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25 Ways To Eat Eggs

25 Ways To Eat Eggs

What’s in an egg?

Eggs are simply healthy, nutritious, and just quite simply… egg-ceptional. Did you know that eggs are among the healthiest foods you can eat? They are inexpensive, rich in high-quality protein and healthy fats and contain many essential vitamins and minerals. We love eating eggs in all shapes, sizes and forms. That’s why I have created this specially curated list of our favorite 25 ways to eat eggs for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.  

Just one cooked egg has: 
  • 40% of your daily vitamin D requirements 
  • 25% of your daily folate requirements 
  • 12% of your daily Vitamin B2 requirements 
  • 20% of your daily selenium requirements 
  • Eggs also have vitamins A, E, B5, B12, as well as iron, iodine and phosphorus. 

Before we talk about our favorite 25 ways to eat eggs, let’s cover egg-cooking basics. 

Hard-Boiled Eggs 

Place your uncooked eggs in a single layer at the bottom of your pot. Add water to just cover the eggs. Bring water to boil. Boil for 8-9 minutes. Allow to cool. Peel the eggshells off, serve with a dash of salt and pepper.  

Soft-Boiled Eggs 

The difference between a hard-boiled egg and a soft-boiled egg is that in a soft-boiled egg, the yolk – and sometimes the egg white – is slightly runny. To make a soft-boiled egg, place your uncooked eggs in a single layer at the bottom of your pot. Add water to just cover the eggs. Bring water to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes. Allow to cool. Peel the eggshells off and serve. 

Poached Eggs 

To make poached eggs, you’re going to want to start with the freshest eggs. Fill your saucepan with 2/3 cups of water and bring it to a boil. Reduce the water to a simmer. Crack your egg into a bowl over a fine mesh strainer, then slowly pour your egg into the saucepan. Poach for 3-4 minutes. Remove the egg with a slotted spoon, pat dry and serve with a dash of salt and pepper. 

Easy Fried Eggs 

Start with a small non-stick skillet. Add a small amount of butter or oil such as avocado oil. Heat on medium heat. Crack eggs and add them to the pan. You may choose to cover the pan with a clear lid when the whites turn slightly opaque. Cook until the edges of the whites are slightly lifting away from the pan.  

  • Sunny Side Up – the egg is fried, not flipped and the yolk is runny 
  • Over Easy – the egg is fried, flipped for a short amount of time and the yolk is still runny 
  • Over Medium – the egg is fried, flipped for a moderate amount of time and the yolk is slightly runny 
  • Over Hard – the egg is fried, flipped for an extended amount of time and the yolk is cooked until it is hard
Scrambled Eggs 

To make perfectly scrambled eggs, place your cracked eggs in a bowl and whisk them vigorously. Add a splash of cold water and whisk some more. Add a small pinch of salt and pepper. Heat a small nonstick skillet on medium-high heat and add a tab of good butter. Reduce heat to medium heat. Cook eggs, stir often.  


Once you have mastered the perfect scrambled eggs, omelets are a breeze to make. Heat your nonstick skillet the same way as if you were making scrambled eggs. Once you have vigorously stirred your eggs, add a splash of cold water, salt and pepper pour them into a small nonstick skillet and cook on medium heat. Once the edges of your egg “pancake” have started to lift, use a large, flat spatula, and gently lift the entire egg “pancake.” Place your favorite omelet ingredients (such as cheese, bacon and spinach) on one-half of the egg “pancake”. Flip the other side of the “pancake” over your cheese, bacon, and spinach. Flip and serve hot.  

Microwaved Eggs 

I have a neighbor that makes a quick microwave egg scramble in a mug every morning for her kids to eat on the way to school. To microwave an egg, crack an egg into a mug and cook for 30-45 seconds. Do not try and microwave an entire egg in its shell as it will tend to explode! 

Now that we have covered the egg cooking basics, let’s get back to my favorite 25 egg recipes that are egg-ceptionally perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Breakfast Egg Recipes 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Why not get your day off to a great start with one of my favorite 10 breakfast egg recipes? 

