upcoming tips to prepare foods for infants and toddlers, simple and seasonal cocktails, and easy modifications to create dishes respecting dietary restrictions including dairy and gluten intolerances. She loves entertaining for the ones she loves including her new grandbabies!

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