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7 Unique Baby Shower Games

7 Unique Baby Shower Games

Every great baby shower needs a little fun and excitement to celebrate mom-to-be. Baby shower games are the best way to add more joy and laughter all around…but sometimes the typical games like gift bingo and word searches get a bit old. 

Make the day one to remember with unique baby shower games. 

Why play unique baby shower games? 

Baby shower games are great for engaging your guests and showering the mom-to-be with love and attention before baby’s arrival. 

 Many of the traditional games are good in theory, but can sometimes be underwhelming. To keep guests entertained and make the party memorable for the mom-to-be, it helps to change things up ever

Below are 7 unique baby shower games to take things up a notch at your next party! The games include a mix of both passive and active games to involve all of your guests.

1. My Water Broke Game

Want to add some excitement to a baby shower from the start without much work? My Water Broke baby shower game is one way to do it. The game involves using real ice as your party icebreaker!

How to Play

To play this unique game, you’ll first need to stock up on enough miniature plastic babies that can fit in an ice tray. Freeze each baby in a cube overnight before party, so they’ll be ready to go the next day.

When ready to play, distribute the ice cubes carefully in each guest’s drink. Be sure you tell your guests to keep an eye on their ice babies. The first one to notice their ice cube melting and baby breaking free, must shout out the words “my water broke” as a fun little pun sure to ignite laughter all around!

2. Blindfolded Diaper-Changing Game

Bring some action into the party with a diaper-changing game. All you need are a few baby dolls ready-to-go with diapers on.

How to play

Divide guests into two or three teams depending on the number of baby dolls available.  When everyone is ready, set the timer and go!

Each guest must remove the baby doll’s diaper and replace with a fresh one — all while blindfolded. Team members line up behind each other ready to take a turn.

First team to successfully finish, wins. The game makes for an action-packed event.

3. Baby Food Taste Game

Think you know your baby foods well? Put your skills to the test — a taste test in this fun shower game!

How to play

Arrange an assortment of baby foods on a plate, identified only by numbers. Give each guest their own little sampler and a mini spoon for tasting. Guests should also have a piece of paper and pencil to jot down their food guesses. First one with most correct answers, wins!

Try to include a variety of flavors like carrots, bananas and peas. And if you want to play the advanced version, consider including some challenging combined flavors, like banana-mango or butternut squash and carrots — a little twist to keep guests guessing.

4. Late-Night Diaper Changes Game

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed with a newborn, it’s the endless late-night feedings and diaper-changes. Those early days can make any new parent feel alone in the exhaustion.

Help make those diaper changes a little more manageable with words of encouragement written on each diaper.

How to play

Give each of your guests a baby diaper along with a permanent marker. Instruct guests to leave a funny or encouraging message on the diaper.

  • They can be motivational: The days are long, but the years are short.
  • They can be encouraging: Baby truly appreciates you, mama!
  • They can be light-hearted: One poopy diaper at a time.

The goal is to bring a smile to the new parent’s face when she is feeling down and most in need, during those messy diaper changes.

5. Decorate a Baby Onesie Game

Want to let guests have extra fun and break out the artistic skills? Put their creativity to good use in this “decorate a baby onesie” game.

This baby shower game added a special touch at my first party — providing fun for the guests and leaving me with a wonderful keepsake. Plus, it was a super easy activity to get everyone involved.

How to Play

Grab a pack of white onesies along with fabric markers (these are specifically designed to withstand wear from washing) and distribute to guests.

Then just let everyone decorate a cute little onesie for the new baby. They can create simple shapes and patterns, draw baby characters or add a special message.

Mom-to-be then chooses her favorite and rewards the winner with a prize.

6. Baby Movies in Emojis Game

Another really fun and unique baby shower game to spice things up at the party, is the Baby Movies — Emoji edition. Like the name indicates, it involves movie names hidden within emojis.

How to Play

Create a list of movies that contain the word baby in the title. For example, a few popular ones could be: Santa Baby, Three Men and MillionDollar Baby. Then type them out using emojis only. List out at least 10. Guests must decode the name of each movie. First to finish with most correct titles wins.

It’s a super simple concept but brings tons of excitement for everyone!

7. Baby Shower Pictionary Game

Get guests up and out of their seats with a creative spin on the traditional Pictionary game — baby edition.

How to play

Before the party, grab some index cards and label them with items or actions related to babies. A few ideas could be:

  • Changing a dirty diaper
  • Burping baby
  • Contractions

Divide guests up into teams and provide a marker and dry-erase board to each side. One member of each team will draw the baby phrase or action, while the remaining team members try to guess. First point goes to whichever team guesses correctly.

Be sure to pass these unique baby shower game ideas to your pregnant mom friends!

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