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Beginners Guide to Knitting

Beginners Guide to Knitting

When starting a new knitting project, picking out yarns and needle sizes can be overwhelming for a beginner, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you navigate the way. Keep reading for some helpful advice to get started.

Types of Yarn Weight

Choosing the right type of knitting yarn is very important for the type of project you’re trying to complete. Yarn weight refers to a yarn’s thickness (fine to bulky) and different yarn weights/thicknesses are appropriate for specific knitting projects.

  • Super fine yarn is very light and airy, perfect for light shawls, wraps and other delicate projects. This type of yarn is usually knitted with larger needles to create lacy, openwork patterns.
  • Light yarn is a thinner yarn weight, used mainly for socks, small garments, and accessories. It’s one of the most versatile yarn weights available.
  • Medium yarn weight is perfect for baby blankets, cardigans and more. It’s heavier than fine yarn, making it wonderful for projects where you need a slightly heavier and studier yarn weight.
  • Bulky and super bulky yarn is the thickest yarn you can get. It’s ideal for heavier items such as cozy blankets, warm sweaters and other large projects. Bulkier yarns are great for quickly finishing accessories such as scarves or throws.

Needle Sizes to Note

  • Needle Size 1-3: If you aren’t yet addicted to knitting socks, you soon will be! Using a needle size from 1 to 3 makes it quick and easy to complete smaller tasks and projects that don’t require much yarn.
  • Needle Size 3-5: If you’re working with a light-weight project, reach for 3-5 knitting needle sizes. They’re the best fit for creating lighter yet larger projects.
  • Needle Size 5-7: Feeling chilly? Beat the brrr and create sweaters, scarves or gloves with needle sizes 5-7. These are a great choice when knitting garments.
  • Needle Size 7-9: These are the needle sizes you’ll reach for most often. Paired with medium sized yarn, these knitting needles are most commonly used when starting a project.
  • Needle Size 9-11: As needle sizes grow larger, you’ll notice the knits work up faster. When managing bulky or chunky yarn, you’ll want to use larger needle sizes so the weight of the yarn will hold for the duration of your whole project.
  • Needle Size 11-17: Larger needle sizes are great to work with when using very heavy yarn. Super bulky yarn weights combined with large knitting needles will make any stitch stand out.
Voila! Now you’re one step closer to knitting your dream project. Check out our Arts & Crafts category  to discover high-quality yarn and needles without the high cost.

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