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6 Halloween Party Games To Entertain Guests of All Ages

6 Halloween Party Games To Entertain Guests of All Ages

If you plan to host a Halloween party this year – one where you’ll be inviting families with kiddos – and you want to include a game or two to keep things fun but also family friendly, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Mummy wrap

This is an oldie but a goodie, and kids and adults alike are guaranteed to have a blast with it! (Plus, now that we finally don’t have to contend with a nationwide toilet paper shortage, we can actually make this game happen!) Create teams of two (maybe one adult and one kiddo) or you can do larger teams if needed, and arm each team with a few rolls of toilet paper. The team will choose one member to wrap up as a mummy, and the first team to completely mummify their selected team member (meaning everything but their face is covered in toilet paper) is the winning team!

2. ghost potato sack race

Take a classic kids’ field day activity and make it perfect for Halloween! Use white pillow cases turned into ghosts (you can easily use permanent marker to make the transformation happen), and let the games begin! Kids (and adults, too) can hop their way to the finish line in ghoulish fashion.

3. halloween can bowling

In the days and weeks leading up to your Halloween party, be sure to save any cans your family uses. Once you have a good collection of cans, transform each can into a Halloween character using materials like construction paper, paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, etc. Then set up the character cans as bowling “pins,” grab something to use as a bowling ball (maybe even a small pumpkin, if you can find a nice, round one), and go for a strike!

4. Truth or scare

A twist on Truth or Dare, of course, this game will make for lots of laughs and some spooky fun, too! Each guest, one at a time, will choose whether they want “truth” or “scare.” They’ll draw a card out of either bag, depending on their choice, and either answer a truth question or act out a scare. (An example truth question might be, “Name a scary movie that made you cover your eyes,” or, “What’s a food you’re too afraid to try?” An example scare might be, “Catch an animal of some sort, like a bug or a frog.”)

5. halloween story game

Before the party, send out the beginning of a (kid-appropriate) spooky story to all your guests. Ask everyone to come to the party with an ending they’ve made up, and then during the party have everyone share their ending. As a group, vote for prizes like the most creative ending, most silly ending, scariest ending, etc.

6. Virtual dress up game

If your Halloween party ends up being a virtual one for whatever reason this year (maybe it’s a way to include folks who live in other places), this is a fun game to incorporate into a Zoom event. Get everyone together on Zoom, then announce either a specific character or a theme. Within a specific time limit, everyone has to try to put together a costume using items in their home, and whoever’s costume is the best is the winner!

Enjoy one of these fun party games this Halloween with your friends and family. Happy Halloween! 

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