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8 Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Design Ideas

8 Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Design Ideas

The farmhouse decor style is very popular and showing up in homes everywhere because of its simple and inviting style. A bathroom is one room in the house that doesn’t need a big budget or elaborate imagination in order to pull off a farmhouse look. In fact, the style is great for small bathrooms, as it easily creates character with pieces that can serve a dual function without crowding the space.  

Aged wood, mason jars, galvanized metal and concrete (!) are just a few elements that are staples in farmhouse design. Whether it’s DIY, antique finds or a design plan, we’ve got some ideas for modern farmhouse bathroom decor that can fit any style or budget.

1. Color Scheme

White is a great foundation color for a farmhouse bath because it can be combined with other colors to add personality to the space. Light and bright contrasting colors are perfect for making the space feel rustic and contemporary, but they can also help make small bathrooms seem larger. Consider burlap for window curtains, a golden-trimmed vanity, natural wood hues and touches of chalk paint to let the room pop a bit.  

While it may not seem like an obvious choice, dark colors can also be incorporated into the decor with some farminspired details. Dark blue painted on an accent wall, for example, can give a nice cottage vibe while also lending a nod to contemporary style.  

2. Pick a Wall

A great way to incorporate the farmhouse design is to focus on a specific wall. Different textures like shiplap, stone and wood are options that instantly give a farmhouse feel to the bathroom without a lot of work.  


Shiplap has been marked as the poster child style for modern farmhouse décor, and for good reason. Its natural color and soothing design can give any room a rustic, simple look. Combine that with a hint of nature, like some plants, and the bathroom gets an instant makeover without looking flat or bland. Another intriguing idea is using a combination of shiplap with subway tile, for a ranch-style bath.  


A stone pattern is a good way to really blend both farmhouse and contemporary together. A nice grey stone wall or backsplash behind the sinks, with the rest of the room painted in creamy white brightens up and grounds the room. Be sure to add touches of wood and greenery to add color, rustic appeal and a natural element.  

3. The Door

For a decor idea for just outside the room, think about updating the door. A sliding barn door, for example, can bring fluidity from other rooms in the house (like the living room) to the bathroom in a way that pulls it all together. Wallpaper, a copper doorknob, or letter art frames can also tie the bathroom together to the rest of the home in a way that’s budget-friendly and unique to your individual style.  

4. Add Some Art

If re-designing a wall or changing the doorway isn’t possible, adding some wall art with rural touches might just do the trick. Wall art in various tones and textures including wooden frames, upcycled materials and unpolished edges fit nicely within modern farmhouse design style. There are so many options available that you can choose from to easily renovate the look and feel of your bathroom.

A fun and alternative option is to make your own lettered art, DIYstyle, with a few materials easily found at crafting stores and antique shops. Have fun exploring! 

5. Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper has made some tremendous strides in the past years, with many that look almost identical to the real thing. Vinyl wallpaper with a realistic look of reclaimed, aged wood in a shiplap pattern can be much friendlier on the wallet, with a similar effect. There are a lot of options to choose from, including different textures, colors, and designs that can really make a difference in the room. The best thing is that its easy to peel off whenever you might want a different look! (And you can safely use it in a rental, too.)

Learn how to install removable wallpaper

6. Shelving & Racks

Floating shelves can look great in any room, especially with farmhouse-style bathroom decorFind shelves in dark, natural woods that are unpolished, with few imperfections, but of good quality. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit the space, big or small.  

 rustic towel rack is another great way to add a farmhouse touch, as it serves an essential function and adds style. This is also a somewhat easy DIY project you can accomplish, with a little time, effort and money (plus a few pieces of wood and some hooks)Don’t forget to place some greenery on exposed shelves to add some colora and a touch of nature 

7. Light Fixtures & Mirrors

For an almost instant farmhouse bathroom look, get creative with light fixtures. De-stressed wood beams with mason jar lightbulb covers are a beautiful way to add light and warmth to room.  

Mirrors can have the same effect on room, with a frame that is simple and rustic. Reclaimed wood and aged metal can either be a DIY project or can be found at antique shops.  

8. Accent Pieces

Part of the appeal of the farmhouse-inspired look is the functionality of the accent pieces used in the space. Wicker baskets, mason jars, metal buckets and racks can all have multi-purposes, used for both decor as well as storage or counter space. Add indoor plants for a natural element that can also purify the air. Mason jars can act as flower vases (or light fixtures as described above) and wicker baskets can hold magazine or extra towels 

Designing a bathroom with a modern farmhouse style can be a low-cost way to give your space an updated yet warm, cozy feel. It’s ideal for those on a budget because it’s easy to DIY some of the elements that really bring the space together. Adding wood tones and metal pieces are great additions that can also be functional, making it ideal for those with small bathrooms. So, whether you live in the country already, or are currently a city-dweller, these ideas are sure to give your space a cozy, homey feel.  

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