Easy-peel hard-boiled eggs

The trick to making your hard-boiled eggs “easy peel” is by dumping your just cooked eggs into ice-cold water directly after boiling them. That way, they stop cooking at once and the eggshells peel right off.  


Don’t get mad if I tell you, I can eat an egg-in-a hole any time of the day, and not just at breakfast. These portable meals are great for those busy school mornings.  

Egg-in-a hole recipe 

1 egg
1 slice of whole wheat toast
1 tab of butter
salt and pepper to taste 

Add a tab of butter to a nonstick skillet on medium heat. Cut a 2-inch diameter hole in the bread. Place bread in skillet and swirl around to cover in butter on both sides. Add cracked egg to the center of the bread. Cook for 2 minutes. Using a spatula, flip and cook on the other side for 30 seconds up to 1 minute. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

Vegetable omelet

The options of vegetables that are delicious in an omelet are endless.  

Avocado and egg toast

Avocado toast is only made better with either a fried or poached egg on top. 

Mini egg pizzas

Scramble some eggs and place them on top of a small bagel, add shredded cheese and sliced tomatoes. 

Vegetable and egg scramble

While you’re scrambling your eggs, add some vegetables such as mushrooms, asparagus and tomatoes. 

Croissant egg sandwich

Scramble your eggs, lay on the bottom of a sliced croissant, add a thick slice of low-fat cheddar cheese, a slice of tomato and a few basil leaves for the most delicious breakfast sandwich ever. 

Ham and cheese quiche

Making a quiche is super easy, requiring little preparation and it always comes out tasting like I slaved all day. Best yet, a slice of quiche is even better-tasting the next day.  

Egg and bacon quesadilla

On low heat, add scrambled eggs, cooked bacon and shredded cheese to a tortilla. Cook on low heat, flipping often. What a great breakfast to-go.  

Egg, cheese, and sausage on an English muffin

Fry and egg and place on a toasted English muffin, top with a slice of low-fat cheddar cheese.  

Salmon eggs benedict

Make this delicious recipe with toasted English muffins topped with salmon instead of the traditional ham plus poached eggs and then drizzle with hollandaise sauce. 


Lunch Egg Recipes 

Get the middle of your day kickin’ with a boost of nutrients and vitamins, thanks to these great recipes.  

Avocado Egg-salad sandwich

Add a ½ of an avocado to your favorite egg salad recipe. 

Cobb salad

Add more than one hard-boiled egg to your cobb salad for an extra eggy boost. 

Egg, cheese, salsa burrito

Scramble two eggs, and place them in a whole-wheat flour tortilla, add low-fat cheddar cheese and fresh salsa.  

Traditional Scotch Egg

London department store Fortnum and Mason claims to have invented Scottish eggs in 1738, and they have become a modern favorite, thanks to social media. 

Hard-boiled egg caprese salad

Add a delicious hard-boiled egg on top of your lunch-time caprese salad; you will thank me later. 

Bibimbap (Korean rice bowl)

Get adventurous in the kitchen and create your own version of Bibimbap with a perfect fried egg on top.  

Grilled ham, egg and cheese sandwich

Make your own classic grilled cheese sandwich with the addition of a slice of ham and a fried egg. 

Easy egg noodles

Egg noodles are surprisingly easy to make and take little time for a delicious meal. 

Chicken fried rice

If you prefer, you can create vegetable fried rice in place of chicken. Scrambled eggs are an integral part of this delicious dish.  

Deviled eggs with avocado and bacon

This is a twist on the classic recipe that you will absolutely love: mix in avocado with your eggs.  


Dinner Egg Recipes

Egg recipes are not just for breakfast, check out these dinner egg recipes. 

Vegetable Fried Quinoa

A healthy version of fried rice.  

Egg drop soup

Perfect for a cool Fall evening. 

Steak, arugula and egg quesadillas

The addition of arugula and egg had me at Hello! 

Ramen with egg

It is nutritious and delicious! 

Turkey, spinach and cheddar frittata

So good! 

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