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6 Essential Fashion Items I Buy on Zulily

6 Essential Fashion Items I Buy on Zulily

Remember when we all used to go to the mall and window shop? Even as the ease of online ordering has made me a more efficient shopper, I’ve never lost the impulse to “wander” through the options and explore new products and brands – and is a great place for fashion hunters to do that. With thousands of new pieces joining the platform every week, I’m guaranteed to encounter something that piques my fancy while perusing the website or my daily newsletter of product highlights. So without further ado, here are the top fashion items I’ve been ordering – and loving – from

Breezy dresses 

One of my favorite trends right now is the breezy dress, and there’s no shortage of this look in eye-catching colors and motifs on (I’ve already sprung for versions in delicate dots and leopard print.) Unrestrictive silhouettes are so easy to wear and move around in, and they offer plenty of styling versatility as well. Add a belt to define your waistline; swap out summer sandals for sneakers or ankle boots when cooler weather rolls around. The fashion world loves to talk about seasonal transitions, and this style truly can be worn from one season to the next. 

Airy dresses come in all dimensions, so even though I’m drawn to Zulily’s breezy pieces, I never end up with a collection of repetitive items. From short skirts to midi length, A-line to dropped waist, short sleeves to long and billowy, the beauty of this style is that it brings plenty of diversity.  

Among the pieces likely to find their way into my shopping cart are relaxed fit dresses with well-placed ruffles, which have been spotted everywhere from the runway to celebrity appearances this year. Tiers and restrained ruffles feel very modern-day Bridgerton, especially in sorbet shades. 

Soft cardigans and dusters 

I’m one of those people who needs to keep a warm layer handy at all times, which might explain why I love to shop for soft cardigans and long sweaters. (Summer? Too much air conditioning. Winter It’s winter.) Fortunately, cardigans have eternally retained their trend credentials and has plenty of cute options available year-round. 

Open front cardigans are such an easy piece to add to any ensemble, and whether they’re for style cachet or temperature regulation is entirely your little secret. Every wardrobe needs a professional, neutral-colored cardigan, while casual knits or cotton dusters make for a cozy top layer on a day-to-day basis. (I’m particularly loving laid-back versions in soft patterns and the pastel rainbow micro-trend, as seen on the likes of “It-girls” and momfluencers Rocky Barnes and Chiara Ferragni, my Milanese style icon.) Kimono cardigans look great over shorts or jeans while also doubling as a swim and resort cover-up – and as a bonus, they’re one size fits all, which makes placing your order a breeze. 

Luxury bags and purses

 I’ve long been a proponent of the “high-low mix” approach to dressing. The rule of thumb goes like this: blending pieces from a variety of price points serves to elevate the overall effect of even the simplest outfit (and also makes it really easy to camouflage budget finds amongst luxury labels). Zulily carries a plethora of name brands across all of its product categories, but I’m particularly drawn to the handbag shop, where a perfunctory perusal uncovers designer purses and satchels made by the best in the business. I love that makes designer materials and craftsmanship accessible to the savvy shopper. Small bags in bright pops of color are on my radar right now, and leather options from Tory Burch might soon be making their way from the Zulily platform into my loving arms. 


The rise of the sneaker to fashion prominence is undoubtedly the best thing to happen to our arches since the dawn of feet. I love a pair of classic kicks (white for versatility; anything light-weight and supportive for cross-training), and I’m a big fan of the brands and styles on tap at Casual dressing is in, which means you might need a few different pairs of sneakers in your rotation.  

Make sure you’ve got the essentials stocked: clean and classic sneakers in a solid color go with just about everything, and if you’re like me, they’ll be the most worn shoes in your collection. Platform sole sneakers are enjoying a moment and look great with cropped jeans or wide-leg pants – I’m excited to test-drive the Superga pair in my Zulily shopping cart right now. Athletic shoes or cross-trainers are also important to have on hand, even if you’re more likely to wear them to the grocery store or to take your kids to the playground than for a weight-lifting session. (Props if you manage all three!)  

I’ve spotted great styles from brands like Reebok and Skechers on the website, and I have alerts set in my account, so I’ll receive a notification when my favorite brands have new products or events. 

Yoga pants and activewear 

 In a 2020 study, over 90% of respondents said they’d be more likely to work out if they had activewear they actually liked. I rely on a number of excuses for missed workouts, but thanks to Zulily’s athletic shop, this isn’t one of them. Performance leggings and joggers in all cuts, colors and patterns (and with cell phone pockets!) are up for grabs from brands like Jessica Simpson, Marika, Bally Total Fitness and more. I prioritize fabrics with elastane fibers – also known as spandex or by the brand name Lycra – for a little stretch to support movement. When it comes to taste, I typically keep an eye out for activewear pants in fun prints: marbled patterns, floral print, peacock, and zebra are intriguing. It’s a good idea to make sure you have a few neutral-colored pairs in your wardrobe to wear with bright tops and sports bras, too. 


 I love an easy hair accessory that adds a chic finishing touch to my outfit, and carries a range of options that won’t have you wondering who might have tried them on before you. From dainty pearls and delicate gold link headbands to wider styles with a cute knot on top (à la Rosie the Riveter but minus all the fussing with a bandana), there’s something for every aesthetic here. Headbands are getting the revival they deserve, and it’s nice to know that at least one of the fashion essentials I’ve purchased will get noticed over Zoom! 

What are the fashion items at the top of your list right now? The women’s shop on might just be your new best friend.

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