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5 Ways to Create the Perfect Yoga Space

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Yoga Space
By Koya Webb

Yoga has the power to transform – whether it’s your health, mindset or outlook. But I firmly believe you don’t have to spend a lot to transform your space so that it’s ready for yoga whether you have a full hour to practice or your fitting in 10 minutes for a few poses in between work calls and helping your kids with virtual school. Here are my five favorite ways to create the perfect yoga space.

1. Choose the right space

Make sure that your yoga area has enough room for your yoga mat and anything you may need for your practice. And, don’t worry if it has to be somewhere unusual like a garage or a hallway. As long as you are comfortable and can customize the area with the light, temperature and home décor accents you want, you’re ready to stretch and meditate.

2. Accessorize thoughtfully

There are always a few accessories that can help you better connect your mind, body and breath. For me, natural elements like plants and crystals intentionally create a mood that fosters connection and makes the area sacred for practice.

3. Find yoga props that serve you

Yoga is a journey for all. As you work through different asanas and evolving your practice, there are a few yoga props like straps, bolsters, blocks and more that can help make certain poses more accessible in the moment and create pathways for greater flexibility and strength later on.

4. Create order and organization

Give yourself tools like bins, shelves and baskets to keep your yoga area tidy – and stress-free. When everything has its own place, it can give you a sense of added calm for your perfect yoga space.

5. Indulge your five senses

When carving out a space for you and your yoga practice, be intentional about how you’ll experience the area.

  • Sight: Whether it’s a print of something you love, your favorite vacation spot, or simply a piece of art someone special made for you, put calming and favorite art on display.
  • Smell: Candles and essential oils can help set a mood for what you need: relaxing lavender, rejuvenating lemon and mindful mint are scents that can help you focus on you.
  • Touch: Practicing in comfortable yoga clothes that help you feel present in your body is so important. And that will look different for everyone – take the time to invest in finding your favorite leggings.
  • Taste: Hydration is an essential part of daily health. And many busy people often forget to drink water! Make it easy by challenging yourself to drink a certain number of ounces each day, measured in a favorite water bottle. If you want to add some flavor to your water bottle, add fruit and ice. Lemon, apples and melon all make excellent infusions that bring a little taste of the spa.
  • Hear: To create the perfect yoga space, create a playlist of your favorite calming music to play on a portable speaker. Music has such power to influence our mood and mindset – and it can bring us such joy!
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