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21 Ideas for Wall Decoration and Designing

21 Ideas for Wall Decoration and Designing

Decorating walls is an easy DIY project when there’s a blank space in your home. There are plenty of wall décor ideas to choose from. And with a little extra imagination, a wall art idea transforms a bland wall into the focal point of any room.

Mirror, Mirror Wall Art Idea

Mirrors not only add visual interest but also brighten up a room by bouncing more natural light around. They can even make space appear bigger. There are so many shapes and sizes to choose from when you’re decorating walls, so go ahead and mix and match. Wander around your local thrift stores too where you might snag a couple of vintage finds to add to your collection.

Adding mirrors to your space can create a reflective, bright atmosphere!

What to do with that drawing your son created for your birthday, the picture of your trip to Italy, and that old black and white photograph of your grandparents? A gallery wall brings different elements together creating a spot where they all seamlessly combine. Gather a bunch of frames, old and new, laying them out in a pattern on the ground. Once you determine what looks best, arrange them on the wall in the same way. Try to stick to the same color scheme for the frames to create a sense of wall décor unity. Decorating walls with this DIY wall décor idea is easy to put together in a short amount of time, but you’ll end up having your own mini art museum at home.

Served on a Plate

Plates don’t just have to be for eating. A few floating shelves make this DIY wall décor project a breeze. Put your prettiest teacups and plates on display. Maybe grandma passed down an heirloom piece or you want to keep that floral set out of reach from your kids. Either way, a few plate hangers later, and you’ve got a practical way to store your kitchen’s best.

Plants at Home

Who said plants had to be grown in the ground only? Grab some hanging wall planters or hang up some floating shelves-an easy DIY for decorating walls. Top them with small pots of indoor plants bringing the outside in, so even on dreary winter days, your home will always feel warm and cozy.

Wallpaper for Decorating Walls

Sometimes all it takes is a little pattern to create a decorative punch in a room. To make space feel completely cocooned, cover all the walls with a pretty wallpaper or to create a focal point behind a sofa, choose a wallpaper that complements your paint color, and cover just one wall.

Collection DIY Wall Décor

Is your rock or shell collection collecting dust in a box? Shadowbox frames are easy to find and are a quick DIY project to liven up a wall. Display your collections inside the frames for instant wall art.

Small Space Wall Décor Idea

If you live in a small space, all the more reason to use walls for added storage. A few hooks evenly spaced on a wall can hold your hats, handbags, and pretty dresses, adding a fashionable flair to a bedroom wall.

Don’t let those bare walls go to waste, just look at them as a clean slate to make your DIY wall décor dreams come to life with just a little effort creating a whole new-looking space.

Paint It 

You don’t need a lot of paint for this decorating walls project. Choose the focal point in the room and paint just the one wall to add a gentle pop of color that ties in with the rest of the room’s theme. 

Fill-in with Furniture 

If you’ve got a large space and don’t know how to make your room feel a tad cozier, get a statement furniture piece to close in the extra gaps. 

Rugs as Wall Decoration at Home 

Who said rugs only belong on the floor? Hanging a tapestry on the wall, brings a feeling of warmth and texture and it’s an unexpected option from our list of wall décor ideas. 

Light it Up 

A fireplace is a decorative touch even if it can’t be used to light up some logs on a chilly day. This is one of those wall art ideas that may take a little searching at antique and vintage shops that often carry old mantelpieces that add a special architectural touch. Plus you can top the fireplace with other home décor accents like trinkets, picture frames, or other mementos that show off your personality. 

Book Nook 

Assemble a series of bookshelves to line the entire width of one wall, creating an at-home library. Be sure to fasten the shelves to the wall in this DIY wall décor project to ensure nothing tips over. 

Say Cheese 

If you’re an avid photographer, sift through your snaps and select your favorite to get enlarged and framed, creating a focal point in your room that will lead to conversations about what was happening when you took the picture. 

Divide and Conquer 

It can be tough to figure out what to do with a large wall. But a couple wall screens cover extra ground and is one of the simplest wall art ideas around. 

Curtain Call 

Although curtains usually go on windows, they can also serve as added décor for your walls.  Fasten a line of sumptuous curtains against one wall. This DIY wall décor project involves some nails and a ladder since you’ll want to have the curtains resting along the entire height of the wall. 

Crown Molding 

This is one of those trickier wall decor DIY ideas and one that might involve calling in some experts. But when carefully done, crown molding patterns on the wall, create dimension and loads of visual interest. 

Mural Wall Art Ideas 

Here’s another decorating walls option that will probably mean finding some local artists. Peruse local websites in search of an artist with a proven portfolio of interesting wall art and then brainstorm with them to come up with a mural that works for your space. Your kids will love the idea of having a say in how their room is decorated too! 

Velvet Touch 

Grab a pair of scissors and some art supplies DIY wall décor using velvet. Cut out interesting shapes like clouds, the sun, stars, and the moon and gently nail these to the wall in your little one’s nursery. 

Little Artists 

Your kids will feel oh so special when you prominently display their artwork in a row of frames in the hallway. Every few months, swap out the art for something more recent, giving them a chance to keep their creative juices flowing. 

Chalk it Up 

A little trip to the local hardware store later with a can of chalkboard paint and you’ve got yourself a DIY wall art idea that your kids will be so happy about. Cover an entire wall, give them a packet of chalk and see what they draw on the daily. 

Wall Decals 

If you don’t want to commit to any specific wall art ideas, then decals are the way to go. These easy to apply decals can also just as easily be removed, making this a quick room transformation. 

Don’t let those bare walls go to waste, just look at them as a clean slate to make your DIY wall decor dreams come to life with just a little effort creating a whole new-looking space. 

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