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5 Ways to Celebrate National Singles Day Today

5 Ways to Celebrate National Singles Day Today
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Today is National Singles Day! A special holiday that acknowledges single people while promoting self-care and some awesome shopping deals. For the past week, Zulily contributors have been delivering thoughtful content for our Spotlight Series: Supporting Single Mothers Everywhere. We discussed motherhood, coping and pregnancy and today we’re closing the series with some celebratory ways to #treatyoself by bringing you five ways you celebrate your singledom today! 

  1. Upgrade your relaxation rituals  

Enhance your go-to relaxation ritual with a few new luxury bath and body products. Consider investing in an essential oil diffuser or a plush bathtub pillow. Adding just one or two more items to your wind-down routine is an excellent way to celebrate the single life.   

  1. Finally buy that bag  

If you’ve been thinking about splurging on a chic purse but haven’t landed on just the right deal or look then today is the day to scroll through all of the designer purses in Zulily’s handbags shop.  

  1. Own your sexual wellness  

Take charge of your sexual wellness today by prioritizing a bit of self-pleasure. Explore the many options and items that may satisfy your needs in Zulily’s NEW sexual wellness shop.  

  1. Personalize a piece of jewelry  

Why wait for someone to buy you a special piece of jewelry when you can mark your own milestone with a personalized necklace or ring.  

  1. Treat yourself (literally)  

Whether your favorite treat is a glass of wine or a brick of chocolate make sure you enjoy a special sweet something on Singles Day because celebrating is important, and candy is delicious.  

We hope you enjoy yourself today and keep checking back for ongoing tips, guides and great shopping!  

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