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5 DIY Woodworking Projects To Tackle This Summer

5 DIY Woodworking Projects To Tackle This Summer

We adore the farmhouse look and now that warmer weather is here it is time to dust off your tools and get busy tackling that list of DIY woodworking projects you daydreamed about all winter long. You might not be able to pack up and move to the country but you can still capture the farmhouse look in your current home by adding some farmhouse flare to your space.  

This rustic country style brings a cozy familiar warmth into any home which is why it is such a popular choice for anyone looking to update their home decor. Zulily brings you 5 DIY woodworking projects to do this summer that are not only functional but add that farmhouse flair to your home. Try these simple and budget friendly DIY farmhouse-inspired projects today. Please use caution and ensure you have the proper saftey equipment and support before you start. 

1. Weathered Wood Blanket Ladder 

Blanket ladders provide a wonderful option for storing blankets as well as adding a bit of farmhouse feel to a room. This super budget-friendly project is easy to build and can be customized to fit your space.  


  1.  To get started you will need 2 – 2 x 3s cut to 76 inches long for the ladder sides and 5 – 14-inch rungs cut from a 1 x 3 board.
  2. Lay the ladder side pieces on a flat surface then starting from the bottom of each sideboard measure up 12 inches and make a pencil mark where the first rung will go. Space the remaining rungs 12 inches apart until all five rungs have been marked along both ladder sides.   
  3. Place all five wood rungs at their measured marks between the two ladder side pieces making sure to line them up evenly on both sides. Add wood glue to both ends of the rung piece before attaching it to the ladder sides. Secure the rungs to the ladder sides with 2 ½ inch nails. Continue these steps until all five rungs are attached to both ladder sides.  
  4. Sand the ladder and wipe it clean with a cloth then stain the ladder with wood stain.  
  5. To create a weathered farmhouse look, dip a paintbrush into white latex paint then into a cup of water, and brush it over a small section of the ladder wiping off the paint with a cloth as you go. Continue until the entire ladder has been painted and wiped off. 

2. Wood Welcome Doormat 

Create a welcoming entryway with a DIY wood slat doormat. Your guests will feel right at home as they enter and the doormat will help keep the dirt outside.  Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to make your own welcoming farmhouse-style wood doormat.  


  1. Cut eleven wood slats measuring 18 inches long from a 1×2 board. Sand the surfaces of each slat then stain the wood slats and let them dry completely 
  2. Measure 3 inches from the ends of both sides of every slat and make a mark. Drill holes at the marks in the center of the wood slats big enough to thread sisal rope through. 
  3. Thread a long piece of sturdy sisal rope through the hole in the first wood slat. Tie a knot in the rope on both sides of the wood slat positioning the knot as close to the wood as you can. Continue adding one wood slat at a time separating each slat with a knot until all slats have been strung onto the rope. Repeat these steps for the opposite side of the doormat. Trim off any excess rope. 
  4. Customize your doormat by stenciling a design on the top of the doormat with paint.  After the paint is dry, seal the entire wooden doormat with a water-based sealer.  

3. Farmhouse Style Wooden Candle Pedestal 

 Small accessories give a room charm and a welcoming touch but sometimes it is hard to find just the right accessory to fit your space. The simple solution is to make your own DIY decor. 

These wooden candle pedestals are the perfect accessory to compliment your farmhouse-style decor. The star of this woodworking project is pre-made wood plaques from your favorite craft shop  


  1. Stack two or three circular wooden plaques of different sizes on top of each other with the largest on the bottom layer (square-shaped wood plaques would work just as well as the circular ones).  
  2. Spread wood glue between each plaque and then clamp them together until dry. Stain the entire pedestal with wood stain then once it’s dry gently sand small sections to give the pedestal a rustic worn look.  
  3. Place a large pillar candle on top of the finished pedestal to finish the project.

4. Rustic Chicken Wire Wood Shelf 

Add a little farmhouse flair with this rustic chicken wire wood shelf. Perfect for displaying seasonal decor or as a cute addition to a gallery wall. To create your own follow these simple instructions:

  • Attach 4 – 1 x 4’s together into a square frame shape with wood glue and nails.  
  • Stain the wood and gently sand it in a few places to create a rustic look.  
  • Cut a square of chicken wire large enough to cover the back of the frame overlapping the wood just slightly. With a staple gun securely attach the chicken wire around the perimeter of the frame.  
  • Attach a sawtooth hanger to the back of the frame for hanging. Now you are ready to display your new farmhouse-style shelf on a wall.  

5. Farmhouse Serving Tray 

A farmhouse-style tray that looks great on your coffee table or as a serving tray. This is a fun woodworking project you can complete in a short amount of time.   


  1. Have your local hardware store cut a 10-foot 1×4 board into 2 – 14 inch pieces and 4 – 24 inch pieces.
  2. Sand all the wood pieces to ensure no rough spots.  
  3. Stain all sides of each board with your desired stain color and let it dry completely. 
  4. To make the base of the tray, glue the long sides of the 4 – 24-inch boards together with wood glue and use a clamp to prevent them from shifting.
  5. Next, glue the 2 – 14-inch boards vertically across the top and bottom of the serving tray base. After the glue has dried, apply a coat of water-based sealer over the entire surface of the tray. 
  6. Attach the handles to each side of the tray to finish it.

Completing these simple woodworking projects and checking them off of your to-do list is so gratifying! Adding just a few simple farmhouse elements to a room can make all the difference especially when you made it yourself. 

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