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8 Ways Backyard Camping is Awesome

8 Ways Backyard Camping is Awesome

Find yourself sticking close to home this summer? We teamed up with our friends at go-to outdoor gear brand Kelty to give you eight great reasons why backyard camping is totally awesome.

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Always Open, All Are Welcome

1 Less Dirt, No Distance. Take this opportunity to show dirt-averse family members the wonders of camping. Pitch a tent on the patio or go slightly wilder by moving onto the backyard grass. Bonus: travel time is not an issue. Working from home these days? You can even manage this kind of camping on a weeknight!

2 Kid Camping 101. A home campout is a great way to introduce little campers to outdoor adventures. And there’s no need to worry about forgetting all those toddler extras. Favorite stuffies and potty-training supplies are still nearby.

boy and dog sitting in camp chair

3 Fur Babies Welcome.  Not every destination campsite is pet-friendly. And not all cats and dogs are cool with the unfamiliar sounds and smells of the great outdoors. Now’s your chance to safely introduce furry family members to the wonders of camping. And they’ll still be in a familiar environment. 

4 Camp Stove and Cooler Optional. At mealtime, you can go big, breaking out the camp stove and outdoor utensils. Or prepare deluxe versions of camp meal favorites in your own kitchen. Everything tastes better eaten outdoors. Plus, you don’t have to scrub used dinnerware in a bucket of lukewarm water. 

5 No-Shame Glamping. Dream of glamping? Now’s your moment. Let nobody throw shade because you dragged a colorful indoor-outdoor rug, a comfy pouf or decorative throw pillows into the backyard. Be your own glamping goddess, like Gwyneth Paltrow or Solange Knowles. 

Rediscover Your Space & Neighborhood

Mom with toddler in camping backpack hiking

6 Happy Hikers. A “hike” around the neighborhood lets you rediscover what’s special about your community. Take time to look out for flowers, birds, bunnies or other natural elements on the way. A brisk walk can also help build backyard campers’ appetites.

7 Camp-In Theatre.  We’ve all thought about creating a DIY backyard theater but very few have actually tried it. There’s never been a better time. Imagine watching The Goonies for the 87th time under the night sky while still being oh-so-close to your refrigerator for plenty of ice cream treats.

8 Any Excuse for S’mores. S’mores are the go-to dessert of the great outdoors, an irresistible combo of chocolate, graham cracker and gooey roasted marshmallow. If your version of backyard camping doesn’t involve an outdoor grill or fire option, then the internet abounds with recipes for versions you can prepare indoors and then serve under the stars.

In this summer like no other, embrace your space for the joy it can truly bring to you and your family. Play some creative backyard games, plan plenty of at-home picnics and keep the conversation going about making staycations special. Happy Camping!

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